Smith County Grooms


CALLUM, Walter REEVES, Lilie 1912-Jun-02
CAMPBELL, William THOMPSON, Willie 1915-Dec-04
CARISLE, S F HARRELSON, Marjorie 1917-Jul-21
CARR, Savelle EDWARDS, Julia 1913-May-17
CARRAWAY, P M YOUNGBLOOD, Minnie Myre 1919-Dec-27
CARTER, John HARRISON, Cleo 1918-Apr-13
CASS, R F NELSON, Ruthie 1915-Aug-17
CAUGHMAN, G M WINDHAM, Bertha 1919-Dec-16
CAUGHMAN, J A WINSTEAD, Alice 1913-Jun-18
CAUGHMAN, Wm P MYERS, Alice 1916-Sep-18
CHAMBERS, S E SULLIVAN, Sallie 1913-Feb-12
CHANDLER, Kiley BOWEN, Gertrude 1919-Mar-19
CHISHOLM, Ulysses DEVLIN, Eva 1918-Apr-11
CLARK, J P JONES, Eunice 1919-Sep-30
CLARK, W B SULLIVAN, May 1919-Sep-01
CLIETT, J D VINZANT, Nannie 1915-May-22
COATNEY, G W INGRAM, Pearlie 1916-Mar-08
COCKRELL, J L WHITE, Lanella 1913-May-27
COCKRELL, John C MCNAIR, May 1917-Jul-14
COCKRELL, Victory BENISON, Cooper 1918-Feb-11
COCKRELL, W M RICHARDSON, Myrtle 1915-Nov-10
COCKRELL, W R CROSBY, May 1913-Oct-09
COLEMAN, Mose NORRIS, Derether 1919-Oct-18
COLEY, T C MONTGOMERY, Maggie 1916-Jun-09
COLLIER, R G MADDOX, Fannie 1919-Apr-17
COLLUM, Chester JONES, Leona 1919-May-27
COOK, C T PADGETT, Rosia 1920-Jul-26
COOK, Clifton MCLAURIN, Bertha 1916-Mar-04
COOK, Daniel Roy NICHOLS, Lula 1919-Feb-27
COOK, S E PURVIS, Levanna 1913-May-16
COOK, W E EVERETTE, Nora 1913-Mar-26
COOLEY, Daniel ROYALS, Denny 1915-Apr-20
COOPER, Frank TULLOS, Rasella 1913-Apr-21
COPELAND, R W JONES, Susan 1917-Apr-10
COPRAGE, George WILLIAMS, Madie 1913-May-01
COULTER, William ARENDER, Maggie 1915-Dec-27
COURTNEY, G W WINDHAM, Pearl 1913-May-29
COX, J B SULLIVAN, Sarah 1920-Mar-26
COX, J H RICHARDSON, H M Miss 1912-Jul-07
CRAFT, A C LINDSEY, Ora 1914-Jun-13
CRAFT, Burges HEGWOOD, Alma 1916-Mar-11
CRAFT, C T TONEY, Edna Arzona 1919-Dec-29
CRAFT, Clifton ELLIS, Hannah 1917-Aug-01
CRAFT, George WATSON, Livia 1914-Mar-09
CRAFT, Green DUCKSWORTH, Lela 1913-Dec-08
CRAFT, Homer EUBANKS, Fronie 1913-Jan-02
CRAFT, Homer EUBANKS, Fronie 1913-Jan-03
CRAFT, J D ANDERSON, Winnie 1913-Aug-11
CRAFT, J R BUTLER, Mittie 1915-Sep-01
CRAFT, Jodie ANDERSON, Alma 1920-Sep-25
CRAFT, Julus WEBBS, Minnie 1920-Feb-20
CRAFT, Lonnie PINKSTON, Rachael 1913-Mar-15
CRAFT, P L NEWCOMB, Mittie 1917-Dec-22
CRAFT, R C HANKINS, Bessie 1919-May-20
CRAFT, Robert L MCALPIN, Winnie Lee 1917-Jul-13
CRAFT, V N SULLIVAN, Peral 1919-Nov-03
CRAFT, V S ROGERS, Sarah 1914-Feb-28
CRAFT, W P CLARK, Edna 1918-Mar-02
CROUT, Cecil MARTIN, R E 1914-Jun-22
CROUT, Watt CRAFT, Hettie 1912-Nov-02
CRUMPTON, Boddie HOUSTON, Nezzie 1920-Jun-08
CULIVER, L A ROBERTSON, Cladie 1919-Sep-03
CULLIFER, Virgil PURVIS, Myrtle 1917-Jun-22
CURRIE, Homer MARTIN, Nellie 1913-Oct-08
CURRIE, Joseph H HORD, Julia E 1913-Apr-22
CURRIE, R E MCWHORTER, Eran 1914-Oct-31
CURRIE, Robert Mcnair FORD, Terry Estella 1918-Apr-02



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