Stone County Brides


MABRY, Burzell LUMPKIN, Bowers 1929-Mar-09
MALOY, Dorothy SCARBROUGH, Elmer 1932-Mar-16
MALPASS, Edna E SCARBROUGH, Charles 1934-Nov-30
MAPLES, Florian MIXON, Mackie Vee 1922-Mar-26
MARLIN, Bonnie STANLEY, F H 1917-Sep-29
MARSHALL, Lottie YEAGER, J L 1922-Sep-25
MARTIN, Dollye GILLIS, Myron 1933-Nov-08
MARTIN, Emma SHOOK, Borden E 1918-Sep-07
MASON, Bertie RUSTIN, D W 1919-Apr-20
MASON, Ido DEDEAUX, Homer 1920-May-01
MASSEY, Floy May Harrison BOYCE, H C 1927-May-30
MASSINGILL, Vashite RAINEY, Grady Lamar 1935-Jul-31
MATE, Daisy SMITH, Curvis 1929-Oct-05
MATHEWS, Willie Belle BOND, T L 1931-Mar-01
MCALPIN, Lula CHANDLER, Robert 1919-Mar-26
MCDANIELS, Maybell BODIE, Mulford 1922-Dec-24
MCDONALD, Ella DUCKWORTH, Bush 1922-Mar-31
MCDONALD, Lou Ethel KIRBY, John Henry 1924-Apr-06
MCGEHEE, Octavia PATTON, Frank 1920-Jan-11
MCINTYRE, Mary EVANS, Ramsey 1931-Sep-14
MCKENZIE, M L Mrs STEWART, M M 1927-May-14
MCLENSON, Isabell CLAYTON, F E 1928-Dec-22
MCLEORD, Anna L CLARK, J J 1935-Oct-27
MCMAHAN, Louise BROADUS, Buren 1934-Feb-24
MCMURPHY, Mary BRELAND, Lucius 1925-Aug-08
MCQUEEN, Winnie BELLEW, S 1926-Mar-04
MEDOWS, Ida Bell GRANTHAM, L D 1932-Dec-10
MEGEHEE, Carrie LOTT, J B 1928-Jul-14
MERRETT, Clemmie BYRD, Clarence C 1928-Mar-09
MERRETT, Florence Mrs BOND, H F 1921-Dec-10
MERRITT, Flora CRAFT, C E 1927-Apr-14
MERRITT, Nettie MOORE, James N 1929-Apr-20
MEUNIER, Bernice Cecile HEARNE, R E 1927-Dec-02
MILES, Arbell BRELAND, J Q 1916-Dec-30
MILES, Carrie KEYS, W E 1925-Jul-06
MILES, Essie Irene PRESTON, H C 1928-Sep-08
MILES, Helen REDFIELD, Fletcher 1935-Aug-17
MILES, Inez BRELAND, S B 1924-Nov-18
MILES, Lela COKER, Loyd 1929-Nov-27
MILES, Millie May GIBSON, H E 1921-Jul-10
MILES, Nola HOSEY, Robert 1926-Apr-24
MILLER, Carrie Lee BATSON, Hollis 1922-May-06
MILLS, Arhell BRELAND, J Q 1916-Dec-30
MITCHELL, Edith VARNADO, Willard 1933-May-12
MITCHELL, Novella MCCILLIGAN, H A 1925-Jun-22
MIXON, Ina B SIMS, M T 1933-Jul-26
MIXON, Joyce PARKER, Roda 1917-Aug-02
MIZELL, Cora MIXON, L 1921-Jul-12
MOAK, Margrett Frances HUDSON, Oscar J 1925-Sep-19
MOFFETT, Ethel HART, H B 1917-Sep-15
MOFFITT, Patt SMITH, Evon 1922-Sep-16
MOKE, Mildred Anna LOPER, J B 1926-Mar-27
MOODY, Gladys RILEY, Luckus 1930-Nov-15
MOON, Rosa Mae WEIR, Hugh Walter 1934-Apr-19
MOORE, Esther WHITTINGTON, Knox 1928-Dec-20
MOORE, Frances ONEAL, Odis 1928-Mar-03
MOORE, Iva FLURRY, L N 1932-Oct-08
MOORE, Johnie MILLER, Thio 1928-Jun-12
MOORE, Lizzie ONEAL, C L 1925-Nov-08
MOORE, Marie WILLIAMS, Leroy 1933-May-06
MOORE, Mary Maud COOLEY, J A 1925-Aug-01
MOORE, Rosa CAIN, Everett 1919-Jul-14
MOORE, Ruth JOHNSON, O E 1935-Feb-02
MOORE, Vennie TAYLOR, D C 1923-Feb-25
MOORE, Willie Mae EVANS, John G 1929-Aug-11
MOOSLY, Ruby HOWARD, James 1928-Jun-30
MORGAN, Vester Mae BERRY, Oscar Christian 1927-May-09
MORRISON, Mamie GORE, J H 1920-Sep-17
MORRISON, Olive CATRAN, James 1919-Feb-08
MORSE, Leona CHAPMAN, W T 1924-Aug-27
MORSE, Mabel JOHNSON, Canova 1927-Mar-26
MORSE, Martha Verna SEAL, Willie 1934-Apr-21
MORSE, Maudie SMITH, Hollis 1928-Jun-25
MORSE, Myrtle DANCER, G V 1923-Apr-18
MULDINE, Olive E WILSON, E P 1925-Jun-03
MULLINS, Mildred SMITH, J B 1935-Apr-20
MURPHY, Lela Batson Mrs DEXTER, Richard P 1931-Aug-15
MURRAY, Mollie BRELAND, Clyde E 1921-Nov-12



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