Stone County Brides

H - J

HALL, Anna Mae EASLEY, W F 1927-Aug-03
HALL, Bertha GRAY, Scott 1932-Apr-23
HALL, Mary T ONEAL, E L 1926-Jun-15
HALL, Myrtle LILES, E H 1923-May-25
HALL, Ophelia CARNLEY, Louis A 1924-Nov-22
HALL, Reny BODIE, Albert 1924-Nov-29
HALLIFIELD, Bell Mrs RUNNELLS, William I 1928-Oct-29
HAM, Martherett HUDSON, George W 1925-Oct-03
HAMMOND, Ado M SINDINGER, William 1928-Mar-29
HAMPTON, Evelyn Inez WALKER, James M 1928-Jan-03
HANK, Myrtle MCMURPHY, George 1928-Jun-30
HARKNESS, Margaret ROBERTS, W R 1926-Nov-25
HARLFIELD, Ella STUART, L M 1926-May-07
HAROLD, Ida SWILLY, E 1921-Nov-17
HARPOLE, Mattie Wood HANNA, Eugene C 1934-Nov-30
HART, Lizzie RICHARDS, John E 1919-Sep-30
HARTNESS, Sara E BATSON, Braxton 1922-Aug-16
HARVEY, Gracie HALL, A D 1927-Mar-27
HATTEN, Edna BRELAND, E M 1927-Dec-21
HATTEN, Eleanor LOTT, Willard 1935-Jul-13
HATTEN, Emma SMITH, W M 1917-Nov-25
HATTEN, Ethel BOND, W F 1918-Aug-28
HATTEN, Eva BOND, Vances 1925-Aug-01
HATTEN, Flossie A CHAPMAN, Carey E 1926-Nov-24
HATTEN, Lillian BROADUS, H D 1926-Mar-13
HATTEN, Lucille LONGETT, Harbert B 1917-May-24
HATTEN, Mamie BOND, Frank 1930-Apr-20
HATTEN, Noamie ALEXANDER, Lance 1928-Jun-17
HATTEN, Orpha HINTON, Clarence Alen 1917-Jun-14
HATTEN, Owida TAYLOR, Inman 1926-Aug-07
HATTEN, Versie PERKINS, Vernon H 1916-Jul-11
HATTEN, Versie PERKINS, Vernon Henry 1916-Jul-12
HATTEN, Zelma GOLDEN, John M 1921-Apr-15
HAWK, Alice WEEKS, Leroy 1934-Mar-17
HAWK, Gladys BRELAND, G A 1927-Apr-30
HAWK, Vada MOORE, Earl 1934-Feb-24
HAYNES, Marietta BEALL, J A Jr 1935-May-21
HAYS, Oa MCILVAIN, Charles L 1926-Jan-14
HEAD, Lottie DEDEAUX, A A 1923-Apr-12
HECKMAN, Osia Inez MOORE, Walter Jerome 1934-Mar-17
HELMS, Lilla BOND, O L 1920-Aug-01
HEMITER, Kattie May HILLIMAN, C L 1920-Jul-10
HENDRIX, Elsie BROWN, Melval 1934-Oct-19
HERREN, Daisy Mrs MORSE, J F 1922-Oct-31
HERRING, Gussie WILLIAMS, A B 1935-Mar-23
HERRING, Maye BALL, Earl 1932-Mar-25
HERRING, Nancy PALMER, J L 1924-May-24
HERRING, Revane COWART, H T 1929-May-29
HERRINGTON, Vasleti EVANS, Curtis 1927-Jun-19
HERRON, Estelle POOLE, J H 1934-Jul-04
HERRON, Eula COLLINS, R C 1927-Oct-07
HESTER, Claudya Mae PARKER, J O 1929-Aug-10
HESTER, Rhoda WALKER, E C 1919-Jun-21
HICKMAN, Amanda COX, Avery 1920-Nov-07
HICKMAN, Delphia LOTT, Henry 1917-May-30
HICKMAN, Doris PARKER, Madie 1935-Aug-24
HICKMAN, Elly BOND, Pearlie 1919-Jun-14
HICKMAN, Elsie BROADUS, C C 1917-Jul-18
HICKMAN, Eva LADNER, Nolan L 1926-Jul-06
HICKMAN, Gladys Leona COOPER, Crumpton 1935-Oct-19
HICKMAN, Gracie BUTLER, Rex 1921-Oct-22
HICKMAN, Gurtrude HUGHES, Lemon 1925-Jan-14
HICKMAN, Junia FAIRLEY, Floyd 1918-Aug-17
HICKMAN, Lula NELSON, W W 1929-Sep-16
HICKMAN, Margie LYONS, A A 1920-Dec-25
HICKMAN, Myrtle MORSE, Arthur 1922-Apr-08
HICKMAN, Ola HUGHES, Lenard 1923-Aug-19
HICKMAN, Pearl HESTER, Robert 1918-Apr-20
HICKMAN, Piccola EVANS, Nolan A 1930-Sep-09
HICKMAN, Ruby F LEE, Harmon 1923-Aug-04
HICKMAN, Teshia DEDEAUX, J J 1918-Mar-03
HICKMAN, Winnie WATER, W M 1932-Mar-28
HILTON, Murel WEST, S M 1928-Dec-26
HINTON, Alma SNIDER, B F Jr 1929-Aug-29
HINTON, Anna Mae CHAVERS, C H 1928-Apr-11
HINTON, Ollie E MOBLEY, C L 1933-Jul-22
HOLLIFIELD, Hettie GATLIN, G M 1919-Apr-26
HOLLIMAN, Margueritte STUART, William D 1935-Jul-08
HOLLIS, Edith WARDEN, T R 1935-May-04
HOLMAN, Thelma May BATES, William Robert 1935-Dec-21
HOLTEN, Edith ABERCROMBIE, Earl 1930-Sep-13
HOOVER, Addie Lois BRELAND, G W 1922-Jan-21
HOWARD, Lucille SMITH, R K 1926-Mar-18
HOWARD, Mattie ROYALTY, Oscar 1918-Sep-07
HOWARD, Rosalee BYRD, T B 1933-Oct-09
HOWELL, Bessie MCCLENDON, Marvin 1932-Oct-06
HUDSON, Clara SANDERS, John 1927-Dec-02
HUDSON, Maggie HUDSON, Oscar 1933-May-15
HUGHES, Daisy MATE, J E 1925-Sep-18
HUGHES, Rosa PETTIS, Joe 1932-Apr-23
HUNT, Ida Bell COOPER, Eli 1916-Nov-15
HUNT, Ina ALEXANDER, Willie 1928-Jun-22
HUNT, Joncie FLURRY, Clark 1934-Jun-06
HUNT, Julia COOPER, J A 1918-Sep-04
INABINETTE, Ida M HATTEN, W Leo 1933-Aug-26
JACKSON, Louise SMITH, Manson 1930-Jan-11
JAMES, Mary YOUNG, Robert 1931-May-28
JAMES, Velma B Mrs LIZANA, W A 1929-Dec-13
JENKINS, Anna LEE, Morgan 1920-Jun-28
JENKINS, Stella BROWN, W L 1920-Oct-25
JOHNSON, Allie B SIMMONS, Oliver 1935-Feb-19
JOHNSON, Emma HICKMAN, Walter 1919-Jun-08
JOHNSON, Erna LADNER, Claude 1924-Dec-03
JOHNSON, Idelle ANDERSON, J A 1930-Dec-22
JOHNSON, Ineita CALCOTE, John L 1934-Jun-23
JOHNSON, Lena May BOND, L O 1920-Dec-30
JOHNSON, Ola M HATTEN, Hyman H 1923-Jul-29
JOHNSON, Posie I LOWERY, Robert C Jr 1932-Nov-04
JOHNSON, Ruby CRONIER, E E 1927-Mar-04
JOHNSON, Wilma WALKER, Norman J 1917-May-31
JONES, Bertha Everett MANNING, George A 1927-Dec-28
JONES, Elsie M HATTEN, A L 1925-Aug-08
JONES, Juanita DAVIS, John W 1929-Oct-19
JONES, Marguerite CALES, Alford 1935-Jul-02
JORDON, Thursana DEVORE, J T 1924-May-18



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