Smith County Brides

D - E

DANIEL, Eva BROWN, J W 1913-Jan-27
DARDEN, Emma ALLEN, Eck 1920-Jan-10
DARDEN, Kissiah TILLSON, J W 1919-Aug-27
DARDEN, Sarah Ann SULLIVAN, C E 1913-Mar-12
DAVIS, Belva RAINIER, John T 1915-Apr-19
DAVIS, Bettie BOYKIN, C E 1916-Aug-24
DAVIS, Lena NORRIS, Virgil T 1915-Apr-22
DENHAM, Hattie PARKER, Sam 1916-Apr-28
DENNIS, Annie ROBERTS, T E 1912-Dec-22
DENNIS, Cleo POWELL, Wayne C 1920-Feb-12
DENNIS, Mamie ROEBUCK, E E 1913-Mar-01
DERRICK, Allie DUKES, Daniel T 1917-Aug-11
DERRICK, Ara MCINTYRE, Enos 1920-Apr-04
DERRICK, Vermell GEE, Everrett 1920-Sep-13
DEVLIN, Eva CHISHOLM, Ulysses 1918-Apr-11
DEW, Avey MICHELL, George 1916-Jun-06
DEWES, Ida PARISH, Ester 1917-Nov-19
DICKERSON, Jewel ASHLEY, Earnest 1924-Dec-13
DICKERSON, Malise MIDDLETON, W L 1918-Nov-05
DICKERSON, Minnie THORNTON, Talmadge 1919-Nov-20
DICKERSON, Mollie NEWCOMB, Barney 1920-Feb-28
DICKINSON, Ella THORNTON, Johnnie 1912-Aug-13
DILMORE, Etta BRYANT, A G 1917-Sep-27
DOBBS, Ola LITTLE, A W 1915-Mar-24
DONNELL, Patsie JOHNSON, Tom 1918-Aug-30
DRUMMOND, Orphe AUSTIN, Pierce 1924-Dec-23
DUCKSWORTH, Aletha HICKS, Duit 1912-Apr-08
DUCKSWORTH, Birta BRADFORD, Henry 1917-Mar-24
DUCKSWORTH, Ivlla INGRAM, Eli 1916-Aug-10
DUCKSWORTH, Lela CRAFT, Green 1913-Dec-08
DUCKSWORTH, Rosa KEYES, William 1916-Oct-20
DUDLY, Della WHITLOCK, Isice 1915-Sep-18
DUKES, Bulah MCINTYRE, W T 1919-Jan-18
DUKES, Jannie KENNEDY, Willie 1917-Dec-22
DUKES, Leavie MARTIN, L C 1919-Jun-26
DUKES, Mae THORNTON, C S 1919-Aug-02
DUKES, Marjorie BISHOP, W M 1912-Aug-19
DUKES, Mathilda BUTLER, W T 1915-Aug-10
DUKES, Nannie MILEY, Roy 1915-Nov-27
DUKES, Nomah MARTIN, Oscar N 1918-Aug-12
DUKES, Savanah PADGETT, Dock 1915-May-15
DUKES, Sudie HUGHES, J R 1912-Dec-15
DUPREE, Bertha CURRIE, A J 1914-Oct-02
DUPREE, Bessie FREEMAN, G W 1919-Apr-24
DUPREE, Fannie HUGHES, G W 1919-Oct-08
EADY, Dana RUSSUM, Floyd 1918-Aug-31
EDWARDS, Julia CARR, Savelle 1913-May-17
EDWARDS, Lela WASHINGTON, Wallace 1916-Mar-25
EDWARDS, Lila BOUNDS, R N 1918-Sep-17
EDWARDS, Tinnie MARTIN, Sam 1917-Feb-10
ELLIS, Hannah CRAFT, Clifton 1917-Aug-01
ELLIS, Henrietta ELLIS, Thomas H 1914-Feb-09
ELLIS, Susie WILLIAMS, Joshua 1917-Sep-15
EPTING, Dollie FORTE, Daniel 1918-Mar-30
EPTING, Gladys WICKES, Lewie 1916-Mar-28
ERVIN, Mittie BROGLAND, Hub 1917-Dec-24
EUBANKS, Fronie CRAFT, Homer 1913-Jan-02
EUBANKS, Fronie CRAFT, Homer 1913-Jan-03
EVANS, Hattie JENKINS, Florence 1916-Apr-11
EVANS, Mamie THOMPSON, Nathan 1912-May-23
EVANS, Pearl SMITH, Luna 1920-Jan-22
EVERETT, Malissa TERRY, J H 1912-Dec-24
EVERETT, Phenie SMITH, L O 1912-Sep-29
EVERETTE, Nora COOK, W E 1913-Mar-26
EVINS, Leaner KEYES, Earnest 1913-Apr-26
EZELLE, Lennie JAMES, C T 1912-Dec-01



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