Smith County Grooms


BAILEY, Frank BAILEY, Cavie 1916-Mar-24
BAILEY, J N BOYKIN, Sallie 1913-Jan-16
BAILEY, Lemmie HUSBANDS, Minnie 1919-Dec-26
BAILEY, M W ANDERSON, Nellie 1914-Dec-15
BAILEY, Percy HAWKINS, Lura 1920-Jan-05
BALDWIN, G C TRAXLER, Marie 1914-Sep-05
BALDWIN, Spurgeon RUSSEL, Myrtle 1920-Apr-27
BANKS, Frank MARTIN, Viola 1915-Aug-12
BANKSTON, Henry COOK, Rona 1917-Dec-20
BANKSTON, Henry JOHNSON, Hassie 1919-Sep-05
BANKSTON, J T HENDERSON, Bessie 1919-Jan-21
BANKSTON, Oscar RICHARDSON, Louella 1914-Aug-19
BANKSTON, W J KEMP, Emma 1918-Apr-13
BARBER, Alex MAGEE, Louie 1914-Sep-19
BARBER, Charlie THOMPSON, Fannie 1917-Mar-25
BARBER, Chester NICHOLS, Ivillie 1914-Aug-01
BARBER, Guy MAYFIELD, Velma 1919-Jul-02
BARBER, Sam COLEMAN, Annie 1919-Jul-11
BARNES, Alex PAGE, Mandie 1917-May-05
BARNES, D B NORRIS, Lonnie 1919-Jan-08
BARNES, Guy PATTERSON, Margie 1915-Jun-04
BARNES, J C BYRD, Arline 1919-Jan-17
BARNES, O O MCNAIR, Minnie 1912-Dec-25
BARNES, W M KNIGHT, Emma 1917-Dec-23
BARNETT, U Reed CROUT, Ruby M 1919-Apr-10
BARNETT, W P BOWING, Lorie 1918-Nov-14
BARR, Charles F JONES, Mae 1919-Nov-22
BARR, I A BRYANT, Viola 1916-Feb-26
BARR, U G GAULT, Myrtle 1917-Jan-04
BARR, Willie MCALPIN, Pearl 1918-Jul-17
BASS, Joe GARDINER, Hattie 1913-Nov-12
BATES, Otho WILLIAMSON, Allie 1917-Mar-30
BAUGH, J C POSEY, Nitus 1916-Nov-29
FAE D, Pepe MU E, No N X 1 07-   -22
BEAVERS, W L BURNHAM, Lora 1914-Jan-03
BEDFORD, Robert THOMPSON, Bessie 1919-Oct-29
BELL, William Austin BURNS, Lillie Alice 1919-Oct-21
BENDER, D B CAMPBELL, A L Miss 1917-Mar-29
BENDER, Glasco HALLOWAY, Georgia 1912-Mar-01
BENISON, Cooper COCKRELL, Victory 1918-Feb-11
BISHOP, Horrace ANDERSON, Vallie 1920-Sep-04
BISHOP, J F STEWARD, Mollie 1913-Mar-13
BISHOP, J S BLAKENEY, Sena 1912-Aug-12
BISHOP, M M RUSSELL, Virgie 1917-Mar-31
BISHOP, Ollie MEADOWS, Kiley 1919-Jul-03
BISHOP, R T WALTERS, Bertha 1916-Jul-01
BISHOP, W M DUKES, Marjorie 1912-Aug-19
BISHOP, W M WALTERS, Mary 1916-Jul-01
BLACKWEL, Estus NORRIS, Chellie 1915-Apr-14
BLACKWELL, C L CARR, May 1916-Dec-19
BLACKWELL, Charlie BARBER, Tinie 1915-Aug-21
BLACKWELL, Clarance HUGHES, Minnie 1919-Mar-15
BLACKWELL, Ernest BLAKENEY, Mattie 1919-May-03
BLACKWELL, J D MCALPIN, Martha Johnson 1915-Nov-11
BLACKWELL, J M HERRON, N S Miss 1913-Apr-08
BLACKWELL, J M KEYES, Dorris 1917-Dec-25
BLACKWELL, Juniois HUSTON, Louella 1914-Apr-18
BLACKWELL, Lee MOSLEY, Bessie 1916-Jul-21
BLACKWELL, O A CRUMPTON, Annie 1914-Jan-21
BLACKWELL, S E WINDHAM, Beal 1916-Sep-27
BLACKWELL, Warren MCDANIEL, Katrina 1912-Sep-20
BLACKWELL, William THOMPSON, Rosa 1919-Apr-23
BLAKENEY, B E SHELBY, Addie 1915-Dec-18
BLAKENEY, Dan CRAFT, Sadie 1914-Dec-24
BLAKENEY, F B SMITH, Annie 1914-Feb-06
BLAKENEY, H M TILLSON, Mattie 1916-Mar-02
BLAKENEY, T J BLAKENEY, Versie 1914-Oct-30
BLAKENEY, W A JAMES, Virdie 1917-Jul-14
BLAKENEY, W B ROBINSON, Emma Lee 1916-Dec-24
BLAKENY, Snap LUCKEY, Berthie 1919-May-17
BOLER, Horace NORRIS, Ina 1918-Jun-19
BOLER, Hugh KENNEDY, Minnie 1919-Nov-01
BOONE, John COLE, Emma 1917-Sep-20
BOOTH, Joe BLACKWELL, Lula 1914-Jun-20
BOOTH, Joe BLACKWELL, Luler 1914-Feb-14
BOOTH, Polie HAYSE, Lena 1914-Mar-30
BOUNDS, Monroe HEGWOOD, Cordie 1918-Aug-16
BOUNDS, R N EDWARDS, Lila 1918-Sep-17
BOURN, B L JONES, Pearl 1917-Nov-08
BOURNE, B L PARKER, Alma 1914-Mar-17
BOWEN, A H BURNS, Lona 1917-Apr-28
BOWEN, A H WHITE, Alma 1917-Dec-03
BOWEN, T J ROBINSON, I Miss 1920-Jun-25
BOWEN, T J ROBINSON, I V Miss 1919-Aug-27
BOYD, Clive BRADFORD, Lena 1918-Jun-29
BOYD, D C JERINJAN, Maryetta 1915-Jan-01
BOYD, John CRAFT, Lil 1915-Jun-19
BOYD, P H WILLIAMS, Lois 1916-Sep-18
BOYKIN, C E DAVIS, Bettie 1916-Aug-24
BOYKIN, Ether ATWOOD, Bessie 1920-Aug-14
BOYKIN, Eugene BRUCE, Hattie 1913-Dec-22
BOYKIN, J W SMITH, Mary 1916-May-21
BOYKIN, Luther GLAZE, Edith 1916-Nov-22
BOYKIN, William NOBLES, Rosie 1914-Aug-21
BOYKINS, Ed KELLEY, Debbie 1920-Jul-07
BOYLES, Eddie SMITH, Eva 1917-Nov-14
BRADFORD, Henry DUCKSWORTH, Birta 1917-Mar-24
BRADFORD, John NICHOLS, Florence 1919-Mar-10
BRADSHAW, F WARD, Ella 1912-Sep-30
BRADSHAW, I A HAUGH, Ella 1912-May-01
BRASSWELL, S HENDERSON, Mattie 1919-Aug-15
BRATCHER, A H BURGER, Emma 1912-Dec-05
BRAVEN, Ed MCHENRY, Mamie 1916-Feb-17
BREWER, A J MARTIN, Bessie 1914-Apr-15
BREWER, Roy INGRAM, Mollie 1919-Jan-24
BREWER, S H WEBB, Sula 1913-May-04
BREWER, W D WARREN, Biddie 1919-Sep-03
BROGLAND, Hub ERVIN, Mittie 1917-Dec-24
BROODFOOT, K M GUTHRIE, Fannie 1915-May-01
BROWN, Austin MILEY, Emma 1914-Feb-27
BROWN, Braxton PRESTWOOD, Claudie 1919-Jun-07
BROWN, Enoch MAGEE, Sallie 1913-May-17
BROWN, Esare PAGE, Eva 1914-Mar-21
BROWN, Gradon CRAFT, Perae 1917-Mar-03
BROWN, Ishmael PAGE, Mamie 1913-Apr-26
BROWN, J W DANIEL, Eva 1913-Jan-27
BROWN, O H GARNER, Annie 1914-Apr-15
BROWN, S A BRADSHAW, Lena 1912-Mar-13
BRUCE, C B NICHOLS, Dasie 1918-Jan-03
BRUCE, Clem SIMS, Mattie 1918-Jun-26
BRYANT, A G DILMORE, Etta 1917-Sep-27
BRYANT, C V MCNAIR, Amie 1916-Oct-20
BRYANT, H S SULLIVAN, Myrtle 1913-Jan-15
BRYANT, Homer GOLDMAN, Lillie 1915-Aug-12
BRYANT, Junior BURNHAM, Lillie 1912-Jul-04
BRYANT, L D KEYES, Lyda May 1919-Nov-15
BRYANT, Lem SMITH, Mary 1920-Mar-01
BRYANT, Tommie BEARD, Mattie 1913-Sep-02
BUCKLEY, Edward HANDCOCK, Mary Ann 1912-May-26
BUCKLEY, R B HOWELL, Maud 1912-Sep-25
BURCH, Joe HOWELL, Sallie 1918-Feb-05
BURGES, Bowman CROOK, Leva 1915-Dec-24
BURNHAM, Enoch CRAFT, Ola 1916-Dec-23
BURNHAM, Irvin WALSTEDT, Mary Bell 1918-Oct-12
BURNHAM, J E HUSBANDS, Mittie 1915-Mar-17
BURNHAM, J E JONES, Sula 1912-May-29
BURNHAN, Lonie WALKER, Fate 1917-Apr-20
BURNS, W A SULLIVAN, Arlia 1917-Feb-20
BURNS, W B HUDDLESTON, Mira 1913-Aug-04
BUTLER, Andrew CULLINES, Mattie 1914-Dec-19
BUTLER, Artie AINSWORTH, U A 1912-Oct-16
BUTLER, G D BLAKENEY, Minnie 1919-Sep-20
BUTLER, J A HOPKINS, Rosa 1914-Apr-11
BUTLER, J B SULLIVAN, Eliza 1919-Aug-02
BUTLER, J B SULLIVAN, Eliza 1914-Aug-26
BUTLER, J O BISHOP, Gertrude 1919-Dec-09
BUTLER, S W MAY, Adline 1918-Mar-25
BUTLER, W S FORTENBERRY, Tinie 1912-Aug-01
BUTLER, W T DUKES, Mathilda 1915-Aug-10
BYNUM, J W INGRAM, Mary 1917-Oct-20
BYRD, Enrest CHARLES, Zena 1912-Jun-09
BYRD, P M MANGUM, Alleatha 1918-Sep-18



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