Smith County Brides

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TADLOCK, Laura THOMPSON, H M 1918-Jan-08
TANNER, Ester JOHNSON, B L 1912-Oct-18
TANNER, Lula WADE, Wallace 1918-May-09
TATUM, Hettie LYLE, William 1917-Sep-07
THOMAS, Savanah CRAFT, Nancy 1916-Nov-18
THOMPSON, Annie DUARELS, Hamilton 1915-Mar-25
THOMPSON, Bertha GAMAGE, Mckinley 1917-Jan-12
THOMPSON, Bessie BEDFORD, Robert 1919-Oct-29
THOMPSON, Eula GAMAGE, Peter 1914-Oct-31
THOMPSON, Fannie BARBER, Charlie 1917-Mar-25
THOMPSON, Henrietta MIZE, John 1912-Nov-03
THOMPSON, Jannett SMITH, C E 1918-Jul-31
THOMPSON, Lottie May ROGERS, C B 1912-Oct-09
THOMPSON, Mamie LOOPER, Marshall 1918-Nov-14
THOMPSON, Maud ARINDER, T A 1916-Dec-28
THOMPSON, Ollie BATES, Hester 1915-Apr-03
THOMPSON, Pearl DUKES, Orvill 1916-Oct-16
THOMPSON, Rena CRAFT, Eugene 1913-Apr-19
THOMPSON, Rosa BLACKWELL, William 1919-Apr-23
THOMPSON, Vada DUCKSWORTH, Fate 1913-Jan-29
THOMPSON, Vada DUCKSWORTH, Fate 1912-Dec-12
THORN, Ellizzie ADCOCK, John Luther 1917-Feb-25
THORN, Ellizzie ADCOCK, John Luther 1917-Feb-24
THORN, Ethel HUFF, A M 1917-Sep-07
THORN, Saddie PENNINGTON, R P 1912-Mar-07
THORNTON, Amanda WALLEY, Mat 1913-Jan-31
THORNTON, Amiee DUCKWORTH, W P 1919-Jul-12
THORNTON, Ellen SMITH, R T 1912-Jul-31
THORNTON, Emma LONG, G H 1917-Aug-21
THORNTON, Katie LOTT, G W 1915-Apr-05
THORNTON, M A Miss FREEMAN, N T 1916-Mar-09
THORNTON, Mellie HENDERSON, G F 1919-Feb-21
THORNTON, Salona VINSON, Sam 1919-Aug-08
THORNTON, Wilmer TULLOS, A F 1915-Aug-14
THORNTON, Zora STRINGER, Earnest 1917-Apr-09
TILLSON, E C Miss WARD, J C 1913-Sep-10
TILLSON, Mattie BLAKENEY, H M 1916-Mar-02
TILLSON, Vera MCALPIN, J D 1913-Jul-03
TONEY, Annie Jane SPELL, John Alex 1918-Jul-12
TONEY, Edna Arzona CRAFT, C T 1919-Dec-29
TRAXLER, Evie PHILLIPS, Wiley 1913-Jun-26
TRAXLER, Marie BALDWIN, G C 1914-Sep-05
TRIMMER, Docia NELSON, Henry 1913-Aug-01
TULLAS, Isidore WILLIAMS, Henry 1914-May-02
TULLOS, Delphi TURNBOW, R S 1915-May-22
TULLOS, Emma SHERMAN, Homer 1917-Jan-24
TULLOS, Rasella COOPER, Frank 1913-Apr-21
TULLOS, Ruthaun LOFTON, Alex 1914-Oct-07
TULLOS, Sallie MARTIN, Edward L 1917-Mar-06
TURNBOW, Eller MCDANIEL, H J 1913-May-19
TURNER, George Ann LEWIS, Tudy 1917-Sep-22
TURNER, Isadora DARARLLA, Waco 1914-Dec-12
VAUGHN, Lillie HOUGH, Percy 1918-Nov-18
VICK, Maybelle TILLMAN, Walter 1918-Nov-17
VINSON, Ida WHITEHEAD, Pink 1917-Dec-07
VINZANT, Carrie WELBORN, C F 1919-Oct-17
VINZANT, Nannie CLIETT, J D 1915-May-22
VINZANT, Nellie WINSTEAD, R H 1916-Sep-26
VIRGANT, M L Miss HEGWOOD, W F 1912-Feb-29
VIRZANT, M L Miss HEGWOOD, W F 1912-Feb-29



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