Smith County Brides

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NELSON, Mandie ELOM, J D 1912-Apr-29
NELSON, May VAUGHN, S W 1918-Apr-20
NELSON, Ruthie CASS, R F 1915-Aug-17
NELSON, Shelby C HAWKINS, Ninar 1920-Sep-01
NEWCOMB, Mattie THOMPSON, Talmadge 1918-Aug-12
NEWCOMB, Mittie CRAFT, P L 1917-Dec-22
NEWCOMB, Zula PATT, Cary 1918-Mar-09
NICHOLS, Annie YELVERTON, Albert 1912-Apr-07
NICHOLS, Beulah STRINGER, J H 1915-Nov-01
NICHOLS, Dasie BRUCE, C B 1918-Jan-03
NICHOLS, Florence BRADFORD, John 1919-Mar-10
NICHOLS, Iva ANDERSON, Weaver 1918-May-11
NICHOLS, Ivillie BARBER, Chester 1914-Aug-01
NICHOLS, Lula COOK, Daniel Roy 1919-Feb-27
NICHOLS, Vera GILL, W H 1917-Feb-17
NICHOLS, Viola RUSSELL, Wilder 1913-Dec-25
NICHOLS, Yettie STRINGER, Ode 1915-Dec-20
NICHOLSON, Lizzie JOHNSON, Ed 1916-Sep-19
NICKLESON, Jesse GORDON, Donnie 1919-Mar-27
NOBLES, Rosie BOYKIN, William 1914-Aug-21
NORRIS, Ada ABERNATHY, W A 1919-May-26
NORRIS, Chellie BLACKWEL, Estus 1915-Apr-14
NORRIS, Derether COLEMAN, Mose 1919-Oct-18
NORRIS, Ina BOLER, Horace 1918-Jun-19
NORRIS, Lillie DOVE, Henry 1919-Mar-29
NORRIS, Lonnie BARNES, D B 1919-Jan-08
NORTHCUTT, Otsie LOVETT, C J 1912-Mar-31
ODUM, Ethel HILL, Watsey 1916-Jan-08
OVERBY, Annie Bell GATES, Henry S 1919-Aug-14
OVERSTREET, Caroline AGEE, Mike 1922-Nov-28
OVERSTREET, Caroline AGGE, Mike 1922-Nov-28
OVERSTREET, Lillie KEEN, Clifton 1916-Sep-16
PADGETT, Rosia COOK, C T 1920-Jul-26
PAGE, Annie DUCKSWORTH, Boyd 1917-Oct-27
PAGE, Eva BROWN, Esare 1914-Mar-21
PAGE, Mamie BROWN, Ishmael 1913-Apr-26
PAGE, Mandie BARNES, Alex 1917-May-05
PAGE, Nezzie MARTIN, Omer 1913-Jan-07
PAGE, Octavie GAMMAGE, Jim 1914-Sep-07
PAGE, Octavie PAGE, Alonzo 1917-Jul-28
PAINE, Dora FRENCH, George 1912-Apr-19
PALMER, Telitha WALTERS, S M 1916-Jun-17
PANOLA, Hester ATWOOD, J E 1920-Sep-29
PARKER, Alma BOURNE, B L 1914-Mar-17
PARKER, Annie WESBROOKS, A M 1920-Oct-09
PARKER, Dora SPENCER, Harvey 1915-Feb-09
PARKER, Fannie JORDAN, Thomas 1919-Dec-20
PARKER, Francis JOHNSON, Jim 1912-Aug-22
PARKER, Lilla ELLIS, Edwin T 1913-Jan-18
PARKER, Maggie WARE, Josh 1918-Feb-23
PARKER, Rosena WHITLOCK, Sy 1912-Nov-18
PATERSON, Eva GIBBONS, W D 1920-Jun-24
PATON, Pankie KEYES, Jacob 1916-Feb-19
PATRICK, Rachel MCLAIN, Euris Freem 1917-Aug-29
PATTERSON, Climmie HOUGH, Chester 1920-Jan-03
PATTERSON, Margie BARNES, Guy 1915-Jun-04
PATTERSON, Nevie MARTIN, James N 1913-Aug-09
PATTON, Clem Cathryn WARE, Fred F 1915-Dec-22
PEARSON, Jimmie Troy WOOD, Bryon G 1920-May-22
PENNINGTON, Thelma EASTERLING, Charlie 1917-Sep-10
PERRY, Annie SHERMAN, H D 1914-Dec-10
PERRY, Birdie GLENN, Asa 1915-Apr-02
PEYTON, Sillen AGEE, L D 1913-Apr-06
PEYTON, Siller AGEE, L D 1913-Apr-01
PHILIPS, Julie SULLIVAN, Hinds 1920-May-08
PHILLIPS, Dollie FLOYD, Lee 1919-Mar-01
PHILLIPS, Tinie KENNEDY, Willie 1914-Jun-25
PHIPPS, Tina KEYES, W F 1915-Dec-16
PICKINGS, Nada DIXON, John 1918-Nov-05
PINKSTON, Rachael CRAFT, Lonnie 1913-Mar-15
PITTMAN, Mattie HARRIS, Earnest 1917-Aug-23
POORE, Emilee D STRINGER, E G 1915-Jul-17
POSEY, Minnie JAMES, Alton 1913-Jan-05
POSEY, Nitus BAUGH, J C 1916-Nov-29
PRESTWOOD, Claudie BROWN, Braxton 1919-Jun-07
PRINCE, Ella AUSTIN, Andrew 1921-Apr-20
PRINCE, Fannie JORDAN, Wesley 1914-Jul-21
PRINCE, Minnie HANCOCK, J W 1914-Nov-10
PRUITT, Mattie LOVETT, R A 1920-Aug-03
PURVIS, Fannie GARNER, J M 1913-Sep-11
PURVIS, Levanna COOK, S E 1913-May-16
PURVIS, Mandie WARREN, S W 1914-Jan-01
PURVIS, Marie MEANS, Clyde 1920-Jan-14
PURVIS, Myre THOMPSON, Wallace 1917-Jan-09
PURVIS, Myrtle CULLIFER, Virgil 1917-Jun-22



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