Stone County Brides


CAIN, Grace Mae DANLER, Richard L 1926-Jun-17
CAIN, Naomie PEPPER, J G 1922-Mar-30
CALHOUNE, Mollie GADDY, I E 1921-Feb-12
CALMES, Anna Meyers MEEKS, Lee Roy 1921-Aug-31
CAMERON, Maggie SCARBROUGH, Homer A 1919-Aug-03
CAMP, Irma DAGGETT, Felix Pete 1934-Feb-28
CAMPBELL, Flora Bell WAITS, Ras 1930-Dec-18
CAMPBELL, Julian BATSON, Clyde 1932-Jul-09
CAMPBELL, Louise M RICHARDSON, Claude M 1932-Aug-21
CAMPBELL, Mildred PENDERGRASS, C A 1935-Jan-21
CARNES, Merlie D ROBINSON, Paul A 1926-Jun-20
CARPENTER, Rubie Lee DAVIS, W H 1920-Dec-04
CARTER, Flossie BYRD, Van 1934-Jun-04
CARTER, Gertrude HALL, D R 1925-Aug-05
CARVER, Ella GARTMAN, Tom 1921-Oct-29
CASTLOR, Azeline LADNER, Clarence 1934-Aug-08
CATES, May Bell MYERS, Gilmore 1934-May-23
CHAMBERS, Louise BROWN, G E 1935-Apr-03
CHANDLER, Woddie WILSON, Alex 1916-Oct-17
CHAPMAN, Velma STINSON, C L 1918-Nov-02
CHAVERS, Nona SHEPPARD, M E 1916-Oct-25
CIECUTAL, Juanita STUBB, Fred E Jr 1924-Sep-24
CLARK, Rena STEWART, Melvin 1923-May-13
CLAYTON, Lillian HATTEN, Duncan 1932-Jul-23
CLIFTON, Nancy MOORE, Tom 1931-Jan-09
COBB, Lula HICKMAN, Davis 1917-Nov-20
COKER, Anciebell BOND, M D 1919-Oct-26
COKER, Elva MOORE, C C 1924-Dec-24
COKER, Ethel Thelma SELLERS, Louis 1934-Dec-22
COKER, Jannie MOORE, O A 1925-Apr-12
COKER, Zeller Catherine STRICKLAND, B A 1934-Apr-18
COLEMAN, Lillie Mae BRELAND, Milton 1929-Mar-16
COLEMAN, Mollie O RUBEL, L W 1926-Sep-02
COLVILLE, Kattie Mae LEWIS, Rodricked 1933-Jan-28
CONNER, Dorothy ROWELL, Ernest 1933-Mar-12
COOK, Ida COOK, Thomas 1921-Feb-01
COOPER, Ava Mae WILLIAMS, Ernest T 1933-Jun-27
COOPER, Cammie BRELAND, Arthur 1923-Dec-23
COOPER, Geneva MOORE, Wiley T 1926-Apr-26
COOPER, Ila Mae FAIRLEY, C E 1926-Jul-03
COOPER, Iona COCHRAN, F H 1919-May-18
COOPER, Marie MOORE, R L 1935-Jun-27
COOPER, Mattie PEARCE, R A 1929-Nov-07
COOPER, Ophelia EVANS, Huston 1932-Mar-19
COOPER, Ouida HAIRSTON, O E 1919-Apr-03
COWART, Lillie WHITE, L J 1930-Jun-03
COWART, Ruth BYRD, Curtis L 1935-Jan-12
COWLY, Grace GREEN, Earl W 1933-Jul-02
COX, Alma IKE, William M 1924-Oct-18
COX, Annie B WALKER, Elroy D 1935-Jun-20
COX, Carolyn CARTER, Norwood 1932-Apr-30
COX, Margaret Thais YEAGER, John Wesley 1931-Jun-02
COX, Margret BALDWIN, C W 1932-Jun-16
COX, Martha TAYLOR, C M 1924-Oct-22
CRAVEN, Ouie PIERCE, George 1926-Mar-14
CRAWLEY, Cola GODARD, L Edward 1917-Aug-22
CROFFORD, Lillian DEARMAN, Sylvester 1926-Nov-13
CROSS, Gladys CUEVAS, O J 1934-Apr-15
CRUHIRDS, Lucile MCDANIELS, John Lee 1924-Oct-24
CRUTHIRDS, Claribel E DAVIS, Husler C 1925-Jun-10
CRUTHIRDS, Jewel Ruth BEECH, Clayton N 1929-Apr-14
CRUTHIRDS, Nancy Tildy GEIGER, William Robert 1917-Jun-06
CUAVE, Ada LEWIS, Mose 1917-Dec-17
CUAVE, Eula LESSENBERGER, Fred Jr 1929-Oct-12
CUCURELLO, Ellen MCRANEY, Charlie 1925-Nov-11
CUEVAS, Mary MOODY, W L 1930-Nov-29
CUEVAS, Vera REDDEN, O S 1935-Jun-20
CULVAR, Gertrude HAYNIE, J F 1927-Jan-07
CUNNINGHAM, Dosie PRAYTON, W R 1924-Dec-27
CURRIE, Pearl TAYLOR, W L 1919-Apr-08
CURVIN, Eva BOND, Clifton 1935-Apr-16



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