Smith County Grooms


RAINIER, John T DAVIS, Belva 1915-Apr-19
RAMSEY, J GAMAGE, Eva 1915-Dec-20
RANKIN, Rich MOORE, Ida 1918-Apr-03
RAWLS, Woodard SOREY, Loice 1919-Mar-27
REAVES, George W RICHARDSON, Minnie 1915-Dec-03
REESE, Adam WASHINGTON, Ruthie 1916-Sep-30
REESE, Elijah BLACKWELL, Vivla 1917-Dec-29
REESE, Elijah WILLIAMS, Rosie 1918-Jan-30
REEVES, Archie RICHARDSON, Annie 1912-Jun-09
REEVES, Leon BOUNDS, Clara 1917-Oct-26
RHODES, W J SMITH, Alice 1912-Oct-06
RICE, Will GRAY, Lilla Bell 1913-Jul-15
ROBERTS, A G SIMMONS, Clemmie 1916-Nov-24
ROBERTS, A J MARTIN, Katie 1917-Dec-19
ROBERTS, Henry WADE, Levie 1915-Dec-16
ROBERTS, James MEADOWS, Missie 1916-Dec-29
ROBERTS, T E DENNIS, Annie 1912-Dec-22
ROBERTS, Virda MEADOWS, Pearlie 1917-Dec-27
ROBERTS, W N BLACK, Effie 1914-Mar-24
ROBINSON, Alford STEWARD, Annie 1912-Feb-28
ROBINSON, Carl BRYANT, Clemmie 1919-Oct-09
ROBINSON, Eugene BRADFORD, Bennie 1916-Nov-25
ROBINSON, Grover STRINGER, Vennie 1914-Oct-20
ROBINSON, J M GOLEMAN, Annie 1913-Jan-03
ROBINSON, Lemmie CARR, Myrtice 1916-Jul-21
ROBINSON, T B JOHNSON, Jennie 1916-Mar-09
ROBINSON, W C MAYFIELD, Nellie 1916-Feb-26
ROEBUCK, E E DENNIS, Mamie 1913-Mar-01
ROGERS, C B THOMPSON, Lottie May 1912-Oct-09
ROGERS, Jimmie SARTON, Emmer 1919-Aug-30
ROGERS, P M CRAFT, Lorrie 1914-Apr-04
ROGERS, Rhoden GRANT, Della 1912-Nov-10
ROGERS, Richard SCOGGINS, Lena 1919-Sep-27
ROSS, C E BREWER, Stella 1916-Aug-16
ROSS, C E BYNUM, Annie 1916-Nov-14
ROYALS, Earl RANKIN, Annie 1920-Feb-28
ROYALS, J S BAILEY, Edith 1913-Feb-10
RUNNELS, Archie MEADOWS, Nannie 1914-May-05
RUSSELL, Bryan INGRAM, Agnis 1917-Dec-17
RUSSELL, Grady STRINGER, Alpha 1916-Dec-27
RUSSELL, J A O SULLIVAN, Inoh 1917-Sep-01
RUSSELL, Mat CAMPBELL, Roena 1915-Dec-30
RUSSELL, Nace RUSSUM, Nettie 1918-Sep-25
RUSSELL, R E BRYANT, Zona 1915-Sep-16
RUSSELL, V H WATSON, Alice 1913-Oct-01
RUSSELL, Virgie BISHOP, M M 1917-Mar-31
RUSSELL, Wilder NICHOLS, Viola 1913-Dec-25
RUSSUM, Floyd EADY, Dana 1918-Aug-31
RUTLAND, U L INGRAM, N C Miss 1912-Apr-14



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