Smith County Brides


HAGWOOD, Nola ASHLEY, G A 1912-Dec-08
HALDER, Minnie WINDHAM, Archie 1912-Oct-26
HALES, Belvia ASHLEY, L J 1915-Aug-15
HALES, Belvie ASHLEY, L J 1915-Aug-11
HALL, Clarra JENKINS, Louis 1915-Feb-20
HALL, Fanie MCLAURIN, Chester 1914-Jan-10
HALL, Mollie ATKINS, Cary 1925-Aug-22
HALL, Perley GREEN, Earnest 1912-Apr-02
HALLOWAY, Georgia BENDER, Glasco 1912-Mar-01
HAMILTON, Elizabeth DOVE, John 1919-Mar-22
HAMILTON, Ida DUCKSWORTH, Wiley 1917-Sep-13
HAMMER, Gertrude MYERS, Ausburn 1913-Jan-31
HAMMONS, Fannie ANDERSON, C A 1915-Dec-28
HANDCOCK, Mary Ann BUCKLEY, Edward 1912-May-26
HANKIND, Evelean AINSWORTH, Joseph E 1913-Jul-08
HANKINS, Bessie CRAFT, R C 1919-May-20
HARDIN, Mattie PATTERSON, W D 1912-Sep-01
HARDIN, Minnie Bell NICHOLS, Layfatte 1917-Sep-14
HARMON, Catha STRICKLAND, J H 1915-Jan-22
HARMON, Ruth HENDERSON, E B 1913-Dec-17
HARPER, Unis HOLLYWAY, George 1919-Aug-15
HARRELSON, Lena THOMAS, J L 1915-Dec-23
HARRELSON, Lula WINDHAM, D 1915-Oct-31
HARRELSON, Marjorie CARISLE, S F 1917-Jul-21
HARRIS, Dora SMITH, Sam 1915-Dec-24
HARRIS, Sallie NICHOLSON, Jim 1916-Sep-19
HARRISON, Hattie TRAXLE, Esery 1920-May-18
HARVEY, Bertha SULLIVAN, R C 1913-Jan-03
HARVEY, Eliza MCCRAW, C W 1917-Dec-15
HARVEY, Mamie SULLIVAN, Chester 1915-Feb-19
HARVEY, May SULLIVAN, E D 1916-Feb-02
HATHORN, Minnie JOHNSON, Polie 1915-Oct-20
HAUGH, Ella BRADSHAW, I A 1912-May-01
HAUGH, Etta GRIGG, D M 1912-Oct-09
HAUGH, Jula CRAFT, Gaddis 1912-Aug-16
HAWKINS, Arrie HENDERSON, Monroe 1916-Dec-22
HAWKINS, Clemmie MILEY, Willie 1915-Sep-06
HAWKINS, Delta ASHLEY, John Wiley 1916-Oct-21
HAWKINS, Lura BAILEY, Percy 1920-Jan-05
HAWKINS, Maebell TADLOCK, O T 1916-Nov-02
HAWKINS, Maggie Olive STEWARD, Sam 1912-Dec-20
HAWKINS, Mamie SHIRLEY, Andrew 1914-Jul-06
HAWKINS, Ninar NELSON, Shelby C 1920-Sep-01
HAWKINS, Stella STRINGER, Jettie 1918-Mar-29
HAYMAN, Tinie THORNTON, J E 1914-Apr-04
HAYSE, Lena BOOTH, Polie 1914-Mar-30
HEGWOOD, Alma CRAFT, Burges 1916-Mar-11
HEGWOOD, Bessie MILLER, E M 1919-Oct-18
HEGWOOD, Bessie SMITH, Lamar 1918-Sep-17
HEGWOOD, Beulah PARKER, A L 1915-Nov-27
HEGWOOD, Cordie BOUNDS, Monroe 1918-Aug-16
HEGWOOD, Delta TADLOCK, W S 1917-Jun-04
HEGWOOD, Fannie KENNEDY, Lamar 1920-Oct-02
HEGWOOD, Nola ASHLEY, G A 1912-Dec-08
HEMBREE, Eunice SMITH, Oscar 1918-May-25
HEMBREE, Nora SMITH, Bolden 1919-Oct-29
HENDERSON, Bessie BANKSTON, J T 1919-Jan-21
HENDERSON, Ellizzie THORNTON, Paskal M 1918-Jul-27
HENDERSON, Fannie MIDDLETON, Arthur 1913-Nov-21
HENDERSON, Hattie LOTT, Orrin 1920-Sep-24
HENDERSON, Mary EVERETT, J B 1916-Oct-19
HENDERSON, Mattie BRASSWELL, S 1919-Aug-15
HENDERSON, Mildred THRASHER, N W 1919-Aug-22
HENDERSON, Minnie LOTT, A W 1917-May-17
HENKINS, Delta ASHLEY, John Wiley 1916-Oct-21
HERREN, Mammie Adelia WESTBROOK, D H 1916-May-13
HERRINGTON, Lottie POWELL, Lish 1913-Dec-24
HERRINGTON, Mamie LEE, C C 1915-Jan-16
HERRINGTON, Mary WILSON, James M 1919-Sep-13
HERRON, Lillie MCALPIN, W C 1913-Apr-05
HERRON, N S Miss BLACKWELL, J M 1913-Apr-08
HERRON, Nellie ANDERSON, R H 1919-Feb-28
HESTER, Annie BYRD, Marison 1918-Mar-08
HESTER, Bena THOMPSON, J W 1915-Apr-06
HESTER, Bertha ANDERSON, L C 1915-Aug-27
HESTER, Grace Helen GONE, Jay 1916-Apr-11
HESTER, Manda WATKINS, J E 1917-Apr-17
HILL, Ida JENKINS, Ben 1916-Nov-23
HINTON, Gwendolyn WATKINS, Barney 1918-May-01
HODGE, Asadean PARKER, L B 1914-Apr-29
HOLEMAN, Marina MCCOLLUM, Will 1913-May-31
HOLIFIELD, Hester WATERS, Richard 1917-Nov-15
HOLLOWAY, Senie NOBLIN, Jim 1914-Mar-31
HOOD, Myrtle TANNER, W M 1919-Feb-04
HOPKINS, Ella JOHNSON, L S 1919-Feb-10
HOPKINS, Rosa BUTLER, J A 1914-Apr-11
HORD, Annie FLOYD, E A 1918-Apr-15
HORD, Julia E CURRIE, Joseph H 1913-Apr-22
HORN, Annie GOLDMAN, Miley 1920-Aug-20
HORN, Clara THOMPSON, Homer 1919-Mar-07
HOUGH, Alice SMITH, J A 1918-Jan-24
HOUGH, Dora GARVAN, L O 1917-Jan-10
HOUGH, Maggie STRICKLAND, Walter 1915-Dec-02
HOUGH, Millie ANDERSON, W R 1917-Dec-12
HOUGH, Rosie THORNTON, C C 1919-May-16
HOUSTON, Nezzie CRUMPTON, Boddie 1920-Jun-08
HOUSTON, Sicily TANNER, Robert 1914-Apr-16
HOWELL, Allie SULLIVAN, Ford 1917-Dec-26
HOWELL, Bulah SMITH, Albert 1914-May-13
HOWELL, Hassie JONES, Lanaes 1918-Mar-29
HOWELL, Maud BUCKLEY, R B 1912-Sep-25
HOWELL, Sallie BURCH, Joe 1918-Feb-05
HUDDLESTON, Mira BURNS, W B 1913-Aug-04
HUGHES, Ara HENDERSON, Tilden 1920-Aug-21
HUGHES, Eunice DUKES, H R 1920-Jul-17
HUGHES, Hilda THOMPSON, Robert 1915-Feb-11
HUGHES, Laura Francis GOUGHF, B T 1916-Mar-20
HUGHES, Mary PAGE, Milord 1917-Mar-31
HUGHES, Minnie BLACKWELL, Clarance 1919-Mar-15
HUGHES, Myra WINSTEAD, W T 1917-Jun-05
HUSBAND, Alma AINSWORTH, Loyd P 1915-Dec-25
HUSBANDS, Leona THOMPSON, J J 1918-Aug-29
HUSBANDS, Luna MOORE, O W 1912-Dec-28
HUSBANDS, Minnie BAILEY, Lemmie 1919-Dec-26
HUSBANDS, Mittie BURNHAM, J E 1915-Mar-17
HUSBANDS, Nettie SMITH, John 1916-May-21
HUSTON, Louella BLACKWELL, Juniois 1914-Apr-18
HUTSON, Annie GRAY, A D 1913-Jul-26
HUTSON, Annie WALTERS, Luthr 1916-Apr-29
HUTSON, Novilla HUGHES, Anse 1915-Apr-03



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