Smith County Grooms


SANDERS, Vrea WOODS, Brooks 1920-Jan-24
SANDFORD, Frankie HANKINS, Loyd 1919-Mar-12
SANDFORD, Ruth YELVERTON, Hinds 1919-Jul-28
SARTON, Emmer ROGERS, Jimmie 1919-Aug-30
SCOGGINS, Lena ROGERS, Richard 1919-Sep-27
SCOTT, Billie WELCH, G M 1912-Aug-18
SEARCY, Florence SUTON, Robert D 1915-Mar-08
SELLERS, Eula GARVIN, J G 1915-Aug-30
SELLERS, Gettie KEYES, L T 1914-Dec-18
SHARBROUGH, Henretta PICKINS, James 1917-Oct-06
SHELBY, Addie BLAKENEY, B E 1915-Dec-18
SHORES, Iva HODGE, Robert 1914-Apr-13
SIMMONS, Clemmie ROBERTS, A G 1916-Nov-24
SIMS, Mattie BRUCE, Clem 1918-Jun-26
SMITH, Addie PRESTON, Thomas 1920-Feb-25
SMITH, Alice RHODES, W J 1912-Oct-06
SMITH, Amanda MCLAURIN, H A 1914-Oct-31
SMITH, Anna THOMPSON, Robert 1916-Jan-21
SMITH, Annie BLAKENEY, F B 1914-Feb-06
SMITH, Bessie SULLIVAN, A J 1916-Feb-02
SMITH, Edna HARVEY, Cleveland 1920-Jun-19
SMITH, Eva BOYLES, Eddie 1917-Nov-14
SMITH, Janie FERGUSON, B F 1917-Mar-19
SMITH, Laura MAGEE, Charley 1918-Jan-05
SMITH, Lena WILLIAMSON, S G 1917-Sep-19
SMITH, Lizzie DUCKWORTH, J D W 1915-Sep-04
SMITH, Lula DUCKSWORTH, Thomas 1917-Jul-31
SMITH, Luna EVANS, Pearl 1920-Jan-22
SMITH, Mary BOYKIN, J W 1916-May-21
SMITH, Mary BRYANT, Lem 1920-Mar-01
SMITH, Minnie GENTRY, J P 1915-Feb-12
SMITH, Ollie HALL, Bennie 1912-Sep-07
SMITH, Willie May HARRIS, Robert 1918-Jan-24
SPEED, Edith FORD, Thomas Chester 1918-Dec-21
SPELL, Bertie SULLIVAN, L B 1913-Jan-17
SPELL, Della SULLIVAN, Volus 1917-Jul-26
SPENCER, Edith FRASIER, Jeff 1918-Apr-10
STENNETT, Leona AINSWORTH, W C 1917-Aug-01
STEPHENS, Elvire PUCKETT, W R 1916-Dec-26
STEPHENS, Matilda MCNEACE, W M 1912-Aug-02
STEWARD, Alma ASHLEY, Cleveland 1919-Jun-30
STEWARD, Annie ROBINSON, Alford 1912-Feb-28
STEWARD, Leedie WALKER, R R 1916-Jun-09
STEWARD, Luvena AUSTIN, J G 1921-Apr-19
STEWARD, Mollie BISHOP, J F 1913-Mar-13
STEWARD, Sarah AINSWORTH, C E 1914-Sep-04
STOKES, Eva GAMBAGE, Wesley 1913-Jul-11
STRICKLAND, Lena TOORNTON, Clarance 1916-Jan-03
STRICKLAND, Louella ANDERSON, Odis 1917-Jun-14
STRINGER, Alpha RUSSELL, Grady 1916-Dec-27
STRINGER, Berla GUNN, Bobbie 1914-Dec-18
STRINGER, Candies MCKINLEY, Z R 1912-Dec-21
STRINGER, Hattie HULL, R E 1912-Dec-16
STRINGER, Hester MOORE, G E 1915-Nov-29
STRINGER, Jettie HAWKINS, Stella 1918-Mar-29
STRINGER, Lessie DICKERSON, J M 1918-Oct-26
STRINGER, Lessie POWELL, Bennie 1920-Oct-26
STRINGER, Vennie ROBINSON, Grover 1914-Oct-20
STUBBS, Mirrie JONES, Jesse 1916-Jan-10
SUGGS, C E Miss FARD, W M 1913-Oct-28
SULLIVAN, Allie EASTERLING, Dan 1919-May-01
SULLIVAN, Alphia HAVELL, L E 1912-Sep-10
SULLIVAN, Arlia BURNS, W A 1917-Feb-20
SULLIVAN, Bessie SMITH, N H 1918-Dec-15
SULLIVAN, Bessie TULLOS, Rillon 1916-Feb-07
SULLIVAN, Bessie Jannie SULLIVAN, W P 1918-Jul-19
SULLIVAN, Bonnie SPELL, Sylvester 1919-Mar-21
SULLIVAN, Carrie HOWELL, R L 1913-Dec-23
SULLIVAN, Carrie SULLIVAN, A M 1912-Mar-15
SULLIVAN, Della PHILLIPS, Bob 1919-May-24
SULLIVAN, Dulvie HORN, Clarance 1916-Jul-30
SULLIVAN, Effie LAIRD, S J 1913-Jan-04
SULLIVAN, Eliza BUTLER, J B 1919-Aug-02
SULLIVAN, Eliza BUTLER, J B 1914-Aug-26
SULLIVAN, Emma DUPREE, Robert 1919-Oct-29
SULLIVAN, Emma FRITH, Lester 1913-Mar-30
SULLIVAN, Ethel VALENTINE, R H 1918-Oct-13
SULLIVAN, Eula HOWELL, V M 1918-Feb-07
SULLIVAN, Eunice SULLIVAN, J P 1914-Aug-13
SULLIVAN, Flossy KING, Walter Marion 1920-Apr-12
SULLIVAN, Gettie SULLIVAN, S S 1913-Nov-25
SULLIVAN, Hettie SULLIVAN, Eldrie 1916-Aug-03
SULLIVAN, Jodie BLACKWELL, Victorie 1917-Jan-20
SULLIVAN, Lena PICKERING, Dewey 1919-Sep-11
SULLIVAN, Lexie DEAVORUS, B M 1915-Aug-23
SULLIVAN, Lonie MCDANIEL, Archie 1917-Apr-06
SULLIVAN, Mamie SULLIVAN, Sylvester 1912-Dec-29
SULLIVAN, Mammie HOWELL, J B 1917-Nov-24
SULLIVAN, Mary HUGHES, Jessie 1912-Nov-03
SULLIVAN, May CLARK, W B 1919-Sep-01
SULLIVAN, Minnie MARTIN, Lee 1914-Jan-26
SULLIVAN, Myrtle BRYANT, H S 1913-Jan-15
SULLIVAN, Nevada ASHLEY, J M 1921-Nov-25
SULLIVAN, Nevada ASHLEY, J W 1921-   -25
SULLIVAN, Nola MCLAURIN, W T 1916-May-05
SULLIVAN, Orna PHILIPS, Ollie 1920-May-08
SULLIVAN, Pearlie MCCOLLUM, Lee 1915-Apr-17
SULLIVAN, Peral CRAFT, V N 1919-Nov-03
SULLIVAN, Reathey STEWART, Joe J 1919-Dec-18
SULLIVAN, Sallie CHAMBERS, S E 1913-Feb-12
SULLIVAN, Sarah COX, J B 1920-Mar-26
SULLIVAN, Sarah Ann DICKERSON, Walter 1917-Apr-30
SULLIVAN, Seba MCALPIN, Clifton N 1919-Feb-28
SULLIVAN, Zonar FRITH, Monroe 1920-Mar-03
SUMMERALL, Georgia May ANDERSON, C E 1917-Aug-31



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