Smith County Brides

K - L

KAYAN, Mary ASHLEY, Mark 1914-Aug-23
KEEN, Ethel PURVIS, Eddie 1919-Sep-10
KELLEY, Bertie WATKINS, Bennie L 1920-Oct-01
KELLEY, Debbie BOYKINS, Ed 1920-Jul-07
KELLEY, Elvy GIBSON, E D 1916-Dec-04
KEMP, Emma BANKSTON, W J 1918-Apr-13
KEMP, Rebecca HANCOCK, James Calvin 1918-Apr-13
KENNEDY, Minnie BOLER, Hugh 1919-Nov-01
KENNEDY, Nola HERRON, J F 1912-Nov-13
KEY, Corlie KELLEY, A O 1915-May-08
KEYES, Alberta SELLERS, J E 1919-Oct-27
KEYES, Arvila PAGE, Frank 1914-Dec-12
KEYES, Bettie AINSWORTH, John 1918-Sep-24
KEYES, Dorris BLACKWELL, J M 1917-Dec-25
KEYES, Ethel WESTBROOKS, W O 1915-Mar-27
KEYES, Hettie SELLERS, Bobbie 1916-Dec-11
KEYES, Lottie MARTIN, Mamie 1916-Oct-05
KEYES, Lyda May BRYANT, L D 1919-Nov-15
KEYES, Mary ASHLEY, Mark 1914-Aug-23
KEYES, Mary ASHLEY, Mark 1914-Aug-20
KEYES, Mattie WINDHAM, Z W 1915-Jul-02
KEYES, Maud GAMBRELL, Loyd 1916-Jul-14
KEYES, Renia PAGE, S P 1913-Feb-07
KEYES, Vila KEYES, Norris 1918-Jun-01
KING, Alice MANCRIEF, Oscar 1912-Sep-10
KING, Elizzie MOORE, Johnie 1918-Sep-13
KING, Nellie WASHINGTON, Lin 1914-Feb-06
KING, Thelma DARDEN, S L 1912-Nov-03
KNIGHT, Emma BARNES, W M 1917-Dec-23
KNIGHTEN, Early AINSWORTH, Lessie May 1920-Apr-17
KUSH, Lula KEYES, Croker 1912-Apr-20
LACK, Hettie AINSWORTH, J L 1916-Oct-06
LACK, Isabell MAYFIELD, L L 1913-Apr-07
LAIRD, Fannie HALL, A J 1915-Nov-02
LANCE, Nellie LAMB, Will 1918-Apr-10
LANDRUM, Erma JOHNSON, S J 1919-Jun-13
LANDRUM, Martha HARDIN, Lee 1913-Mar-20
LANGFORD, Callie LUCKEY, Willie 1915-Mar-31
LANGLEY, Susie LOWERY, H S 1919-Apr-06
LEE, Alma HOWELL, F O 1916-Mar-20
LEITTLE, Carrie INGRAM, Wialkson 1917-Jan-29
LEWIS, Dacie HOOD, Otis 1913-Jan-20
LEWIS, Evie GUTHRIE, Elmer 1914-Dec-16
LEWIS, Fannie EDWARDS, Denson 1918-Dec-23
LEWIS, Leona JOHNSON, Robert 1916-Nov-02
LEWIS, Litha MEADOWS, S J 1915-Oct-02
LINDSEY, Ora CRAFT, A C 1914-Jun-13
LINGIE, Limmie DONALDSON, Pleas 1912-Jun-14
LITTLE, Bessie ASHLEY, Ollie 1917-Feb-25
LITTLE, Bessie ASHLEY, Ollie 1917-Feb-24
LITTLE, Hessie ASHLEY, Ollia 1917-Feb-25
LITTLE, Minnie WILLIAMS, Andrew 1917-Feb-09
LITTLE, Polie RIVERS, Maryetta 1917-Aug-02
LITTLE, Zona MEADOWS, Louis 1918-Mar-22
LIVINGSTON, Garnett DRENNAN, Wesley 1918-Sep-27
LIVINGSTON, Kattie WINSTEAD, H O 1918-Dec-28
LOFTON, Willie MCLAURIN, Floyd 1918-Aug-17
LOGAN, Arlene WILLIAMSON, Eddie 1919-May-03
LOTT, Bessie JONES, Mack 1915-Sep-11
LOTT, Bessie MCLAURIN, Judge 1915-Mar-13
LOTT, Carrie WIGGINS, Connie 1915-Jul-24
LOTT, Rachel WINN, Tom 1913-Jul-23
LOTT, Vallie PAGE, Arthur 1915-Oct-02
LOVETT, Daisy LOTT, C A 1920-Sep-19
LUCKEY, Berthie BLAKENY, Snap 1919-May-17
LYLES, Mollie HOUSTON, Tom 1914-Feb-18
LYON, Lea HOLIFIELD, G F 1917-Feb-20



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