Smith County Grooms


ABERNATHY, W A NORRIS, Ada 1919-May-26
ADAMS, G P BARNHART, Fannie 1913-Dec-23
ADCOCK, John Luther THORN, Ellizzie 1917-Feb-25
ADCOCK, John Luther THORN, Ellizzie 1917-Feb-24
ADCOCK, Melvin JONES, Pearlie 1925-Sep-12
ADCOCK, Virgil AMASON, Sebia 1914-May-31
ADCOCK, Virgil AMASON, Sebia 1914-May-30
ADCOX, Gatha BISHOP, Bertha 1924-Dec-27
AGEE, Cal MARTIN, Bertha 1914-Sep-11
AGEE, L D PEYTON, Sillen 1913-Apr-06
AGEE, L D PEYTON, Siller 1913-Apr-01
AGEE, Mike OVERSTREET, Caroline 1922-Nov-28
AGGE, Mike OVERSTREET, Caroline 1922-Nov-28
AINSWORTH, C E STEWARD, Sarah 1914-Sep-04
AINSWORTH, Dewey JONES, Ettie 1917-Dec-19
AINSWORTH, E L JONES, Maud 1916-Apr-27
AINSWORTH, Earl ASHLEY, Iva 1920-Sep-15
AINSWORTH, J L LACK, Hettie 1916-Oct-06
AINSWORTH, J L MEADOWS, Mattie 1915-Mar-11
AINSWORTH, John KEYES, Bettie 1918-Sep-24
AINSWORTH, Joseph E HANKIND, Evelean 1913-Jul-08
AINSWORTH, Loyd P HUSBAND, Alma 1915-Dec-25
AINSWORTH, N G BURNS, Lorie 1916-Jul-13
AINSWORTH, Nobie WINDHAM, W B 1915-Dec-16
AINSWORTH, Roy CRAFT, Erna 1916-Jun-28
AINSWORTH, Tommie BLAKENEY, Annie 1919-Dec-01
AINSWORTH, U A BUTLER, Artie 1912-Oct-16
AINSWORTH, W C GOLEMAN, Cora 1912-Sep-19
AINSWORTH, W C STENNETT, Leona 1917-Aug-01
ALLBRITTON, Roy E JENNINGS, Jewell C 1921-May-04
ALLEN, Augus BUTLER, Ethel 1923-Dec-23
ALLEN, Eck DARDEN, Emma 1920-Jan-10
AMASON, H R RANKIN, Lula 1916-Dec-19
ANDERSON, B K ARENDER, Sarah 1914-Jul-21
ANDERSON, C A HAMMONS, Fannie 1915-Dec-28
ANDERSON, C E SUMMERALL, Georgia May 1917-Aug-31
ANDERSON, C L CURRIE, Helen 1912-Apr-21
ANDERSON, Cal ATWOOD, Belva 1918-Jan-26
ANDERSON, Homer ROBINSON, Bertha 1918-Apr-11
ANDERSON, L C HESTER, Bertha 1915-Aug-27
ANDERSON, Odis STRICKLAND, Louella 1917-Jun-14
ANDERSON, R H HERRON, Nellie 1919-Feb-28
ANDERSON, Steve ROBERTS, Alice 1916-Jan-25
ANDERSON, Sullivan BATES, Sue 1913-Jan-06
ANDERSON, W L WINDHAM, Gertha 1913-Jul-31
ANDERSON, W R HOUGH, Millie 1917-Dec-12
ANDERSON, Weaver NICHOLS, Iva 1918-May-11
ANDINGS, W E COLLUM, Leona 1915-Aug-03
ARENDER, R A BUFKIN, Nellie 1915-Dec-27
ARINDER, T A THOMPSON, Maud 1916-Dec-28
ARMASON, T J RENNICK, Zona 1912-Jul-14
ARRINGTON, W S RALSTON, E A Miss 1912-Nov-17
ASHLEY, B W BLAKENEY, Ida 1917-Feb-01
ASHLEY, B W BLAKENEY, Ida 1917-Jan-31
ASHLEY, Cleveland STEWARD, Alma 1919-Jun-30
ASHLEY, Earnest DICKERSON, Jewel 1924-Dec-13
ASHLEY, Earnest DICKERSON, Jewell 1924-Dec-13
ASHLEY, Floyd WALKER, Bamma 1915-Nov-13
ASHLEY, Floyd WALKER, Banna 1915-Apr-17
ASHLEY, Floyd WALKER, Banna 1915-Apr-18
ASHLEY, G A HEGWOOD, Nola 1912-Dec-08
ASHLEY, H N BENSON, Ina Bell 1916-Apr-03
ASHLEY, H W BENSON, Ina Bell 1916-Apr-13
ASHLEY, Iva AINSWORTH, Earl 1920-Sep-15
ASHLEY, J  SULLIVAN, Nevada 1921-Nov-25
ASHLEY, John Wiley HAWKINS, Delta 1916-Oct-21
ASHLEY, John Wiley HENKINS, Delta 1916-Oct-21
ASHLEY, L J HALES, Belvia 1915-Aug-15
ASHLEY, L J HALES, Belvie 1915-Aug-11
ASHLEY, Mark KEYES, Mary 1914-Aug-23
ASHLEY, Mark KEYES, Mary 1914-Aug-20
ASHLEY, Ollie LITTLE, Bessie 1917-Feb-25
ASHLEY, Ollie LITTLE, Bessie 1917-Feb-24
ASHLEY, Ollie TANNER, W J 1913-Oct-03
ASHLEY, Otho CRAFT, Zona 1915-Sep-15
ASHLEY, Roy WALKER, Missouri 1916-Nov-12
ASHLEY, Roy WALKER, Missouri 1916-Nov-04
ASHLEY, S N WARD, Lee 1912-Aug-25
ASHLEY, S N WARD, Su 1912-Aug-25
ASHLEY, Wallace BRYANT, Viola 1915-Jan-09
ATKINS, Cary HALL, Mollie 1925-Aug-22
ATWOOD, Henry ANDERSON, Susanah 1918-Mar-19
ATWOOD, J E PANOLA, Hester 1920-Sep-29
ATWOOD, Robert BLAKENEY, Hattie 1925-Nov-15
ATWOOD, Willie BOYKIN, Elma 1920-Aug-30
AUSTIN, Andrew PRINCE, Ella 1921-Apr-20
AUSTIN, Andrew WADE, Ermer 1920-Feb-02
AUSTIN, D M RHODES, Lilla 1921-Sep-03
AUSTIN, F L HEGWOOD, Vermel 1915-Sep-04
AUSTIN, Grady MARTIN, Edna 1925-Dec-24
AUSTIN, Grady MARTIN, Fern 1925-Dec-24
AUSTIN, J MARTIN, Ada 1921-Feb-12
AUSTIN, J G STEWARD, Luvena 1921-Apr-19
AUSTIN, Pierce DRUMMOND, Orpha 1924-Dec-23
AXTON, Callie MCALPIN, Calie 1918-Jul-06



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