Smith County Grooms

D - E

DANIEL, Dasky MILEY, Eugie 1914-Apr-02
DANIEL, Dosky DERRICK, W F 1914-Apr-20
DANIEL, Homer WINSTEAD, Mabel 1916-Dec-27
DANIEL, J W WALKER, Annie 1913-Jan-04
DANIEL, John GILL, Bessie 1918-Aug-07
DARARLLA, Waco TURNER, Isadora 1914-Dec-12
DARDEN, S L KING, Thelma 1912-Nov-03
DAVIS, H B ROBERTS, Reba 1920-Jul-30
DAVIS, Jessie J YELVERTON, Sallie 1912-Mar-08
DAVIS, John Henry BROOKS, Sue 1919-Feb-28
DEAVORUS, B M SULLIVAN, Lexie 1915-Aug-23
DEHART, R B CONVINGTON, Winnie 1912-Jul-06
DERRICK, J S BOYLES, Ida 1915-Jul-31
DERRICK, N K WOOLEY, Jennie 1915-Jul-03
DERRICK, Roy BARNES, Lillie May 1919-Jun-11
DERRICK, W F DANIEL, Dosky 1914-Apr-20
DICKERSON, C B CRAFT, Dora 1916-Oct-28
DICKERSON, C T MATHONE, Dolly 1918-Jul-10
DICKERSON, J M STRINGER, Lessie 1918-Oct-26
DICKERSON, Joe INGRAM, Susie 1920-Apr-02
DICKERSON, W R BAILEY, Stella 1914-Jan-31
DICKERSON, W V WILLIAMS, Florence 1914-Jan-07
DICKERSON, Walter SULLIVAN, Sarah Ann 1917-Apr-30
DIXON, John PICKINGS, Nada 1918-Nov-05
DOLLAR, Levi GATES, Fannie 1918-Feb-12
DONALDSON, Pleas LINGIE, Limmie 1912-Jun-14
DOVE, Henry NORRIS, Lillie 1919-Mar-29
DOVE, John HAMILTON, Elizabeth 1919-Mar-22
DRENNAN, Wesley LIVINGSTON, Garnett 1918-Sep-27
DRUMMOND, Alex WELBORN, Sophia 1913-Oct-17
DUARELS, Hamilton THOMPSON, Annie 1915-Mar-25
DUCKSWORTH, Bill PAGE, Jonah 1918-Jan-03
DUCKSWORTH, Boyd PAGE, Annie 1917-Oct-27
DUCKSWORTH, Fate THOMPSON, Vada 1913-Jan-29
DUCKSWORTH, Fate THOMPSON, Vada 1912-Dec-12
DUCKSWORTH, Harvey RHODES, Blanch 1913-Jan-28
DUCKSWORTH, J J BOOTH, Bertha 1913-Dec-26
DUCKSWORTH, Leon MOFFETT, Julia Ann 1915-Sep-13
DUCKSWORTH, Oscar JOHNSON, Minnie Bell 1912-Dec-19
DUCKSWORTH, Thomas SMITH, Lula 1917-Jul-31
DUCKSWORTH, Tonie KEYS, Purdie 1916-Apr-12
DUCKSWORTH, Wiley HAMILTON, Ida 1917-Sep-13
DUCKWORTH, Floyd GRACE, M F 1920-Apr-23
DUCKWORTH, J D W SMITH, Lizzie 1915-Sep-04
DUCKWORTH, W P THORNTON, Amiee 1919-Jul-12
DUINNELLY, J T FORD, Ethel L 1916-Apr-17
DUKES, Daniel T DERRICK, Allie 1917-Aug-11
DUKES, H R HUGHES, Eunice 1920-Jul-17
DUKES, Orvill THOMPSON, Pearl 1916-Oct-16
DUKES, Spurgeon MARTIN, Lela 1920-Feb-10
DUPREE, Charlie AINSWORTH, Susie 1917-Feb-21
DUPREE, Robert SULLIVAN, Emma 1919-Oct-29
EASTERLING, Charlie PENNINGTON, Thelma 1917-Sep-10
EASTERLING, Dan SULLIVAN, Allie 1919-May-01
EATON, J Harvey FORD, Lizzie L 1916-Apr-14
EDWARDS, Denson LEWIS, Fannie 1918-Dec-23
EDWARDS, Lee BAILEY, Fannie 1914-Jul-11
EDWARDS, Sam WILLIAMS, Willie Ann 1916-Feb-24
EDWARDS, Sidney WASHINGTON, Nellie 1915-Jan-02
ELLIS, Edwin T PARKER, Lilla 1913-Jan-18
ELLIS, Thomas H ELLIS, Henrietta 1914-Feb-09
ELLZEY, Clifton BOWEN, Kate 1916-Dec-20
ELOM, J D NELSON, Mandie 1912-Apr-29
EPTING, Houston GIPSON, Doshie 1917-May-12
EPTING, J M BOYLES, Bessie 1914-Jun-06
EVANS, James Franklin MIDDLETON, Nellie 1920-Mar-22
EVANS, Rosco JOHNSON, Lottie 1920-Mar-06
EVERETT, Carl BARFIELD, May 1913-Apr-24
EVERETT, D B GUTHRIE, A D Miss 1917-Aug-11
EVERETT, H L COOK, Mandie 1913-Aug-06
EVERETT, J B HENDERSON, Mary 1916-Oct-19
EVERETT, Joe WALTERS, Effie 1916-Sep-30
EVERETT, W H ROGERS, Selma 1917-May-17
EVERETTE, J B WOOLEY, Pensie 1914-Jun-06



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