Smith County Grooms


HALES, M S PHILLIPS, Oretus 1913-Dec-29
HALL, A J LAIRD, Fannie 1915-Nov-02
HALL, Bennie SMITH, Ollie 1912-Sep-07
HALLS, Pat GILL, Mattie 1912-Dec-12
HAM, R J CRAFT, Katie 1914-Oct-27
HANCOCK, J W PRINCE, Minnie 1914-Nov-10
HANCOCK, James Calvin KEMP, Rebecca 1918-Apr-13
HANDCOCK, W J WOOD, Velma 1912-Oct-13
HANKINS, Clarence JONES, Hattie 1914-Mar-26
HANKINS, Loyd SANDFORD, Frankie 1919-Mar-12
HANKINS, N M BOX, Rosa 1919-Dec-24
HANNAH, Arnie BROWN, Zula 1915-Jun-04
HARDIN, Lee LANDRUM, Martha 1913-Mar-20
HARDIN, R A CHANDLER, Sebie 1913-Nov-19
HARMON, Graham JONES, Dena 1915-Oct-09
HARRIS, Bennie THORNTON, H C 1915-Nov-24
HARRIS, Earnest PITTMAN, Mattie 1917-Aug-23
HARRISON, Cleo CARTER, John 1918-Apr-13
HARVEY, Cleveland SMITH, Edna 1920-Jun-19
HARVEY, Jonie WARREN, Fannie 1917-Dec-19
HAVELL, L E SULLIVAN, Alphia 1912-Sep-10
HAWKINS, Doyler B JOHNSON, Annie 1917-Nov-27
HAWKINS, Earl MCALPIN, Joe 1914-Nov-05
HAWKINS, Emmitt RUSSUM, Orrie 1916-Dec-01
HAWKINS, George BEARD, Stella 1913-Sep-14
HAWKINS, Ira BOYKINS, Lena 1912-Apr-08
HAWKINS, J G BUTLER, Marry 1913-Nov-10
HAWKINS, Omer BLACKWELL, Bertie 1917-Aug-05
HAYS, Hurdy MCINNIS, Christine 1916-Feb-23
HAYS, W C FLOYD, Virdue 1916-Nov-13
HEADRICK, Clarence TRAMEL, Movis 1920-May-08
HEGWOOD, Attey MAYFIELD, Lena 1917-Dec-01
HEGWOOD, Ciley BRUCE, Mable 1920-May-13
HEGWOOD, Dewey GLISSON, Wessey 1920-Feb-06
HEGWOOD, George BOUNDS, Ola 1919-Dec-06
HEGWOOD, George BOUNDS, Olar 1918-Nov-30
HEGWOOD, J O JONES, Nannie 1917-Oct-17
HEGWOOD, J W WIGGINS, Ollie 1915-Mar-06
HEGWOOD, R F BOYLES, Bessie 1919-May-05
HEGWOOD, Varmal AUSTIN, Ethel 1913-Sep-05
HEGWOOD, Vermal AUSTIN, Ethel 1915-Sep-05
HEGWOOD, W F VIRGANT, M L Miss 1912-Feb-29
HENDERSON, E B HARMON, Ruth 1913-Dec-17
HENDERSON, E J ROYALS, Katie 1915-Jan-09
HENDERSON, G F THORNTON, Mellie 1919-Feb-21
HENDERSON, James THORNTON, Jay 1918-Aug-17
HENDERSON, Jed BRUCE, Odell 1919-Dec-06
HENDERSON, Monroe HAWKINS, Arrie 1916-Dec-22
HENDERSON, Tilden HUGHES, Ara 1920-Aug-21
HERRON, J F KENNEDY, Nola 1912-Nov-13
HESTER, Glenn BUTLER, Meebie 1917-Jan-27
HESTER, P M MCDANIEL, Evie 1914-Nov-30
HESTER, W T AMASON, Florence 1916-Apr-02
HICKS, Duit DUCKSWORTH, Aletha 1912-Apr-08
HILL, Dunkin ARENDER, Cordie 1915-Dec-31
HILL, M W GILBERT, Savillie 1915-Sep-18
HILL, Watsey ODUM, Ethel 1916-Jan-08
HILTON, J W WOODS, Fannie 1916-Jan-05
HILTON, N E GRAY, Ella 1912-Jul-16
HINTON, C S IVERY, Arenda 1916-Apr-17
HODGE, O R BURNHAM, May 1914-Mar-31
HODGE, Robert SHORES, Iva 1914-Apr-13
HODGES, J S JONES, Lena 1914-Mar-19
HOLIFIELD, G F LYON, Lea 1917-Feb-20
HOLLOWAY, W R BYRD, Arline 1914-Oct-01
HOLLYWAY, George HARPER, Unis 1919-Aug-15
HOOD, Otis LEWIS, Dacie 1913-Jan-20
HOPKINS, Chester F BUTLER, Pearl C 1920-May-29
HOPKINS, M P MANGUM, Ora 1914-Feb-18
HORN, Clarance SULLIVAN, Dulvie 1916-Jul-30
HORN, Clint BRADSHAW, Maysie 1916-Mar-16
HORN, L G CAUGHMAN, Bertha 1912-Dec-26
HORSLEY, B L ROBINSON, Lula 1915-Jul-17
HOUGH, Chester PATTERSON, Climmie 1920-Jan-03
HOUGH, Percy VAUGHN, Lillie 1918-Nov-18
HOUGH, W E COLEY, Pollie 1916-Oct-26
HOUSTON, J O ADAMS, Mollie 1914-Jul-29
HOUSTON, Tom LYLES, Mollie 1914-Feb-18
HOWARD, Tom WILLIAMS, Annie 1914-Jan-09
HOWELL, F O LEE, Alma 1916-Mar-20
HOWELL, J B SULLIVAN, Mammie 1917-Nov-24
HOWELL, R L SULLIVAN, Carrie 1913-Dec-23
HOWELL, V M SULLIVAN, Eula 1918-Feb-07
HUFF, A M THORN, Ethel 1917-Sep-07
HUGHES, Anse HUTSON, Novilla 1915-Apr-03
HUGHES, G W DUPREE, Fannie 1919-Oct-08
HUGHES, G W WADE, Linie 1914-May-28
HUGHES, J R DUKES, Sudie 1912-Dec-15
HUGHES, Jessie SULLIVAN, Mary 1912-Nov-03
HUGHES, Leonard COCKRELL, Vester 1916-Jan-10
HUGHES, Mark MCLAIN, Effie 1917-May-19
HUGHES, O J BISHOP, Beulah 1914-Aug-14
HULL, R E STRINGER, Hattie 1912-Dec-16
HUNT, Sandy CLEMONS, Fannie 1915-Nov-12
HUSBAND, W R ROGERS, Maggie 1916-Feb-19
HUSBANDS, Hugh MOORE, Mamie 1913-Jan-03
HUSBANDS, W F BLALOCK, Riller 1916-May-16



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