Smith County Grooms

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WADE, Dan MAYFIELD, Lula 1914-Feb-27
WADE, O B SULLIVAN, Ollie 1916-Oct-02
WADE, Wallace TANNER, Lula 1918-May-09
WAGGONER, J F ASHLEY, Almeda 1916-Dec-23
WALDROP, John I JAMES, Olive 1917-Jun-06
WALKER, R R STEWARD, Leedie 1916-Jun-09
WALLACE, O W WALTMAN, Neoma 1917-Mar-21
WALLEY, Duncan JONES, Bessie 1917-May-03
WALLEY, Mat THORNTON, Amanda 1913-Jan-31
WALLEY, Pierce MCKINLEY, Eva 1917-Apr-25
WALLEY, Ras WALLEY, Zella 1920-Apr-20
WALTERS, J W BISHOP, Hattie 1915-Oct-23
WALTERS, Luthr HUTSON, Annie 1916-Apr-29
WALTERS, M H COCKRELL, Bertha 1917-Dec-22
WALTERS, S M PALMER, Telitha 1916-Jun-17
WALTMAN, J F WATTS, Emma 1912-Oct-10
WAMACK, G C BUFKIN, Rosie 1912-Apr-05
WARD, J C TILLSON, E C Miss 1913-Sep-10
WARD, James BISHOP, Clara 1914-May-04
WARD, Lee ASHLEY, S N 1912-Aug-25
WARDE, Edgar J WALSTEADT, Georgia 1920-Jul-03
WARE, C M BRYANT, Nola 1916-Sep-25
WARE, D E AINSWORTH, Nola 1916-Dec-27
WARE, Ethod RUNNELS, Fronie 1913-Jul-29
WARE, Fred F PATTON, Clem Cathryn 1915-Dec-22
WARE, Josh PARKER, Maggie 1918-Feb-23
WARE, O R MEADOWS, Winnie Lou 1915-Nov-26
WARE, Robert RHODES, Chaney 1913-Mar-13
WARREN, S W PURVIS, Mandie 1914-Jan-01
WASHINGTON, Lin KING, Nellie 1914-Feb-06
WASHINGTON, Wallace EDWARDS, Lela 1916-Mar-25
WATERS, J L MCALPIN, Bessie 1915-Nov-08
WATERS, Richard HOLIFIELD, Hester 1917-Nov-15
WATKINS, Barney HINTON, Gwendolyn 1918-May-01
WATKINS, Bennie L KELLEY, Bertie 1920-Oct-01
WATKINS, J E HESTER, Manda 1917-Apr-17
WATSON, Hembree YELVERTON, Hattie 1918-Sep-07
WATTS, John YARBROUGH, Hattie 1917-Jul-01
WEDGEWORTH, Carl WEDGEWORTH, Minnie 1919-Feb-20
WEDGEWORTH, Eugene MCKINLEY, Bradice 1913-Dec-27
WELBORN, C F VINZANT, Carrie 1919-Oct-17
WELBORN, Jim ROBINSON, Azzie 1919-Oct-30
WELCH, Earnest BOGGAN, Lillie Bell 1917-Aug-04
WELCH, G M SCOTT, Billie 1912-Aug-18
WESBROOKS, A M PARKER, Annie 1920-Oct-09
WEST, Harvey MCCALLUM, Kattie 1913-May-16
WESTBROOK, D H HERREN, Mammie Adelia 1916-May-13
WESTBROOKS, W O KEYES, Ethel 1915-Mar-27
WESTMORLAND, Charlie AINSWORTH, Eartha 1915-Jun-21
WESTMORLAND, Jim FOREMAN, Bertha 1917-Jan-31
WHEELER, Willie JAMES, Lula 1912-Nov-16
WHICHARD, Henry JONES, Mattie B 1915-Jul-20
WHITE, Dannie WELBORN, Gettie 1912-May-24
WHITE, Herb WOODARD, Nezzie 1919-Jun-20
WHITEHEAD, Pink VINSON, Ida 1917-Dec-07
WHITLOCK, Isice DUDLY, Della 1915-Sep-18
WHITLOCK, Sy PARKER, Rosena 1912-Nov-18
WICKES, Lewie EPTING, Gladys 1916-Mar-28
WIGGINS, Albert BOYKIN, Beulah 1912-Dec-26
WIGGINS, Connie LOTT, Carrie 1915-Jul-24
WILBOURN, Evans WARREN, Farbie 1918-Feb-14
WILBURN, S N BEAVERS, Joanna 1913-Aug-16
WILKINSON, D H BLAKENEY, Winnie 1913-Nov-04
WILLIAMS, Alson WOOD, Marry 1913-Sep-01
WILLIAMS, Andrew LITTLE, Minnie 1917-Feb-09
WILLIAMS, Ed MOFFETT, Vera 1917-Oct-08
WILLIAMS, F L BRYANT, Bertie B 1917-Aug-01
WILLIAMS, Henry TULLAS, Isidore 1914-May-02
WILLIAMS, Jim WESTMORLAND, Laura 1915-Mar-01
WILLIAMS, Joshua ELLIS, Susie 1917-Sep-15
WILLIAMS, S L WELBORN, Hauer 1914-Apr-15
WILLIAMSON, Claud ROBINSON, Allie 1918-Apr-26
WILLIAMSON, Eddie LOGAN, Arlene 1919-May-03
WILLIAMSON, Jesse WARD, Mollie 1916-Feb-02
WILLIAMSON, S G SMITH, Lena 1917-Sep-19
WILSON, James M HERRINGTON, Mary 1919-Sep-13
WILSON, John WILLIAMSON, Millie 1914-Jan-06
WILSON, Oscar JOHNSON, Eliza 1914-Oct-30
WINDHAM, Archie HALDER, Minnie 1912-Oct-26
WINDHAM, Beal BLACKWELL, S E 1916-Sep-27
WINDHAM, D HARRELSON, Lula 1915-Oct-31
WINDHAM, Donnie GAMBRELL, E S 1919-Jul-15
WINDHAM, Ellis BARBER, Ellie May 1917-Nov-09
WINDHAM, Ezra WILLIAMSON, Cora 1917-Feb-27
WINDHAM, M L GRACE, Minnie 1917-Jan-31
WINDHAM, W B AINSWORTH, Nobie 1915-Dec-16
WINDHAM, Z W KEYES, Mattie 1915-Jul-02
WINN, Tom LOTT, Rachel 1913-Jul-23
WINSTEAD, H O LIVINGSTON, Kattie 1918-Dec-28
WINSTEAD, R H VINZANT, Nellie 1916-Sep-26
WINSTEAD, W T HUGHES, Myra 1917-Jun-05
WOOD, Bryon G PEARSON, Jimmie Troy 1920-May-22
WOOD, Everett CRAWFORD, Annie 1912-Jun-22
WOOD, L W WOOD, Jane 1912-Aug-17
WOODS, Brooks SANDERS, Vrea 1920-Jan-24
YELVERTON, Albert NICHOLS, Annie 1912-Apr-07
YELVERTON, Barney ANDERSON, Bertha 1919-Feb-07
YELVERTON, Frank JONES, Zonia 1917-May-02
YELVERTON, Grover BUTLER, Wessie 1919-Jul-08
YELVERTON, Hinds SANDFORD, Ruth 1919-Jul-28
YELVERTON, Rosco MEADOWS, Minnie 1917-May-23



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