Smith County Grooms

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TADLOCK, D G RUSSUM, Ora 1918-Aug-17
TADLOCK, J T BOONE, Ola 1913-Dec-20
TADLOCK, O T HAWKINS, Maebell 1916-Nov-02
TADLOCK, W S HEGWOOD, Delta 1917-Jun-04
TANKSTON, E L BATES, Ina 1914-Nov-25
TANNER, Emmerson BUTLER, Martha 1919-May-29
TANNER, H C FOREMAN, Bertie 1914-Aug-04
TANNER, Melvin MAYFIELD, Bertie 1920-Oct-14
TANNER, Robert HOUSTON, Sicily 1914-Apr-16
TANNER, W J ASHLEY, Ollie 1913-Oct-03
TANNER, W M HOOD, Myrtle 1919-Feb-04
TART, Tom FEZILL, Leizie 1917-Jun-27
TAYLOR, George A ROBERTS, Margie 1916-Jan-13
TEMPLER, J A CHISHOLM, Nettie 1912-Mar-04
TERILL, Frank MORGAN, N A Miss 1913-Oct-14
TERRY, J H EVERETT, Malissa 1912-Dec-24
THOMAS, J L HARRELSON, Lena 1915-Dec-23
THOMAS, Lee WESTBROOKS, Ida 1912-Sep-26
THOMPSON, Alex BRIGGS, Manerva 1914-Dec-26
THOMPSON, Burk BRYANT, Gertrude 1916-Jul-26
THOMPSON, Earl CRAFT, Vera 1920-Mar-08
THOMPSON, H M TADLOCK, Laura 1918-Jan-08
THOMPSON, Homer HORN, Clara 1919-Mar-07
THOMPSON, J COGGINS, Ellen 1914-Jan-27
THOMPSON, J J HUSBANDS, Leona 1918-Aug-29
THOMPSON, J W HESTER, Bena 1915-Apr-06
THOMPSON, Nathan EVANS, Mamie 1912-May-23
THOMPSON, Robert HUGHES, Hilda 1915-Feb-11
THOMPSON, Robert SMITH, Anna 1916-Jan-21
THOMPSON, Talmadge NEWCOMB, Mattie 1918-Aug-12
THOMPSON, Wallace PURVIS, Myre 1917-Jan-09
THOMPSON, Willie CAMPBELL, William 1915-Dec-04
THORNTON, B F YARBER, Annie 1920-Mar-06
THORNTON, C C HOUGH, Rosie 1919-May-16
THORNTON, C S DUKES, Mae 1919-Aug-02
THORNTON, H C HARRIS, Bennie 1915-Nov-24
THORNTON, J E HAYMAN, Tinie 1914-Apr-04
THORNTON, Jay HENDERSON, James 1918-Aug-17
THORNTON, Johnnie DICKINSON, Ella 1912-Aug-13
THORNTON, Oliver BAILEY, Evie 1914-Sep-26
THORNTON, Paskal M HENDERSON, Ellizzie 1918-Jul-27
THORNTON, R W JOHNSON, Onie 1913-Feb-21
THORNTON, Roscoe RICHARDSON, Cora Lee 1914-Jun-26
THORNTON, Talmadge DICKERSON, Minnie 1919-Nov-20
THRASHER, N W HENDERSON, Mildred 1919-Aug-22
TILLMAN, Walter VICK, Maybelle 1918-Nov-17
TILLSON, J A ROBINSON, S J Miss 1913-Aug-12
TILLSON, J W DARDEN, Kissiah 1919-Aug-27
TOMAS, Davie MILLER, Ella 1916-Jan-07
TONEY, A C WHITE, Emma 1914-Jan-31
TONY, Dan BOYD, Edna 1915-Sep-20
TOORNTON, Clarance STRICKLAND, Lena 1916-Jan-03
TOWNSEND, Jake JONES, Annie 1915-Feb-11
TRAMEL, Movis HEADRICK, Clarence 1920-May-08
TRAWEEK, Lewis ROSS, Rosie 1916-Oct-06
TRAXLE, Esery HARRISON, Hattie 1920-May-18
TUGGLE, L V MAGEE, Lottie 1914-Apr-12
TUGGLE, Lee WARREN, Minnie 1919-May-14
TULLOS, A F THORNTON, Wilmer 1915-Aug-14
TULLOS, N E JONES, Myrtle 1917-Nov-20
TULLOS, Odie MOULDER, Tilda 1919-May-03
TULLOS, Rillon SULLIVAN, Bessie 1916-Feb-07
TULLOS, S T CRAFT, Sula 1913-May-31
TURNBOW, R S TULLOS, Delphi 1915-May-22
TURNER, Henry MOFFETT, Lula 1914-Jan-22
TURNER, Lee GAMAGE, Mary Ann 1915-Nov-30
VALENTINE, R H SULLIVAN, Ethel 1918-Oct-13
VAUGHN, J W ANDERSON, Lottie 1917-Oct-22
VAUGHN, S W NELSON, May 1918-Apr-20
VINSON, Sam THORNTON, Salona 1919-Aug-08
VINZANT, Lelan WEDGEWORTH, Mamie 1917-Apr-17



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