Stone County Brides

K - L

KANE, Ada RYAN, P T 1917-Apr-25
KELSAY, Katheryn TAYLOR, Inman 1934-Feb-22
KENMAR, Alta MILLER, L B 1929-Jun-22
KENNARD, Dona E HATTEN, Alvin R 1927-Dec-15
KIDD, Celia MASSINGILL, S K 1934-Sep-02
KIMBALL, Marjorie PARTIN, T P 1928-Aug-23
KING, Callie MCGILL, Allen 1918-Dec-25
KING, Carman MORGAN, E L 1935-Oct-05
KING, Leona HARRIS, H I 1918-Dec-29
KING, Martha YARBROUGH, Johnie 1925-May-02
KING, N F VANDERFORD, Joe 1925-May-30
KNIGHT, Lena JORDAN, George 1926-Mar-25
KNIGHT, Mildred FAIRLY, Clarence 1928-Apr-05
KOCH, Blondie WALTON, Tom Fox 1929-Jul-26
KOHAN, Bessie Mrs ROBERTS, Buford B 1927-Oct-29
KROHN, Agatha BOND, Hallie F 1928-Jan-22
KROHN, Allie May JONES, Lee 1919-Mar-31
KROHN, Lena WILLEMOES, Peter 1929-Feb-15
LADNER, Alcide JAMES, T L 1933-Aug-27
LADNER, Alice LEE, R A 1923-Dec-20
LADNER, Dona BRELAND, C M 1917-Dec-30
LADNER, Eunice BREWER, Ernest 1928-Sep-19
LADNER, Floye SMITH, R E 1933-Oct-29
LADNER, Jossie TEMPLE, Lloyd 1927-Feb-26
LADNER, Lucile LADNER, Chalmers 1935-Oct-13
LADNER, Mollie DAVIS, L R 1926-Jan-09
LADNER, Odessa BROWN, Vernon 1932-Nov-24
LADNER, Sylvenia DALL, Lamar E 1933-Oct-26
LAMBDIN, Irene WATKINS, Thomas E 1916-Aug-29
LEE, Agnes CRUTHIRDS, Fred O 1923-Dec-29
LEE, Dorthy SMITH, L L 1926-Sep-29
LEE, Floria ANDERSON, John Floye 1930-Nov-15
LEE, Irene LADNER, Colon 1933-Dec-24
LEE, Ivory STENSON, Ioma 1931-Oct-10
LEE, Lavinia GILLY, E E 1926-Aug-07
LEE, Lillie BOND, P T 1919-Mar-22
LEE, Lula BOND, William 1920-May-16
LEE, Matilda SAUCIER, Clarence 1917-Nov-04
LEE, Myrete HOWARD, James 1930-Mar-20
LEE, Myrtle WHEELER, Corbcort C 1927-Feb-25
LEE, Ollie SCARBROUGH, Linus 1926-Oct-23
LEE, Ruby May JOHNSON, Allen 1932-Sep-10
LEWIS, Bonnie Mae RAYBORN, Guy 1932-Feb-20
LEWIS, J E MCRAE, Eddie 1919-Apr-25
LEWIS, Mertle E BRADLEY, J L 1920-Aug-14
LEWIS, Julia MCDANIEL, Hursel 1929-Apr-20
LEWIS, Vivian REYER, Sylvester 1933-Jul-15
LOCKE, Ellen SMITH, Elvis 1932-Dec-30
LOCKE, Laura RUTLEDGE, John O 1923-Feb-03
LOGUE, Emma SMITH, W E 1925-Aug-25
LONG, R L Mrs WALKER, Hw 1933-Dec-05
LOPER, Dona Bell ROGERS, Hobson 1916-Dec-31
LOPER, Nitor May PRESTON, Claude 1926-Jan-27
LOTT, Bertie Mae DAVIS, S R 1925-Jun-06
LOTT, Celeste KATCH, Frank 1935-Apr-01
LOTT, Celeste KOCH, Frank 1932-Jun-22
LOTT, Delphia DAVIS, E W 1933-Nov-05
LOTT, Edith Mae KNIGHT, Paul 1929-Nov-30
LOTT, Edna LASSITER, H A 1931-Jul-12
LOTT, Elva WESLEY, William 1924-Jan-10
LOTT, Gladys BOND, Clifton D 1924-May-19
LOTT, Jossie GARTMAN, C E 1917-Jan-06
LOTT, Lillie BOND, Edgar L 1918-Apr-27
LOTT, Minnie BRELAND, H P 1918-Oct-27
LOTT, Nellie PARKER, Brenson 1934-Mar-30
LOTT, Nellie WILLIAMS, Oscar 1933-Feb-04
LOTT, Rosa Lee ROWLES, Clarence 1934-Apr-07
LOTT, Ruthan Mrs WALTERS, M 1933-Oct-09
LOTT, Stella Me ROUSE, Arl J 1934-Feb-04
LOTT, Virgia ROGERS, J B 1922-Jan-13
LOVELACE, Lucille MATE, J E 1929-Sep-28
LOWERY, J T Mrs REDFIELD, H V 1930-Dec-21
LUKINS, Mildred Marie BLACK, R B 1927-Dec-10
LUM, Dora MARSH, T R 1922-Oct-23
LUMPKIN, Bowers MABRY, Burzell 1929-Mar-09
LUMPKIN, Ethel ALEXANDER, G C 1925-May-25
LYON, Gwendolyn SEALE, Louis 1927-Oct-11
LYONS, Alice B SMITH, Elmer 1924-Mar-01
LYONS, Elsie HICKMAN, Arthur 1920-May-09
LYONS, Rubie RAYBORN, Braxton 1921-Feb-20



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