Stone County Brides

F - G

FAIRLEY, Nettie ATCHINSON, R F 1918-Dec-15
FAIRLEY, Sallie KING, A F 1926-Jul-03
FAIRLY, Dicey BRELAND, Otis 1919-Mar-17
FAIRLY, Dorothy COOPER, C L 1925-Nov-12
FAIRLY, Ella Mae FAIRLY, William 1925-Nov-21
FAIRLY, Isabell LOTT, B R 1927-Dec-24
FAIRLY, Laura MILES, A A 1916-Nov-23
FAIRLY, Laura MILLS, A A 1916-Nov-22
FAIRLY, Lillian ONEAL, Decalb 1925-Feb-08
FAIRLY, Lois STEWART, Harmon 1933-Aug-11
FAIRLY, Queenie HAMILTON, G S 1928-Mar-03
FAIRLY, Ruby KING, M J 1932-Oct-20
FALLIEN, Nellie HATTEN, R L 1923-Oct-13
FAROE, Lucille LOPER, Eli 1926-Jun-25
FAULKNER, Mary Elizabeth MAPP, W C 1935-Jul-29
FAYARD, Faith PREVOST, Sargis 1935-Oct-02
FENNAN, Lillian Mae WELCH, James T 1935-Feb-08
FENNAN, Nola PARKER, Lige 1916-Oct-13
FENNAN, Nola PARKER, Liger 1916-Oct-06
FERGUSON, Generva Elizabeth MASON, Robt F 1920-Feb-28
FERRELL, Tinnie B ELLSBERRY, Clyde L 1922-Jul-02
FILLINGAME, Jessie WETMORE, William C S 1922-Apr-10
FINNAN, Julia FAIRLEY, I L 1921-Mar-19
FINNAN, Nora Mae BYRD, Eddie 1933-May-05
FIRTH, Tassal W CARNEY, J W 1924-May-10
FLOYD, Maud May CARTER, A G W 1918-Mar-30
FLURRY, Clara Etta CUNNINGHAM, Clyde C 1935-Aug-03
FLURRY, Emily PARKER, Lonnie 1917-Sep-22
FLURRY, Martha Bernice BOND, Alex H Jr 1934-Jul-03
FORBES, Gladys Bertha ROBINSON, Neverson Burdett 1916-Jul-25
FORETICH, Eunice MEADOWS, Reginald B 1933-Oct-21
FORETICH, Mignonette DAVIS, Emery H 1933-Oct-21
FORTENBERRY, Anna Lovel MCREE, J E 1926-Jan-04
FULLINGAME, Pearl Inez DARLY, W V 1928-Dec-21
GADDIS, Ferol BRELAND, Elmer C 1933-Jan-12
GARNETT, Maudie FEAGIN, J B 1927-Dec-25
GARTMAN, Nora JONES, A D 1928-Oct-29
GEX, Laurin LACOSTE, E J Jr 1933-Mar-04
GIBSON, Katie Maud CAMERON, Odo B 1927-Apr-02
GILBERT, May PREVOST, Sargis 1930-Apr-16
GILL, Althea BROADUS, Esco Preston 1920-Mar-22
GILL, Idolzy HERRINGTON, D J 1927-Nov-29
GOBER, Lucy ATTAYA, E D 1930-Feb-12
GODWINN, Thelma BURGE, W A 1928-Oct-20
GOFF, Gurtrude WALLSMITH, Henry 1931-Sep-04
GOLDEN, Velma Esther HAIRSTON, W C 1919-Oct-22
GOODWIN, Carrie BURNETT, J E 1926-Apr-20
GORDON, Columbia GARNER, A L 1923-Nov-29
GOSS, Elenora ALBRITTON, Wilburt Lee 1917-May-20
GRAHAM, Lucile JOHNSON, Russell 1934-Feb-25
GRAHAM, Lula Mrs FRETWELL, Ben 1921-Oct-01
GREEN, Bulah BROWN, G L 1923-Dec-22
GREEN, Mamee KROHN, E E 1931-Apr-18
GREEN, Pauline LAIRD, R L 1935-Nov-22
GRIMES, Nettie RAYBURN, L E 1919-Oct-01



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