Smith County Grooms

F - G

FAISTER, Elijah CAMPBELL, Mattie 1912-Jul-22
FARD, W M SUGGS, C E Miss 1913-Oct-28
FEAZEL, Genora MEYERS, Octava 1916-Apr-15
FERGUSON, B F SMITH, Janie 1917-Mar-19
FLOWERS, William WILLIAMSON, Sallie 1917-Nov-30
FLOYD, E A HORD, Annie 1918-Apr-15
FLOYD, E U BEAVERS, Vondell 1917-Oct-26
FLOYD, L E BEAVERS, Bessie 1917-Nov-05
FLOYD, Lee PHILLIPS, Dollie 1919-Mar-01
FLOYD, Luther BURNHAM, Mattie 1915-Jun-05
FLYNT, E S RICHARDSON, Elizabeth 1915-Aug-16
FOOT, C H BUTLER, Ella 1918-May-15
FORD, Percy Sharp JENNINGS, Tressie 1920-Nov-03
FORD, S S REYNOLDS, Edith 1915-May-22
FORD, Thomas Chester SPEED, Edith 1918-Dec-21
FORTE, Daniel EPTING, Dollie 1918-Mar-30
FRASIER, Jeff SPENCER, Edith 1918-Apr-10
FREEMAN, G W DUPREE, Bessie 1919-Apr-24
FREEMAN, N T THORNTON, M A Miss 1916-Mar-09
FRENCH, George PAINE, Dora 1912-Apr-19
FRITH, Lester SULLIVAN, Emma 1913-Mar-30
FRITH, Melvin WARREN, Minervia 1914-Oct-16
FRITH, Monroe SULLIVAN, Zonar 1920-Mar-03
FULMAN, Charlie FRITH, Pearlie 1920-May-26
GAMAGE, Jim CREO, Emma 1919-Oct-11
GAMAGE, Mckinley THOMPSON, Bertha 1917-Jan-12
GAMAGE, Peter THOMPSON, Eula 1914-Oct-31
GAMBAGE, Wesley STOKES, Eva 1913-Jul-11
GAMBRELL, E S WINDHAM, Donnie 1919-Jul-15
GAMBRELL, Loyd KEYES, Maud 1916-Jul-14
GAMMAGE, Jim PAGE, Octavie 1914-Sep-07
GARDINER, Paul WIND, Rachel 1914-Nov-06
GARDNER, O S ANDERSON, Katie 1914-Sep-16
GARNER, J M BANCROFT, Annie 1915-Sep-11
GARNER, J M PURVIS, Fannie 1913-Sep-11
GARVAN, L O HOUGH, Dora 1917-Jan-10
GARVIN, J G SELLERS, Eula 1915-Aug-30
GATES, Henry S OVERBY, Annie Bell 1919-Aug-14
GATEWOOD, A L RAYAH, Purdie 1912-Jun-22
GATLIN, C J COPELAND, Fannie 1914-Jan-30
GEE, Everrett DERRICK, Vermell 1920-Sep-13
GENTRY, J P SMITH, Minnie 1915-Feb-12
GIBBONS, W D PATERSON, Eva 1920-Jun-24
GIBSON, E D KELLEY, Elvy 1916-Dec-04
GILBERT, William B BUSH, Margret C 1919-Dec-22
GILL, W H NICHOLS, Vera 1917-Feb-17
GLENN, Asa PERRY, Birdie 1915-Apr-02
GLISSON, Marvin MCDANIEL, Bertha 1915-Dec-24
GOLDMAN, James BRYANT, Mattie 1918-Jul-13
GOLDMAN, Miley HORN, Annie 1920-Aug-20
GONE, Jay HESTER, Grace Helen 1916-Apr-11
GORDON, Donnie NICKLESON, Jesse 1919-Mar-27
GOUGHF, B T HUGHES, Laura Francis 1916-Mar-20
GRANT, John CRUMPTON, Virgie 1916-Mar-25
GRANT, Robbie JONES, Sim 1912-Apr-22
GRANT, Tom WHITE, Leona 1916-Aug-15
GRANT, Ulysses WARE, Effie 1920-Mar-27
GRAY, A D HUTSON, Annie 1913-Jul-26
GRAY, Lem GRAY, Mattie 1917-Nov-26
GRAYSON, Jesse WEEKLEY, Barney May 1920-Sep-02
GREEN, Earnest HALL, Perley 1912-Apr-02
GREEN, H O CHANDLER, Almeda 1920-Mar-27
GRIGG, D M HAUGH, Etta 1912-Oct-09
GRISSOM, W M ROGERS, Cordie Bell 1918-Aug-17
GRUBBS, Buster GARDNER, Emma 1912-Jun-01
GUNN, Bobbie STRINGER, Berla 1914-Dec-18
GUTHRIE, Elmer LEWIS, Evie 1914-Dec-16



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