Smith County Brides


SANDERFER, Seaton COOLEY, Edna 1919-Dec-24
SAVELL, C L WILLIAMS, Clara 1913-Apr-12
SCOGGIN, Wilham FLOYD, Bertie 1918-Apr-02
SCOGGINS, Carilie MCCRIMMON, Georgia 1919-Jul-26
SELLERS, Bobbie KEYES, Hettie 1916-Dec-11
SELLERS, Ervin ROBINSON, Annie 1914-Jun-30
SELLERS, J E KEYES, Alberta 1919-Oct-27
SELLERS, J N WARE, Maggie 1914-Dec-04
SHARBROUGH, Alexander BENDER, Hattie 1916-Sep-11
SHELBY, Evan AGEE, Icey 1914-Jan-03
SHERMAN, H D PERRY, Annie 1914-Dec-10
SHERMAN, Homer TULLOS, Emma 1917-Jan-24
SHERMAN, Roy WARE, Nettie 1918-Nov-11
SHIRLEY, Andrew HAWKINS, Mamie 1914-Jul-06
SHOWS, William Thigpen ROGERS, Ettie Lou 1919-Jun-06
SIMMONS, H C WILKINS, Maudie 1919-Jun-30
SIMS, J L MCNEIL, Lissie 1912-May-05
SMITH, Albert HOWELL, Bulah 1914-May-13
SMITH, Baxter ADCOCK, Inna 1919-Dec-08
SMITH, Bolden HEMBREE, Nora 1919-Oct-29
SMITH, C E THOMPSON, Jannett 1918-Jul-31
SMITH, Eli WALLACE, Minnie 1912-Apr-22
SMITH, Gay BOYKIN, Louannie 1916-Mar-09
SMITH, J A HOUGH, Alice 1918-Jan-24
SMITH, John HUSBANDS, Nettie 1916-May-21
SMITH, L C REAVES, Nezie 1914-Nov-25
SMITH, L O EVERETT, Phenie 1912-Sep-29
SMITH, Lamar BARNHARDT, Eula 1919-Apr-17
SMITH, Lamar HEGWOOD, Bessie 1918-Sep-17
SMITH, Lem JOHNSON, Nonnie 1920-Oct-08
SMITH, Lester BROWN, Beulah 1914-Jul-26
SMITH, N H SULLIVAN, Bessie 1918-Dec-15
SMITH, Oscar HEMBREE, Eunice 1918-May-25
SMITH, R T THORNTON, Ellen 1912-Jul-31
SMITH, Sam HARRIS, Dora 1915-Dec-24
SMITH, Shepard MAGEE, Lela 1913-Dec-23
SOREY, Loice RAWLS, Woodard 1919-Mar-27
SOREY, Robert F WARREN, Mary 1920-Sep-16
SPANGLER, A A ROGERS, S B Miss 1919-Nov-07
SPANGLER, W C WILBURN, Sarah 1917-Apr-10
SPANGLER, Wilson MARTIN, Mattie 1919-Jan-23
SPELL, John Alex TONEY, Annie Jane 1918-Jul-12
SPELL, Sylvester SULLIVAN, Bonnie 1919-Mar-21
SPENCER, Harvey PARKER, Dora 1915-Feb-09
SPENCER, R E FRENCH, Ida Bell 1912-Mar-21
STEEL, George H WALKER, Lois 1917-Dec-24
STENNETT, Elmer JOHNSON, Minnie 1917-Aug-18
STEPHENS, Willie ASHLEY, Lela 1916-Apr-28
STEWARD, C J ATIS, Lola 1917-Dec-22
STEWARD, Fannie JONES, J F 1912-Dec-05
STEWARD, J M MARTIN, Pearlie 1915-Oct-18
STEWARD, N C WILLIAMS, Nola 1920-Jul-09
STEWARD, Sam HAWKINS, Maggie Olive 1912-Dec-20
STEWARD, W W MCALPIN, Ella 1916-Nov-20
STEWART, Andrew Jackson ROGERS, Bertha 1918-Dec-11
STEWART, Joe J SULLIVAN, Reathey 1919-Dec-18
STEWRD, Veal ANDERSON, Ruth 1918-May-29
STRICKLAND, Bradford CORLEY, Florence 1915-Nov-26
STRICKLAND, C D GRIFFIN, Etter 1913-Aug-27
STRICKLAND, J H HARMON, Catha 1915-Jan-22
STRICKLAND, James JOHNSON, Vassie 1919-Apr-18
STRICKLAND, Walter HOUGH, Maggie 1915-Dec-02
STRINGER, E G POORE, Emilee D 1915-Jul-17
STRINGER, Earnest THORNTON, Zora 1917-Apr-09
STRINGER, Hinds ATWOOD, Annie 1916-Jul-07
STRINGER, Hise BLACKWELL, Etta 1919-Oct-24
STRINGER, Homer CHANDLER, Bammer 1917-Oct-29
STRINGER, J H NICHOLS, Beulah 1915-Nov-01
STRINGER, Monroe CHISHOLM, Eva 1914-May-18
STRINGER, Ode NICHOLS, Yettie 1915-Dec-20
STRINGER, Robbie NICHOLS, Nevel 1918-Oct-07
STRINGER, Salona AINSWORTH, Eula 1916-Mar-03
STRINGER, W L MCNEIL, Namsil 1914-Dec-02
STRONG, Manuel BOLE, Anna 1919-Apr-04
STUBBS, J A ATES, Cora 1917-Feb-09
SULLIVAN, A D MAULDER, Bessie 1913-Aug-30
SULLIVAN, A J SMITH, Bessie 1916-Feb-02
SULLIVAN, A M SULLIVAN, Carrie 1912-Mar-15
SULLIVAN, A M SULLIVAN, Ollie 1913-Mar-07
SULLIVAN, C E DARDEN, Sarah Ann 1913-Mar-12
SULLIVAN, Chester HARVEY, Mamie 1915-Feb-19
SULLIVAN, Cornelious MILINS, Allie 1915-Jul-26
SULLIVAN, E D HARVEY, May 1916-Feb-02
SULLIVAN, Eldrie SULLIVAN, Hettie 1916-Aug-03
SULLIVAN, F T CHISHOLM, Janie 1918-Dec-28
SULLIVAN, Fairley CRAFT, May 1920-Feb-13
SULLIVAN, Ford HOWELL, Allie 1917-Dec-26
SULLIVAN, Ford ROBERTS, Rhoda 1915-Oct-02
SULLIVAN, Grady BURCH, Loretta 1918-May-04
SULLIVAN, Hinds FORD, Maggie Mary 1920-May-28
SULLIVAN, Hinds PHILIPS, Julie 1920-May-08
SULLIVAN, Inoh RUSSELL, J A O 1917-Sep-01
SULLIVAN, J M AXTON, Myrtle 1914-Jul-16
SULLIVAN, J P SULLIVAN, Eunice 1914-Aug-13
SULLIVAN, J S BUTLER, Margaret 1912-Sep-19
SULLIVAN, Joseph Walter CRAFT, Grace Elvira 1918-Aug-10
SULLIVAN, Julius E WALLACE, Mary E 1915-Mar-20
SULLIVAN, K T MANGUM, Carrie 1919-Jul-18
SULLIVAN, L B SPELL, Bertie 1913-Jan-17
SULLIVAN, Leon BLAKENEY, Bulah 1916-Mar-06
SULLIVAN, Lester RENNICK, Mattie 1912-Aug-21
SULLIVAN, Lum WILLIAMS, Bell 1916-Aug-25
SULLIVAN, M M WARD, Ada 1917-Dec-22
SULLIVAN, Milton MADDOX, Lula 1917-Nov-28
SULLIVAN, Ollie SULLIVAN, A M 1913-Mar-07
SULLIVAN, Ollie WADE, O B 1916-Oct-02
SULLIVAN, R C HARVEY, Bertha 1913-Jan-03
SULLIVAN, S S SULLIVAN, Gettie 1913-Nov-25
SULLIVAN, Stant WARREN, Viola 1917-Dec-19
SULLIVAN, Sylvester SULLIVAN, Mamie 1912-Dec-29
SULLIVAN, Volus SPELL, Della 1917-Jul-26
SULLIVAN, W P SULLIVAN, Bessie Jannie 1918-Jul-19
SULLIVAN, W W MILLIS, B V Miss 1919-Nov-26
SUMERALL, Lution BOYD, Lula 1916-Sep-30
SUMMRALL, H T MEADOWS, Alace 1920-Apr-04
SUTON, Robert D SEARCY, Florence 1915-Mar-08
SWINNEY, C P ANDERSON, Rubie 1915-Jul-24



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