Smith County Grooms

K - L

KEEN, Clifton OVERSTREET, Lillie 1916-Sep-16
KELLEY, A O KEY, Corlie 1915-May-08
KELLEY, G H FRITH, Elvira 1920-Sep-06
KELLEY, M J RAWLS, Carrie 1913-Jun-27
KENNEDY, J E MCLAURIN, May 1917-Apr-30
KENNEDY, Lamar HEGWOOD, Fannie 1920-Oct-02
KENNEDY, Wade YELVERTON, Kittie 1916-Sep-13
KENNEDY, Willie DUKES, Jannie 1917-Dec-22
KENNEDY, Willie PHILLIPS, Tinie 1914-Jun-25
KEYES, Amos JONES, Lonie 1913-Jan-18
KEYES, Bill MARTIN, Ollie 1914-Feb-16
KEYES, Croker KUSH, Lula 1912-Apr-20
KEYES, Earnest EVINS, Leaner 1913-Apr-26
KEYES, J F MARTIN, Doy 1917-Jan-26
KEYES, Jacob PATON, Pankie 1916-Feb-19
KEYES, James PAGE, Bennie 1916-Nov-04
KEYES, L T SELLERS, Gettie 1914-Dec-18
KEYES, Monroe RUSSELL, Ollie 1913-Dec-23
KEYES, Norris KEYES, Vila 1918-Jun-01
KEYES, W F PHIPPS, Tina 1915-Dec-16
KEYES, William DUCKSWORTH, Rosa 1916-Oct-20
KEYES, Willie PEYTON, Lester 1919-Jan-13
KEYS, Purdie DUCKSWORTH, Tonie 1916-Apr-12
KILGORE, Jim BLAKENEY, Annie 1919-Oct-09
KING, Jas MCKENZIE, Zula 1913-Jan-09
KING, L S FLYNT, Evie 1913-Feb-26
KING, Walter Marion SULLIVAN, Flossy 1920-Apr-12
KINNY, J J CHALK, Emma 1912-Jun-10
KNIGHT, W B JONES, Florence 1919-Oct-16
LACK, Albert ROYALS, Drucie 1914-Jul-23
LACK, D J BISHOP, Ella 1917-Dec-15
LACK, W M MCCOLLUM, Stella 1915-May-10
LAIRD, S J SULLIVAN, Effie 1913-Jan-04
LAMB, Will LANCE, Nellie 1918-Apr-10
LAMB, Will WHITLOCK, Eliza 1915-Sep-18
LANDRUM, Stephen JOHNSON, Maebell 1919-Oct-10
LANG, Frank MAYERS, Marlien 1913-Jun-13
LANGSTON, William JONES, Lonnie 1917-Oct-08
LEE, C C HERRINGTON, Mamie 1915-Jan-16
LEITTLE, John W BARBER, Marcela 1917-Mar-03
LEWIS, Tudy TURNER, George Ann 1917-Sep-22
LEWIS, W B WILKINS, Pearl 1915-Dec-20
LINDSAY, Caesar RUSSELL, Rosa 1914-Jan-24
LITTLE, A W DOBBS, Ola 1915-Mar-24
LITTLE, J F BYRD, Leona 1915-Oct-25
LITTLE, J M RUNNELS, Etta 1918-Mar-01
LITTLE, L S COCKRELL, Jane 1919-Sep-12
LITTLE, W L BRYANT, Hettie 1913-May-17
LIVINGSTON, D L BASSETT, Georgia 1920-Aug-02
LIVINGSTON, Floyd FLOYD, Hettie 1919-Apr-10
LIVINGSTON, Luther WINSTEAD, Daisy 1918-Dec-31
LOFTON, Alex TULLOS, Ruthaun 1914-Oct-07
LOGAN, Erther BLACKWELL, Vivla 1918-Jan-24
LONG, G H THORNTON, Emma 1917-Aug-21
LOOPER, Marshall THOMPSON, Mamie 1918-Nov-14
LOTT, A W HENDERSON, Minnie 1917-May-17
LOTT, C A LOVETT, Daisy 1920-Sep-19
LOTT, Ed WEEKS, Annie 1916-Feb-23
LOTT, G W THORNTON, Katie 1915-Apr-05
LOTT, L C WIGGINS, Cammie 1914-Nov-03
LOTT, Monroe RUSSELL, Ruth 1916-Jun-13
LOTT, Orrin HENDERSON, Hattie 1920-Sep-24
LOVETT, C J NORTHCUTT, Otsie 1912-Mar-31
LOVETT, R A PRUITT, Mattie 1920-Aug-03
LOWERY, H S LANGLEY, Susie 1919-Apr-06
LOWERY, Henry WOODS, Nettie May 1919-Aug-23
LUCKEY, Willie LANGFORD, Callie 1915-Mar-31
LYLE, William TATUM, Hettie 1917-Sep-07



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