Smith County Brides

I - J

INGRAM, Agnis RUSSELL, Bryan 1917-Dec-17
INGRAM, Irena ONEAL, Joe 1914-May-15
INGRAM, Mary BYNUM, J W 1917-Oct-20
INGRAM, Matilda MAYFIELD, Leamon 1917-Sep-10
INGRAM, Mollie BREWER, Roy 1919-Jan-24
INGRAM, N C Miss RUTLAND, U L 1912-Apr-14
INGRAM, Pearlie COATNEY, G W 1916-Mar-08
INGRAM, Susie DICKERSON, Joe 1920-Apr-02
ISHEE, Zona MCKINLEY, W P 1918-Jan-07
IVERY, Arenda HINTON, C S 1916-Apr-17
JAMES, Lula WHEELER, Willie 1912-Nov-16
JAMES, Olive WALDROP, John I 1917-Jun-06
JAMES, Virdie BLAKENEY, W A 1917-Jul-14
JEFFERY, Ella MARTIN, General 1915-Jan-14
JENKINS, Florence EVANS, Hattie 1916-Apr-11
JENNINGS, Jewell C ALLBRITTON, Roy E 1921-May-04
JENNINGS, Tressie FORD, Percy Sharp 1920-Nov-03
JERINJAN, Maryetta BOYD, D C 1915-Jan-01
JOHNSON, Annie HAWKINS, Doyler B 1917-Nov-27
JOHNSON, C E Miss ISHEE, G W 1913-Mar-26
JOHNSON, Eliza WILSON, Oscar 1914-Oct-30
JOHNSON, Hassie BANKSTON, Henry 1919-Sep-05
JOHNSON, Jennie ROBINSON, T B 1916-Mar-09
JOHNSON, Lanna POLK, R L 1912-Apr-06
JOHNSON, Lottie EVANS, Rosco 1920-Mar-06
JOHNSON, Maebell LANDRUM, Stephen 1919-Oct-10
JOHNSON, Minnie STENNETT, Elmer 1917-Aug-18
JOHNSON, Minnie Bell DUCKSWORTH, Oscar 1912-Dec-19
JOHNSON, Nonnie SMITH, Lem 1920-Oct-08
JOHNSON, Onie THORNTON, R W 1913-Feb-21
JOHNSON, Polie HATHORN, Minnie 1915-Oct-20
JOHNSON, Rhoda JONES, Henry 1919-Nov-04
JOHNSON, Stella MEADOWS, S S 1914-Oct-03
JOHNSON, Vassie STRICKLAND, James 1919-Apr-18
JONES, Annie TOWNSEND, Jake 1915-Feb-11
JONES, Bessie WALLEY, Duncan 1917-May-03
JONES, Dena HARMON, Graham 1915-Oct-09
JONES, Ettie AINSWORTH, Dewey 1917-Dec-19
JONES, Eunice CLARK, J P 1919-Sep-30
JONES, Florence KNIGHT, W B 1919-Oct-16
JONES, Hattie HANKINS, Clarence 1914-Mar-26
JONES, Joanna PARKER, Clifford 1919-Nov-07
JONES, Lena HODGES, J S 1914-Mar-19
JONES, Leona COLLUM, Chester 1919-May-27
JONES, Lonie KEYES, Amos 1913-Jan-18
JONES, Lonnie LANGSTON, William 1917-Oct-08
JONES, Mae BARR, Charles F 1919-Nov-22
JONES, Mattie B WHICHARD, Henry 1915-Jul-20
JONES, Maud AINSWORTH, E L 1916-Apr-27
JONES, Myrtle TULLOS, N E 1917-Nov-20
JONES, Nannie HEGWOOD, J O 1917-Oct-17
JONES, Pearl BOURN, B L 1917-Nov-08
JONES, Pearlie ADCOCK, Melvin 1925-Sep-12
JONES, Sim GRANT, Robbie 1912-Apr-22
JONES, Sula BURNHAM, J E 1912-May-29
JONES, Susan COPELAND, R W 1917-Apr-10
JONES, Zonia YELVERTON, Frank 1917-May-02



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