Smith County Brides

F - G

FEZILL, Leizie TART, Tom 1917-Jun-27
FLETCHER, Angie JACKSON, Willard 1912-Jul-12
FLOWERS, Emma PAGE, John 1917-Jan-06
FLOYD, Bertie SCOGGIN, Wilham 1918-Apr-02
FLOYD, Hettie LIVINGSTON, Floyd 1919-Apr-10
FLOYD, Virdue HAYS, W C 1916-Nov-13
FLYNT, Evie KING, L S 1913-Feb-26
FOLKS, Pearlie INGRAM, J W 1920-Feb-26
FORD, Ethel L DUINNELLY, J T 1916-Apr-17
FORD, Lizzie L EATON, J Harvey 1916-Apr-14
FORD, Maggie Mary SULLIVAN, Hinds 1920-May-28
FORD, Terry Estella CURRIE, Robert Mcnair 1918-Apr-02
FOREMAN, Bertha WESTMORLAND, Jim 1917-Jan-31
FOREMAN, Bertie TANNER, H C 1914-Aug-04
FORTENBERRY, Tinie BUTLER, W S 1912-Aug-01
FRANCISCO, Beatrice PARKER, Robert 1918-Dec-05
FRAZELL, Mattie MOFFETT, Link 1915-Oct-04
FRENCH, Ida Bell SPENCER, R E 1912-Mar-21
FRITH, Elvira KELLEY, G H 1920-Sep-06
FRITH, Pearlie FULMAN, Charlie 1920-May-26
GAMAGE, Eva RAMSEY, J 1915-Dec-20
GAMAGE, Lue MCNAIR, George 1913-Jun-21
GAMAGE, Mary Ann TURNER, Lee 1915-Nov-30
GAMBRELL, Lela Mary MOORE, Walter E 1917-Dec-01
GANDY, Sallie PRINCE, D D 1919-Mar-20
GARDINER, Hattie BASS, Joe 1913-Nov-12
GARDNER, Emma GRUBBS, Buster 1912-Jun-01
GARNER, Annie BROWN, O H 1914-Apr-15
GARNER, Lona JOHNSON, Sidney 1916-Oct-12
GARNER, Nola IDOM, A P 1918-Feb-07
GARVIN, Fannie PHILLIPS, Wm H 1918-Oct-26
GARVIN, Sarah MIDDLETON, W W 1914-Feb-28
GATES, Fannie DOLLAR, Levi 1918-Feb-12
GAULT, Myrtle BARR, U G 1917-Jan-04
GERMAN, Lula MCGLOFFIN, Harry 1913-May-07
GIBBONS, Maud MEADOWS, S J 1918-Apr-22
GIBBONS, Ruthie MCCARTY, Belton 1919-Feb-18
GIBBONS, Victory MCCARTY, Bennie 1920-Jan-05
GILBERT, Savillie HILL, M W 1915-Sep-18
GILL, Bessie DANIEL, John 1918-Aug-07
GILL, Mattie HALLS, Pat 1912-Dec-12
GIPSON, Doshie EPTING, Houston 1917-May-12
GLAZE, Edith BOYKIN, Luther 1916-Nov-22
GLAZE, Lilla MOULDER, Rapp T 1914-Jan-22
GLESSON, Myrtle MCALPIN, Colon 1920-Aug-07
GLISSON, Wessey HEGWOOD, Dewey 1920-Feb-06
GOLDMAN, Lillie BRYANT, Homer 1915-Aug-12
GOLEMAN, Annie ROBINSON, J M 1913-Jan-03
GOLEMAN, Cora AINSWORTH, W C 1912-Sep-19
GRACE, M F DUCKWORTH, Floyd 1920-Apr-23
GRACE, Minnie WINDHAM, M L 1917-Jan-31
GRANT, Della ROGERS, Rhoden 1912-Nov-10
GRANT, Lela MCCARTY, W G 1916-Jul-17
GRANT, Nellie MOORE, Frank 1916-Aug-12
GRAY, Clem NOBLES, Isadore 1916-Mar-07
GRAY, Ella HILTON, N E 1912-Jul-16
GRAY, Lilla Bell RICE, Will 1913-Jul-15
GRAY, Mattie GRAY, Lem 1917-Nov-26
GRIFFIN, Etter STRICKLAND, C D 1913-Aug-27
GUTHRIE, A D Miss EVERETT, D B 1917-Aug-11
GUTHRIE, Fannie BROODFOOT, K M 1915-May-01
GUTHRIE, Una MILEY, E C 1915-Oct-15



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