Stone County Brides

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NALL, Isabel WARDEN, Coy 1932-Feb-08
NASON, Lucille CULPEPPER, S C 1923-Dec-31
NELSON, Bulah ANDERSON, John 1925-Apr-11
NELSON, Maud COOPER, J H 1923-Jul-20
NOBLE, Lula WALLING, W T 1918-May-24
NORMAN, Margary COXE, William Nelson 1935-Aug-31
O'FLYNN, Kathern JONES, Gray 1929-Aug-17
O'NEAL, Lema E BOND, Howard 1917-Apr-05
ODOM, Annie EDWARDS, Jake 1920-Jan-18
ODOM, Margaret STRAHAN, Lavis 1929-Mar-17
ODOM, Viola LUMPKIN, J L 1929-Mar-09
OLIVER, Lois BOND, Carson 1933-Sep-20
OLIVER, Lola BULLOCK, Huston 1918-Mar-24
OLIVER, Lottie FENNAN, John 1925-Nov-01
OLIVER, Norma STALEY, Herbert 1929-Mar-09
OLIVER, Stella May LEE, Lewey E 1920-Aug-03
ONEAL, Helen LOPER, Woodrow 1933-Feb-03
ONEAL, Julia M DAVIS, Aall P 1922-Aug-30
ONEAL, Leola MYRICK, Obie 1928-Dec-03
ONEAL, Neva VAN VRANCKEN, Charles 1934-Sep-22
ONEAL, Nola MERRITT, Berse 1934-Jul-30
ONEAL, Vergene E BRELAND, Luther E 1919-Apr-19
OTT, Cola MILLER, Wiley 1933-Feb-25
OVERSTREET, Irene BUTLER, Clyde Mae 1935-Oct-24
OVERSTREET, Jane Mrs PARKER, George 1917-Dec-24
OVERSTREET, Martha J EIGHMEY, Grant W 1931-Oct-28
PADGETT, Laura RICHEY, Edward 1929-Feb-14
PAGE, Ardell HILTON, Thomas H 1929-Oct-07
PAGE, Leonia RAYALS, Luther 1917-Apr-25
PARKER, Alice FENNAN, Will 1923-Aug-13
PARKER, Bertha WHITTINGTON, Turner 1933-Apr-25
PARKER, Estelle PHILLIPS, Fred 1929-Jul-20
PARKER, Eva ATCHISON, Frank B 1927-Jun-11
PARKER, Jara LOTT, B B 1929-Jun-29
PARKER, Jennie REEVES, Ollie 1935-May-12
PARKER, Lue Mrs WILLIAMS, Thomas 1935-Nov-15
PARKER, Mamie BLACKLIDGE, W A 1917-Sep-22
PARKER, Marjorie DEJAINE, E M Jr 1933-Apr-14
PARKER, Myrtie SMITH, Izette 1935-Aug-30
PARKER, Ora LEE, C C 1927-Jul-23
PARKER, Viba REWES, Harmon 1917-Mar-16
PARKS, Margie Dee SWEENEY, H P 1933-Mar-13
PATRICK, Anna Bell EVERETT, Alton 1935-Aug-24
PATRICK, Ruby CARTER, Ellis 1935-Jul-06
PATRICK, Tedaray MOORE, D R 1925-Apr-04
PERKINS, Blanche M STEELE, B Jr 1932-Mar-25
PERKINS, Louise A MADSON, V D 1934-Mar-17
PERKINS, Marvin Stewart WELCH, Lorena 1934-Dec-31
PERKINS, Rosa Myrtle RHEA, W M 1919-Oct-04
PERKINS, Stella M BALL, Jeff D 1927-Oct-14
PETTIS, Doire HART, Wesley 1927-Mar-20
PHILLIPS, Christine HICKMAN, Mathew 1930-Jan-15
PHILLIPS, Ruth MCMURPHY, J W 1933-Mar-11
PITTS, Grace THOMAS, Milton 1929-Sep-02
POLK, Lucy May BOUNDS, Dewey 1919-Jan-06
POPE, Daisy Evelyn GRIFFIN, D O 1925-Oct-23
POSEY, Edith PETTIS, Jacob 1934-May-26
POWELL, Hattiemae WARD, James M 1929-Feb-04
POWER, Rosie PARKER, Jessie 1924-Oct-26
POWERS, Beverly VERPLOUGH, Pearl 1935-Aug-19
PREDGEN, Allie LEWIS, T F 1918-Aug-10
PREDGEN, Geraldine CAGLE, William T 1920-Oct-30
PRESTON, Jewell ONEAL, Ford 1931-Jun-13
PRESTON, Mae SMITH, Odis 1927-Jul-10
PRICE, Bertie MCWILLIAMS, J S 1917-Jun-19
PRICE, Katie Idell ANDERSON, James A 1919-May-07
PRICE, Marguerite ROUSE, Cooper D 1933-Jul-01
PRIDGEN, Ava WRENN, F G 1922-Oct-09
PRINE, Jewel C SHALTTES, Harvey 1930-Dec-12
PRINE, Lucile SHIMP, Ed 1931-Aug-25
PRISDALE, Francis POSEY, Robert 1920-Sep-13
PRUITT, Ruby Estell HINTON, S C 1922-Jul-23



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