Smith County Grooms

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NAVIS, Jim ROGERS, Marene 1913-Nov-21
NELSON, Henry TRIMMER, Docia 1913-Aug-01
NEWCOMB, Barney DICKERSON, Mollie 1920-Feb-28
NEWCOMB, Robert RUSSELL, Mittie 1920-Mar-12
NEWCOMB, Tommie WILLIAMS, Matilda 1914-Jan-07
NICHOLS, Fate BUTLER, Emma C 1914-Jan-15
NICHOLS, Layfatte HARDIN, Minnie Bell 1917-Sep-14
NICHOLS, M L ROBINSON, Beulah 1912-Dec-08
NICHOLS, Nevel STRINGER, Robbie 1918-Oct-07
NICHOLS, Virgil BLACKWELL, Iva 1919-Dec-18
NICHOLSON, Jim HARRIS, Sallie 1916-Sep-19
NICHOLSON, Walter COLE, Alberta 1914-Jul-21
NOBLES, Isadore GRAY, Clem 1916-Mar-07
NOBLIN, Jim HOLLOWAY, Senie 1914-Mar-31
NOLEN, Crit ANDERSON, Minnie 1912-Nov-13
NORRIS, Fela BENDER, Ozella 1919-May-24
NORRIS, S B CRAFT, Viola 1917-Oct-03
NORRIS, Virgil T DAVIS, Lena 1915-Apr-22
ODOM, Bamma RICHARDSON, Alva 1915-Jul-13
ONEAL, Joe INGRAM, Irena 1914-May-15
PADGETT, Dock DUKES, Savanah 1915-May-15
PAGE, Alonzo PAGE, Octavie 1917-Jul-28
PAGE, Arthur LOTT, Vallie 1915-Oct-02
PAGE, Bennie KEYES, James 1916-Nov-04
PAGE, Frank KEYES, Arvila 1914-Dec-12
PAGE, John FLOWERS, Emma 1917-Jan-06
PAGE, Jonah DUCKSWORTH, Bill 1918-Jan-03
PAGE, Milord HUGHES, Mary 1917-Mar-31
PAGE, S P KEYES, Renia 1913-Feb-07
PAGE, T M BARNES, Amanda 1916-Jul-10
PAIRETTE, Jim MCCOLUM, Callie 1914-Sep-03
PARKER, A L HEGWOOD, Beulah 1915-Nov-27
PARKER, Aden BLAKENEY, Pearl 1915-Dec-22
PARISH, Ester DEWES, Ida 1917-Nov-19
PARKER, Clifford JONES, Joanna 1919-Nov-07
PARKER, Grant WILLIAMS, Minnie 1914-Apr-13
PARKER, H B BURNHAM, Lue 1914-Apr-13
PARKER, Isah MAYERS, Gladis 1917-May-05
PARKER, L B HODGE, Asadean 1914-Apr-29
PARKER, Lance MCCOLUM, Mabel 1917-Jun-13
PARKER, Robert FRANCISCO, Beatrice 1918-Dec-05
PARKER, Sam DENHAM, Hattie 1916-Apr-28
PARKER, Tyre PATTERSON, Lonnie 1918-Jul-18
PARKER, W L WILLIAMS, Zella 1919-Jun-30
PARKER, W S BENJAMIN, Pearlie 1913-Jan-08
PARKSMAN, Shelby BOYKIN, Fannie 1914-Apr-21
PATRICK, Cleveland ROSS, Nora 1912-Jul-04
PATT, Cary NEWCOMB, Zula 1918-Mar-09
PATTERSON, Lonnie PARKER, Tyre 1918-Jul-18
PATTERSON, W D HARDIN, Mattie 1912-Sep-01
PENNINGTON, R P THORN, Saddie 1912-Mar-07
PERRY, G C YELVERTON, Carrie 1913-Sep-12
PERRY, G T RICHARDSON, Susie 1915-Jun-19
PEYTON, Lester KEYES, Willie 1919-Jan-13
PHILIPS, Ollie SULLIVAN, Orna 1920-May-08
PHILLIPS, Bob SULLIVAN, Della 1919-May-24
PHILLIPS, Oretus HALES, M S 1913-Dec-29
PHILLIPS, Wiley TRAXLER, Evie 1913-Jun-26
PHILLIPS, Wm H GARVIN, Fannie 1918-Oct-26
PICKERING, Alonzo BAINES, Dosia 1913-Jan-03
PICKERING, Dewey SULLIVAN, Lena 1919-Sep-11
PICKINS, James SHARBROUGH, Henretta 1917-Oct-06
PIGFORD, John MASON, Marie 1915-Jan-09
PILGRIM, J F CALEY, Florence 1914-Nov-18
PITTMAN, Romulus D MAYFIELD, Alma 1917-Aug-04
POLK, R L JOHNSON, Lanna 1912-Apr-06
POLK, R L RICHARDSON, Sallie 1915-Dec-24
POOLE, Henry ANDERSON, Ruth Elizabeth 1915-Jun-12
POSEY, Louie MILLY, Tinnie 1912-Nov-24
POWELL, Bennie STRINGER, Lessie 1920-Oct-26
POWELL, Lish HERRINGTON, Lottie 1913-Dec-24
POWELL, W E MCLAURIN, Viola 1915-Dec-24
POWELL, Wayne C DENNIS, Cleo 1920-Feb-12
POWERS, W H MCLAIN, Alice 1916-Mar-04
PRESTON, Thomas SMITH, Addie 1920-Feb-25
PRINCE, Alonzo ROBINSON, Donie 1918-May-18
PRINCE, D D GANDY, Sallie 1919-Mar-20
PRINCE, J A MAYFIELD, Lottie 1920-Oct-14
PRUITT, John T MAY, Annie 1920-Apr-25
PUCKETT, W R STEPHENS, Elvire 1916-Dec-26
PURVIS, Eddie KEEN, Ethel 1919-Sep-10
PURVIS, John WARE, Mollie 1916-Apr-22
PURVIS, P F ROBINSON, Jessie 1912-Mar-26



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