Stone County Brides

D - E

DALE, Blondie DAVIS, Luther 1922-Feb-18
DALE, Bonnie LEE, Lawrence A 1920-Dec-05
DALE, Grace SMITH, Luther 1920-Nov-07
DALE, Gussie SMITH, A O 1921-Feb-28
DALE, Ivel SMITH, Loyd 1921-Jan-21
DALE, Minnie Bertha BURNETT, F A 1917-Apr-05
DALL, Yetive SMITH, H A 1933-Jul-08
DALRYMPLE, Alice LOTT, Ewell 1933-Sep-23
DANIEL, Frances Esther BEVERLY, Louis H 1924-May-15
DANIELS, Ethel ROBERTS, W P 1925-Oct-11
DANIELS, Nora ROBERTSON, W V 1932-Oct-22
DANZEY, Lucille BRADLEY, Lloyd 1929-Feb-16
DANZY, June Lee BULLOCK, C M 1925-Dec-24
DANZY, Margrett ONEAL, Edward T 1926-Feb-13
DAUGHDRILL, Bertha GLADE, I V 1924-Jul-25
DAUGHDRILL, Mary BEALL, Percy 1920-May-27
DAVIS, Alma ONEAL, Knox M 1921-Nov-18
DAVIS, Amy G THOMPSON, Edward H 1930-Sep-07
DAVIS, Blanche LYONS, A A 1930-Nov-29
DAVIS, Dimple DEDEAUX, Ernest 1934-Jul-13
DAVIS, Dorothy FAIRLY, Douglas 1931-Aug-29
DAVIS, Edna MCDONALD, Luther 1929-Sep-28
DAVIS, Elma L LYONS, R M 1925-Sep-09
DAVIS, Etta BOND, H N 1924-Nov-15
DAVIS, Ida WILLIAMS, D W 1924-Mar-29
DAVIS, Inez MOODY, Dwight 1928-Aug-18
DAVIS, Janie Bell STINES, A E 1923-Jun-09
DAVIS, Jesse Panola VANARSDALE, Jesse 1918-Aug-17
DAVIS, Jimmie L MABRY, Wayne 1926-Jun-10
DAVIS, Joyce LEE, J R 1934-Aug-03
DAVIS, Juanita DEVRON, Floyd 1928-Jul-30
DAVIS, Lee BROADUS, L S 1929-Oct-09
DAVIS, Lena DALE, C D 1920-Dec-26
DAVIS, Lonnie CHAVERS, D G 1930-Jun-16
DAVIS, Lula Mae WILSON, James A 1928-Nov-13
DAVIS, Marita HICKMAN, J R 1935-Aug-24
DAVIS, Maud BOND, Manuel 1933-Nov-15
DAVIS, Maybel BASS, Thomas A 1925-Dec-25
DAVIS, Myrtle DALE, Jim T 1932-May-29
DAVIS, Nettie S BUNCH, H H 1919-Oct-06
DAVIS, Raba WICKS, T D Oscar 1919-Jun-29
DAY, Aileen L BARKLEY, Dallas A 1918-Dec-25
DAY, Ruby May PARKER, Robert Regis 1927-Feb-16
DEANE, Emma Clare CORBETT, Jack Arthur 1926-Jul-28
DEARMAN, Anna Ray LADNER, Odis 1929-Mar-30
DEARMAN, Bertie May CROCKER, E S 1926-Sep-08
DEARMAN, Bulah MURCHISON, M W 1926-Oct-24
DEARMAN, Eva KELLEY, J E 1930-Feb-24
DEARMAN, Gussie E SMITH, Noel 1934-Jun-03
DEARMAND, Bernice ROUSE, Jas L 1932-May-29
DEARMOND, Myrtle LOTT, Percy M 1935-May-04
DECKEY, Eugenia DAVIS, E R 1929-Nov-28
DECKINSON, Beatrice GORE, Nollin 1932-Aug-25
DEDEAUX, Cora LADNER, Robert 1917-Mar-12
DEDEAUX, Edna Mrs NIOLET, Saul 1932-Dec-13
DEDEAUX, Eva SMITH, Peter 1922-Apr-15
DEDEAUX, Frances BARNES, E L 1920-Apr-18
DEDEAUX, Leonia SWILLY, Luther 1932-Jun-04
DEDEAUX, Selena LADNER, Orvis 1920-Feb-28
DELANCEY, Elva TAYLOR, Willie Ervin 1929-Mar-31
DELANCY, Elva WILLIAMS, Nathan 1923-May-02
DELANCY, Lela Elizabeth WILLIAMS, William Wesley 1923-May-12
DELANEY, Anna Bell HEAD, Joseph 1927-Jan-14
DENHAM, Gussie Mae TERRELL, John Jr 1935-Aug-22
DESPORTE, Juanita Ostavia ROSE, F E 1929-Oct-05
DEVERAUX, Bennelia HICKMAN, Hugh 1916-Oct-12
DEVERAUX, Naomi BEVERLY, J E 1933-Apr-29
DEVIRAUX, Bennelia (Mrs) HICKMAN, Hugh 1916-Oct-12
DONALD, Lois COCHRAN, Wilson 1935-Mar-29
DONELL, Cassie ROBINSON, F C 1926-Feb-13
DORSETT, Elizabeth LANE, J M 1934-Jun-26
DOUGHDRILL, Emma LANCASTER, Earl E 1929-Nov-20
DRECHSLER, Minie Ball BURNS, W H 1933-Nov-15
DUNN, Loula Faye GARRIGA, W A 1935-Jan-29
DURR, Myrtice BLACKWELL, L A 1933-Aug-05
DYAR, Jewel GARNER, Penly 1925-Dec-06
EASTERLING, Lois MARTIN, Odell 1934-Dec-21
EASTERLING, Louise FOSTER, Willie D 1934-Apr-05
EASTERLING, Vivian RENOT, E H 1927-Jun-23
EDWARDS, Annie SIMPSON, G W 1921-May-07
EIGHMAY, Lettie K KING, Dana G 1927-Jul-19
EIGHMEY, Edith Mae MILLER, W A 1924-Apr-30
ELDRIDGE, Rubenette STEWART, J H 1934-Aug-25
ELWELL, Emma COLEMAN, Robert H 1927-Jul-07
ENTERKIN, Gladys COOKER, C C 1933-Jun-10
ERWIN, Doris THOMPSON, Dewey 1931-Apr-03
EUBANKS, Leslie May WILKERSON, J A 1925-Dec-02
EVANS, Annie DANIELS, Ray 1933-Jun-17
EVANS, Annie M CARLIN, E J 1919-Dec-27
EVANS, Etha Mae ROUSE, Otho E 1927-May-03
EVANS, Ollie DAVIS, W M 1921-Sep-03



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