Smith County Brides


MADDOX, Fannie COLLIER, R G 1919-Apr-17
MADDOX, Lula SULLIVAN, Milton 1917-Nov-28
MAGEE, Lela SMITH, Shepard 1913-Dec-23
MAGEE, Lottie TUGGLE, L V 1914-Apr-12
MAGEE, Sallie BROWN, Enoch 1913-May-17
MANGUM, Alleatha BYRD, P M 1918-Sep-18
MANGUM, Carrie SULLIVAN, K T 1919-Jul-18
MANGUM, Ora HOPKINS, M P 1914-Feb-18
MARTIN, Ada AUSTIN, J 1921-Feb-12
MARTIN, Ada AUSTIN, J D 1921-Feb-12
MARTIN, Bertha AGEE, Cal 1914-Sep-11
MARTIN, Bessie BREWER, A J 1914-Apr-15
MARTIN, Doy KEYES, J F 1917-Jan-26
MARTIN, Edna AUSTIN, Grady 1925-Dec-24
MARTIN, Fern AUSTIN, Grady 1925-Dec-24
MARTIN, Katie ROBERTS, A J 1917-Dec-19
MARTIN, Lela DUKES, Spurgeon 1920-Feb-10
MARTIN, Mamie KEYES, Lottie 1916-Oct-05
MARTIN, Mattie SPANGLER, Wilson 1919-Jan-23
MARTIN, Nellie CURRIE, Homer 1913-Oct-08
MARTIN, Ollie KEYES, Bill 1914-Feb-16
MARTIN, Pearlie STEWARD, J M 1915-Oct-18
MARTIN, Viola BANKS, Frank 1915-Aug-12
MASON, Marie PIGFORD, John 1915-Jan-09
MATHONE, Dolly DICKERSON, C T 1918-Jul-10
MATTHEW, Jewel JONES, Barney 1920-May-06
MAULDER, Bessie SULLIVAN, A D 1913-Aug-30
MAY, Adline BUTLER, S W 1918-Mar-25
MAY, Annie PRUITT, John T 1920-Apr-25
MAYERS, Gladis PARKER, Isah 1917-May-05
MAYERS, Jammie CROOK, Arcise 1916-Oct-09
MAYERS, Marlien LANG, Frank 1913-Jun-13
MAYFIELD, Alma PITTMAN, Romulus D 1917-Aug-04
MAYFIELD, Bertie TANNER, Melvin 1920-Oct-14
MAYFIELD, Erma MARTIN, Marvin 1915-Dec-21
MAYFIELD, Lena HEGWOOD, Attey 1917-Dec-01
MAYFIELD, Lonnie MCCRIMMON, Ivy 1916-Nov-18
MAYFIELD, Lottie PRINCE, J A 1920-Oct-14
MAYFIELD, Lula WADE, Dan 1914-Feb-27
MAYFIELD, Mamie MARTIN, H H 1916-Apr-19
MAYFIELD, Nellie ROBINSON, W C 1916-Feb-26
MAYFIELD, Velma BARBER, Guy 1919-Jul-02
MCALPIN, Bessie WATERS, J L 1915-Nov-08
MCALPIN, Calie AXTON, Callie 1918-Jul-06
MCALPIN, Ella STEWARD, W W 1916-Nov-20
MCALPIN, Martha Johnson BLACKWELL, J D 1915-Nov-11
MCALPIN, Oma O JONES, N B 1912-Nov-17
MCALPIN, Pearl BARR, Willie 1918-Jul-17
MCALPIN, Winnie Lee CRAFT, Robert L 1917-Jul-13
MCCALLUM, Kattie WEST, Harvey 1913-May-16
MCCOLLUM, Stella LACK, W M 1915-May-10
MCCOLUM, Callie PAIRETTE, Jim 1914-Sep-03
MCCOLUM, Mabel PARKER, Lance 1917-Jun-13
MCCRIMMON, Georgia SCOGGINS, Carilie 1919-Jul-26
MCCRIMMON, Ivy MAYFIELD, Lonnie 1916-Nov-18
MCDANIEL, Bertha GLISSON, Marvin 1915-Dec-24
MCDANIEL, Evie HESTER, P M 1914-Nov-30
MCDANIEL, Katrina BLACKWELL, Warren 1912-Sep-20
MCDAURL, Lizzie JACKSON, Rob 1914-Jan-30
MCHENRY, Mamie BRAVEN, Ed 1916-Feb-17
MCINNIS, Christine HAYS, Hurdy 1916-Feb-23
MCKENZIE, Zula KING, Jas 1913-Jan-09
MCKINLEY, Bradice WEDGEWORTH, Eugene 1913-Dec-27
MCKINLEY, Eva WALLEY, Pierce 1917-Apr-25
MCLAIN, Alice POWERS, W H 1916-Mar-04
MCLAIN, Effie HUGHES, Mark 1917-May-19
MCLAURIN, Bertha COOK, Clifton 1916-Mar-04
MCLAURIN, May KENNEDY, J E 1917-Apr-30
MCLAURIN, Sandy BROWN, Annie 1915-Sep-18
MCLAURIN, Viola POWELL, W E 1915-Dec-24
MCNAIR, Amie BRYANT, C V 1916-Oct-20
MCNAIR, May COCKRELL, John C 1917-Jul-14
MCNAIR, Minnie BARNES, O O 1912-Dec-25
MCNEAL, Florence IVEY, L C 1912-Jul-08
MCNEIL, Lissie SIMS, J L 1912-May-05
MCNEIL, Namsil STRINGER, W L 1914-Dec-02
MCWHORTER, Eran CURRIE, R E 1914-Oct-31
MEADOW, Nola M INGRAM, Melvin M 1919-Sep-26
MEADOWS, Alace SUMMRALL, H T 1920-Apr-04
MEADOWS, Kiley BISHOP, Ollie 1919-Jul-03
MEADOWS, Mattie AINSWORTH, J L 1915-Mar-11
MEADOWS, Minnie YELVERTON, Rosco 1917-May-23
MEADOWS, Missie ROBERTS, James 1916-Dec-29
MEADOWS, Nannie RUNNELS, Archie 1914-May-05
MEADOWS, Pearlie ROBERTS, Virda 1917-Dec-27
MEADOWS, Winnie Lou WARE, O R 1915-Nov-26
MEYERS, Octava FEAZEL, Genora 1916-Apr-15
MIDDLETON, Nellie EVANS, James Franklin 1920-Mar-22
MIDDLETON, Ollie COOK, Mattie 1915-Aug-11
MIDDLETON, Viola MCCAUGHN, Elmer 1917-Feb-23
MILEY, Emma BROWN, Austin 1914-Feb-27
MILEY, Eugie DANIEL, Dasky 1914-Apr-02
MILINS, Allie SULLIVAN, Cornelious 1915-Jul-26
MILLER, Ella TOMAS, Davie 1916-Jan-07
MILLER, M A Miss MCDANIEL, W H 1913-Jun-20
MILLIS, B V Miss SULLIVAN, W W 1919-Nov-26
MILLNER, Dea MOSELEY, J F 1920-Jun-18
MILLY, Tinnie POSEY, Louie 1912-Nov-24
MOFFETT, Julia Ann DUCKSWORTH, Leon 1915-Sep-13
MOFFETT, Lula TURNER, Henry 1914-Jan-22
MOFFETT, Vera WILLIAMS, Ed 1917-Oct-08
MONTGOMERY, Maggie COLEY, T C 1916-Jun-09
MOORE, Ida RANKIN, Rich 1918-Apr-03
MOORE, Irene JERNIGAN, Earl 1919-Dec-11
MOORE, Mamie HUSBANDS, Hugh 1913-Jan-03
MORGAN, N A Miss TERILL, Frank 1913-Oct-14
MOSLEY, Bessie BLACKWELL, Lee 1916-Jul-21
MOULDER, Tilda TULLOS, Odie 1919-May-03
MULLINS, Ada JOHNSON, Edd 1913-Jun-06
MYERS, Alice CAUGHMAN, Wm P 1916-Sep-18



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