Smith County Grooms


MADDOX, Harrison BALDWIN, Billie 1920-May-13
MAGEE, Charley SMITH, Laura 1918-Jan-05
MAGEE, Louie BARBER, Alex 1914-Sep-19
MANCRIEF, Oscar KING, Alice 1912-Sep-10
MARTIN, Edward L TULLOS, Sallie 1917-Mar-06
MARTIN, General JEFFERY, Ella 1915-Jan-14
MARTIN, H H MAYFIELD, Mamie 1916-Apr-19
MARTIN, J D BAWLING, Ruth 1920-Jun-15
MARTIN, J F ROGERS, Nonnie 1919-Dec-17
MARTIN, James N PATTERSON, Nevie 1913-Aug-09
MARTIN, L C DUKES, Leavie 1919-Jun-26
MARTIN, Lee SULLIVAN, Minnie 1914-Jan-26
MARTIN, Marvin MAYFIELD, Erma 1915-Dec-21
MARTIN, Omer PAGE, Nezzie 1913-Jan-07
MARTIN, Oscar N DUKES, Nomah 1918-Aug-12
MARTIN, R E CROUT, Cecil 1914-Jun-22
MARTIN, Sam EDWARDS, Tinnie 1917-Feb-10
MASS, J C BOYLES, Bertha 1912-Sep-10
MATHOS, J W COLLOM, Noar 1915-Oct-29
MAYFIELD, H T BALDWIN, Tarsie 1916-Mar-14
MAYFIELD, L L LACK, Isabell 1913-Apr-07
MAYFIELD, Leamon INGRAM, Matilda 1917-Sep-10
MCALPIN, Albert AINSWORTH, Hattie 1914-Jul-10
MCALPIN, Clifton N SULLIVAN, Seba 1919-Feb-28
MCALPIN, Colon GLESSON, Myrtle 1920-Aug-07
MCALPIN, Ehrman RICHARDSON, Emma 1916-Sep-13
MCALPIN, J D TILLSON, Vera 1913-Jul-03
MCALPIN, Joe HAWKINS, Earl 1914-Nov-05
MCALPIN, W C HERRON, Lillie 1913-Apr-05
MCBAY, H H WEDGEWORTH, Lissie 1912-Dec-22
MCCARTY, Belton GIBBONS, Ruthie 1919-Feb-18
MCCARTY, Bennie GIBBONS, Victory 1920-Jan-05
MCCARTY, W G GRANT, Lela 1916-Jul-17
MCCAUGHN, Elmer MIDDLETON, Viola 1917-Feb-23
MCCOLLUM, Lee SULLIVAN, Pearlie 1915-Apr-17
MCCOLLUM, Will HOLEMAN, Marina 1913-May-31
MCCRAW, C W HARVEY, Eliza 1917-Dec-15
MCCRIMMON, W T ANDERSON, Nuice 1920-Mar-03
MCDANIEL, Archie SULLIVAN, Lonie 1917-Apr-06
MCDANIEL, Claudie WILLIAMS, Ethel 1918-Oct-24
MCDANIEL, E M BLAKENEY, Minnie 1920-Jul-13
MCDANIEL, H J TURNBOW, Eller 1913-May-19
MCDANIEL, James COURTNEY, Ida 1915-Aug-14
MCDANIEL, W H MILLER, M A Miss 1913-Jun-20
MCDANIEL, W H WHITE, Lela 1917-Apr-27
MCGLOFFIN, Harry GERMAN, Lula 1913-May-07
MCINNIS, Nathan CARTRA, Carla 1912-Mar-23
MCINTYRE, Enos DERRICK, Ara 1920-Apr-04
MCINTYRE, Hughie BUTLER, Zula 1918-May-06
MCINTYRE, W T DUKES, Bulah 1919-Jan-18
MCKINLEY, W P ISHEE, Zona 1918-Jan-07
MCKINLEY, Z R STRINGER, Candies 1912-Dec-21
MCLAIN, Euris Freem PATRICK, Rachel 1917-Aug-29
MCLAURIN, Chester HALL, Fanie 1914-Jan-10
MCLAURIN, Floyd LOFTON, Willie 1918-Aug-17
MCLAURIN, H A SMITH, Amanda 1914-Oct-31
MCLAURIN, Judge LOTT, Bessie 1915-Mar-13
MCLAURIN, W T SULLIVAN, Nola 1916-May-05
MCNAIR, C B COOK, Katie 1914-Dec-07
MCNAIR, George GAMAGE, Lue 1913-Jun-21
MCNEACE, W M STEPHENS, Matilda 1912-Aug-02
MCWHORTER, Davis CURRIE, Nellie 1914-Apr-18
MCWILLIAMS, B C CHANDLER, Beckie 1915-Oct-14
MEADOWS, J W WILLIAMS, Lyddia 1915-Jul-31
MEADOWS, Louis LITTLE, Zona 1918-Mar-22
MEADOWS, Otho BISHOP, Lula 1918-Dec-16
MEADOWS, S J GIBBONS, Maud 1918-Apr-22
MEADOWS, S J LEWIS, Litha 1915-Oct-02
MEADOWS, S S JOHNSON, Stella 1914-Oct-03
MEADOWS, Thomas A WILLIAMS, Mattie 1914-Oct-02
MEANS, Clyde PURVIS, Marie 1920-Jan-14
MEANS, Joe CROSBY, Lena 1914-Feb-06
MEANS, John C BROADFOOT, Jennett 1916-Apr-03
MICHELL, George DEW, Avey 1916-Jun-06
MIDDLETON, A J WEBB, Millie 1912-Dec-26
MIDDLETON, Arthur HENDERSON, Fannie 1913-Nov-21
MIDDLETON, J R WEBB, Sudie 1913-Nov-22
MIDDLETON, W L DICKERSON, Malise 1918-Nov-05
MIDDLETON, W W GARVIN, Sarah 1914-Feb-28
MILEY, E C GUTHRIE, Una 1915-Oct-15
MILEY, Roy DUKES, Nannie 1915-Nov-27
MILEY, Willie HAWKINS, Clemmie 1915-Sep-06
MILLER, E M HEGWOOD, Bessie 1919-Oct-18
MILLER, Joe C RUSSELL, Pearl 1917-Jun-28
MIZE, John THOMPSON, Henrietta 1912-Nov-03
MOFFETT, Link FRAZELL, Mattie 1915-Oct-04
MONCRIEF, C W CAMPBELL, U N Miss 1916-Mar-04
MOORE, Frank GRANT, Nellie 1916-Aug-12
MOORE, G E STRINGER, Hester 1915-Nov-29
MOORE, Johnie KING, Elizzie 1918-Sep-13
MOORE, O W HUSBANDS, Luna 1912-Dec-28
MOORE, Polke BEDFORD, May 1912-Dec-07
MOORE, W C BOYLES, May 1914-Feb-26
MOORE, Walter E GAMBRELL, Lela Mary 1917-Dec-01
MOSELEY, J F MILLNER, Dea 1920-Jun-18
MOULDER, J W BLACKWELL, Minnie 1915-Jan-25
MOULDER, Rapp T GLAZE, Lilla 1914-Jan-22
MUCKBROTH, B N BURNS, May 1917-Mar-17
MYERS, Ausburn HAMMER, Gertrude 1913-Jan-31
MYERS, L P WINSTEAD, Lula 1912-Nov-13



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