Smith County Brides


RALSTON, E A Miss ARRINGTON, W S 1912-Nov-17
RANKIN, Annie ROYALS, Earl 1920-Feb-28
RANKIN, Lula AMASON, H R 1916-Dec-19
RAWLS, Carrie KELLEY, M J 1913-Jun-27
RAYAH, Purdie GATEWOOD, A L 1912-Jun-22
REAVES, Nezie SMITH, L C 1914-Nov-25
REEVES, Lilie CALLUM, Walter 1912-Jun-02
RENNICK, Mattie SULLIVAN, Lester 1912-Aug-21
RENNICK, Zona ARMASON, T J 1912-Jul-14
REUBEN, Tawnsy WASHINGTON, Angline 1915-Mar-22
REYNOLDS, Edith FORD, S S 1915-May-22
RHODES, Blanch DUCKSWORTH, Harvey 1913-Jan-28
RHODES, Chaney WARE, Robert 1913-Mar-13
RHODES, Lilla AUSTIN, D M 1921-Sep-03
RICHARDSON, Alva ODOM, Bamma 1915-Jul-13
RICHARDSON, Annie REEVES, Archie 1912-Jun-09
RICHARDSON, Cora Lee THORNTON, Roscoe 1914-Jun-26
RICHARDSON, Elizabeth FLYNT, E S 1915-Aug-16
RICHARDSON, Emma MCALPIN, Ehrman 1916-Sep-13
RICHARDSON, H M Miss COX, J H 1912-Jul-07
RICHARDSON, Lollie Bell JAMES, Joe 1919-Oct-25
RICHARDSON, Louella BANKSTON, Oscar 1914-Aug-19
RICHARDSON, Minnie REAVES, George W 1915-Dec-03
RICHARDSON, Myrtle COCKRELL, W M 1915-Nov-10
RICHARDSON, Sallie POLK, R L 1915-Dec-24
RICHARDSON, Susie PERRY, G T 1915-Jun-19
RIVERS, Maryetta LITTLE, Polie 1917-Aug-02
ROBERTS, Alice ANDERSON, Steve 1916-Jan-25
ROBERTS, Margie TAYLOR, George A 1916-Jan-13
ROBERTS, Reba DAVIS, H B 1920-Jul-30
ROBERTS, Rhoda SULLIVAN, Ford 1915-Oct-02
ROBERTSON, Cladie CULIVER, L A 1919-Sep-03
ROBINSON, Allie WILLIAMSON, Claud 1918-Apr-26
ROBINSON, Annie SELLERS, Ervin 1914-Jun-30
ROBINSON, Azzie WELBORN, Jim 1919-Oct-30
ROBINSON, Bertha ANDERSON, Homer 1918-Apr-11
ROBINSON, Beulah NICHOLS, M L 1912-Dec-08
ROBINSON, Donie PRINCE, Alonzo 1918-May-18
ROBINSON, Emma Lee BLAKENEY, W B 1916-Dec-24
ROBINSON, I Miss BOWEN, T J 1920-Jun-25
ROBINSON, I V Miss BOWEN, T J 1919-Aug-27
ROBINSON, Jessie PURVIS, P F 1912-Mar-26
ROBINSON, Lula HORSLEY, B L 1915-Jul-17
ROBINSON, Meadie JONES, Luke 1917-Jul-18
ROBINSON, S J Miss TILLSON, J A 1913-Aug-12
ROGERS, Bertha STEWART, Andrew Jackson 1918-Dec-11
ROGERS, Cordie Bell GRISSOM, W M 1918-Aug-17
ROGERS, Ettie Lou SHOWS, William Thigpen 1919-Jun-06
ROGERS, Maggie HUSBAND, W R 1916-Feb-19
ROGERS, Marene NAVIS, Jim 1913-Nov-21
ROGERS, Nonnie MARTIN, J F 1919-Dec-17
ROGERS, S B Miss SPANGLER, A A 1919-Nov-07
ROGERS, Sarah CRAFT, V S 1914-Feb-28
ROGERS, Selma EVERETT, W H 1917-May-17
ROSS, Nora PATRICK, Cleveland 1912-Jul-04
ROSS, Rosie TRAWEEK, Lewis 1916-Oct-06
ROYALS, Denny COOLEY, Daniel 1915-Apr-20
ROYALS, Drucie LACK, Albert 1914-Jul-23
ROYALS, Katie HENDERSON, E J 1915-Jan-09
RUNNELS, Bertha INGRAM, Lewis 1916-Aug-03
RUNNELS, Etta LITTLE, J M 1918-Mar-01
RUNNELS, Fronie WARE, Ethod 1913-Jul-29
RUSSEL, Myrtle BALDWIN, Spurgeon 1920-Apr-27
RUSSELL, Mittie NEWCOMB, Robert 1920-Mar-12
RUSSELL, Ollie KEYES, Monroe 1913-Dec-23
RUSSELL, Pearl MILLER, Joe C 1917-Jun-28
RUSSELL, Rosa LINDSAY, Caesar 1914-Jan-24
RUSSELL, Ruth LOTT, Monroe 1916-Jun-13
RUSSUM, Nettie RUSSELL, Nace 1918-Sep-25
RUSSUM, Ora TADLOCK, D G 1918-Aug-17
RUSSUM, Orrie HAWKINS, Emmitt 1916-Dec-01



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