Stone County Brides

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RANKIN, Estell SUMERALL, A L 1927-Jun-04
RANKIN, Minnie DANIELS, Ernest 1930-Jan-19
RAYBORN, Bessie BOND, Otis 1927-Aug-20
RAYBORN, Grace GIBSON, Oscar 1927-Apr-16
RAYBORN, Janie HAVENS, C D 1916-Sep-12
RAYBORN, Lillie AINSWORTH, W F 1927-Jun-18
RAYBURN, Pearl BRELAND, Kenneth 1924-May-07
REABOLD, Ruth ONEAL, Attis 1934-Mar-18
REDDING, Elizabeth I BOND, P N 1934-Mar-03
REDMAN, Mary LOTT, Dan 1917-Feb-03
REDMOND, Ann PARKER, C M 1927-Mar-27
REDMOND, Irene MORRISON, Lee 1921-Oct-09
REEVES, Iva BARRETT, F H 1931-Jun-28
REEVES, Rhoda CROCHET, Earl 1930-Aug-21
RESTER, Elvie MCCLENDON, Oscar L 1934-Mar-07
REYNOLDS, Mildred HATTEN, J C 1933-Aug-11
REYNOLDS, Rhoda WILLIAMS, Dan M 1935-Feb-09
REYNOLDS, Rubie VARNADO, G H 1921-Jul-21
RHEA, Pattie DIX, W G 1932-Oct-08
RHODES, Ruby Nell ALEXANDER, Lewis 1934-Dec-02
RICK, Bertie M LADNER, B L 1925-Jul-16
ROBBINS, Elizabeth TAYLOR, W W 1931-May-29
ROBERTS, Lessa BARLOW, W W 1927-Sep-24
ROBERTS, Lucille BYRD, Hillman 1924-Nov-11
ROBERTS, Ola JORDON, Gomer 1917-Aug-25
ROBERTS, Tempie L MCLENDON, L P 1922-Jul-03
ROBERTSON, Bessie Mae WILLIAMSON, Talmage E 1932-Jun-07
ROBINSON, Laura BOUNDS, Geo W 1934-Jan-16
ROGERS, Mae CHAPMAN, Otis 1928-Jun-19
ROSS, Susie STROTHER, W F 1920-Dec-16
ROTH, Mary LOCK, Judson S 1935-Jul-06
ROUSE, Decie CLAYTON, Thomas H 1924-Dec-21
ROUSE, Gertrude TAYLOR, G S 1925-Dec-23
RUBLE, Grace Estell HARMON, R H 1917-Dec-27
RUBLE, Leah BORDEN, G S 1920-Sep-04
RUSSELL, Ivy WEEMS, J M 1935-Jul-05
RUSSELL, Ruth Etta BRODNAX, Bowman 1932-Dec-23
RYAN, Gladwyn JACKSON, Rodreck S 1930-Jan-15
SANDERS, Lilla May PETTIS, Ray 1929-Feb-04
SATTLER, Carrie SHAMPER, I 1927-Jul-19
SAUCIER, Hazel LOTT, Mack 1930-Sep-22
SAUCIER, Lillie OVERSTREET, Joe 1925-Sep-20
SAULES, Lula Mae BOND, Jesse 1929-Jul-20
SCARBROUGH, Hazel Louise COOPER, Oakly 1934-May-05
SCARBROUGH, Kate WALKER, Wilmer 1920-Jul-27
SCARBROUGH, Virdalee SAUCIER, E E 1928-Jul-22
SCHROEDER, Augusta Christen FORD, C L 1922-Aug-29
SCOTT, Eva May MILLIONS, Clarence E 1927-Jan-19
SCOTT, Gladys Lelia COBB, Silas Daniel 1934-Jun-24
SEAL, Pearlie ANDERSON, Earl E 1929-Feb-04
SEAL, Toxie TAYLOR, Esper 1930-May-17
SEALS, Eunice BOUNDS, Jason O 1929-Dec-21
SEALS, Viola DIAMOND, Hilton 1935-Oct-20
SELLERS, Effie STRICKLAND, A R 1932-Nov-22
SELLERS, Vera SUMERALL, G W 1927-Feb-19
SEMMES, Mary Blanche WENTWORTH, Rupert A 1933-Nov-30
SEYMOUR, Eula A WEEKS, Robert P 1934-Apr-17
SHAW, Edith Dorris REDMOND, John P 1927-Aug-20
SHIRLY, Josephine HATTEN, Arlon 1924-Dec-31
SIMMONS, Ione SCHROEDER, Ellis 1935-Dec-14
SIMMS, Jannie Mrs LYONS, J A 1921-Apr-08
SIMPSON, Edith HOOKER, Arco 1928-Jun-01
SINCLAIR, Ellen BOND, J L 1918-Oct-03
SKEHAN, Ada May BRYANT, R S 1921-Nov-17
SKEHAN, Stella Ruth BRELAND, Lonnie Lamar 1929-Oct-05
SMITH, Allice JOHNSON, Arthue 1922-Jun-11
SMITH, Alma Estell ROUSE, Chester R 1934-Feb-10
SMITH, Carrie WECKLAND, G E 1927-Jul-20
SMITH, Elberta DAVIS, Gordon 1929-Jul-27
SMITH, Etha M COX, Keith H 1933-May-17
SMITH, Ethel E LYONS, H B 1925-Oct-14
SMITH, Eula Mae BRELAND, George E 1934-Dec-07
SMITH, Eunice DEDEAUX, S W 1931-Apr-22
SMITH, Gladis MORSE, Odis 1934-Aug-02
SMITH, Lillie FAIRELL, W R 1918-Aug-29
SMITH, Lissie Fay LADNER, Nolan 1935-Jul-27
SMITH, Lucie HICKMAN, Clifton 1928-Jun-09
SMITH, Lucy HANDCOCK, Paul 1916-Nov-04
SMITH, Mary SIMS, M W 1918-Nov-02
SMITH, Mollie TAYLOR, Elmer 1922-Dec-31
SMITH, Nettie BOND, Livoner 1927-Mar-06
SMITH, Ola LOTT, L O 1931-Aug-22
SMITH, Rhea J BURNS, Lucy Cragin 1933-Jun-10
SMITH, Verissie SEAL, J H 1933-Feb-08
SMITH, Virgene BOND, Luther 1934-Jan-13
SMITH, Virgie MADDON, C D 1929-Mar-14
SMYLIE, Gruda Mae SHARP, L H 1933-Jun-17
SNIDER, Emma BYRD, Robert 1929-Aug-21
SPARKMAN, Hattie Lee DAVIS, H J 1924-Jun-26
SPARKS, Beth Hall Mrs BURKHART, Charles Williams 1918-Mar-17
SPEED, Myrtle MALLETT, Charlesp 1923-Apr-30
SPENCER, Lottie Lillian BYRD, A B 1926-Nov-12
STALY, Mary MCDONALD, Clyde 1935-Apr-28
STEPHENS, Marion MESSENGALL, Donald 1928-Jun-13
STEVENSON, Janella WILLIAMSON, J D Jr 1932-Jul-16
STEWART, Bertha A DAVIS, Luther A 1921-Jun-20
STEWART, Joyce EDWARDS, C M 1922-Dec-12
STEWART, Love L MILLIRONS, Willie G 1925-Mar-12
STEWART, M E BLACK, W E 1925-Aug-01
STEWART, Minnie Mary SPANGLER, Carl N 1917-Aug-08
STEWART, Ophelia BYRD, Blake 1932-Sep-03
STEWART, Verna SHERMAN, Jack 1934-Mar-07
STOCKSTILL, Irene RAYBORN, Boyd 1935-Oct-26
STOKES, Alene BEECH, Lawrence 1926-Jun-21
STOVALL, Nettie L DAVIS, B L 1926-Nov-20
STRAIT, Susie Lee MARTIN, W C 1934-Sep-02
STRAUGHAN, Jennette BONTEMPS, Wallace 1927-Oct-25
STROTHER, Dora May YEAGER, V A 1921-Jun-26
STROTHER, Eva HALSTON, J D 1920-Aug-01
STROTHER, Mable NATTEN, Graham 1926-Apr-29
STROTHER, Viola YEAGER, V N 1930-Jun-07
STROWD, W C Mrs GORDON, N D 1930-Oct-18
SUMERALL, Audry May DAVIS, Luther A 1933-Mar-25
SUMERALL, Beddie SMITH, J F 1933-Jan-03
SUMERALL, Ella HECKMAN, J B 1924-Aug-24
SUMERALL, Letha ROGERS, Hoston 1927-Apr-13
SUMRALL, Minnie ONEAL, C J 1923-Mar-10
SUMRALL, Sarah ONEAL, Carl 1917-Jun-23
SWEENEY, Emma Marie SAUCIER, William F 1934-Sep-26
SWEENY, Rose May FERRELL, H H 1923-Nov-20
SWILLY, Calie DEDEAUX, Vardaman 1924-May-03
SWILLY, Daisy DEDEAUX, Live 1932-Jul-30
SWILLY, Delia HICKMAN, Emet 1920-Jul-08
SWILLY, Iduma PETERSON, Ralph 1924-Feb-09
SWILLY, Lillie NETTO, Rodney 1929-Sep-18
SWITZER, Saddie STEEL, J C 1919-Sep-28



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