Smith County Brides


CALEY, Florence PILGRIM, J F 1914-Nov-18
CAMPBELL, A L Miss BENDER, D B 1917-Mar-29
CAMPBELL, Mattie FAISTER, Elijah 1912-Jul-22
CAMPBELL, Roena RUSSELL, Mat 1915-Dec-30
CAMPBELL, U N Miss MONCRIEF, C W 1916-Mar-04
CARR, May BLACKWELL, C L 1916-Dec-19
CARR, Myrtice ROBINSON, Lemmie 1916-Jul-21
CARTRA, Carla MCINNIS, Nathan 1912-Mar-23
CAUGHMAN, Bertha HORN, L G 1912-Dec-26
CHALK, Emma KINNY, J J 1912-Jun-10
CHANDLER, Almeda GREEN, H O 1920-Mar-27
CHANDLER, Bammer STRINGER, Homer 1917-Oct-29
CHANDLER, Beckie MCWILLIAMS, B C 1915-Oct-14
CHANDLER, Sebie HARDIN, R A 1913-Nov-19
CHARLES, Zena BYRD, Enrest 1912-Jun-09
CHISHOLM, Eva STRINGER, Monroe 1914-May-18
CHISHOLM, Janie SULLIVAN, F T 1918-Dec-28
CHISHOLM, Nettie TEMPLER, J A 1912-Mar-04
CLARK, Edna CRAFT, W P 1918-Mar-02
CLEMONS, Fannie HUNT, Sandy 1915-Nov-12
COATNEY, Bulah JAMES, John Thomas 1918-Oct-28
COCKRELL, Bertha WALTERS, M H 1917-Dec-22
COCKRELL, Jane LITTLE, L S 1919-Sep-12
COCKRELL, Vester HUGHES, Leonard 1916-Jan-10
COGGINS, Ellen THOMPSON, J 1914-Jan-27
COLE, Alberta NICHOLSON, Walter 1914-Jul-21
COLE, Emma BOONE, John 1917-Sep-20
COLEMAN, Annie BARBER, Sam 1919-Jul-11
COLEY, Pollie HOUGH, W E 1916-Oct-26
COLLOM, Noar MATHOS, J W 1915-Oct-29
COLLUM, Leona ANDINGS, W E 1915-Aug-03
CONVINGTON, Winnie DEHART, R B 1912-Jul-06
COOK, Katie MCNAIR, C B 1914-Dec-07
COOK, Mandie EVERETT, H L 1913-Aug-06
COOK, Mattie MIDDLETON, Ollie 1915-Aug-11
COOK, Rona BANKSTON, Henry 1917-Dec-20
COOK, Rubie JONES, Mat Lewis 1916-Dec-15
COOLEY, Edna SANDERFER, Seaton 1919-Dec-24
COOLEY, Ira AGNEW, Tinie 1919-Jul-26
COPELAND, Fannie GATLIN, C J 1914-Jan-30
CORLEY, Florence STRICKLAND, Bradford 1915-Nov-26
COURTNEY, Ida MCDANIEL, James 1915-Aug-14
CRAFT, Eugene THOMPSON, Rena 1913-Apr-19
CRAFT, Albeny JONES, Mack 1915-Dec-13
CRAFT, Dora DICKERSON, C B 1916-Oct-28
CRAFT, Erna AINSWORTH, Roy 1916-Jun-28
CRAFT, Gaddis HAUGH, Jula 1912-Aug-16
CRAFT, Grace Elvira SULLIVAN, Joseph Walter 1918-Aug-10
CRAFT, Hettie CROUT, Watt 1912-Nov-02
CRAFT, Katie HAM, R J 1914-Oct-27
CRAFT, Lil BOYD, John 1915-Jun-19
CRAFT, Lorrie ROGERS, P M 1914-Apr-04
CRAFT, May SULLIVAN, Fairley 1920-Feb-13
CRAFT, Nancy THOMAS, Savanah 1916-Nov-18
CRAFT, Ola BURNHAM, Enoch 1916-Dec-23
CRAFT, Perae BROWN, Gradon 1917-Mar-03
CRAFT, Sadie BLAKENEY, Dan 1914-Dec-24
CRAFT, Sula TULLOS, S T 1913-May-31
CRAFT, Vera THOMPSON, Earl 1920-Mar-08
CRAFT, Viola NORRIS, S B 1917-Oct-03
CRAFT, Zona ASHLEY, Otho 1915-Sep-15
CRAWFORD, Annie WOOD, Everett 1912-Jun-22
CREO, Emma GAMAGE, Jim 1919-Oct-11
CROOK, Arcise MAYERS, Jammie 1916-Oct-09
CROOK, Leva BURGES, Bowman 1915-Dec-24
CROSBY, Lena MEANS, Joe 1914-Feb-06
CROSBY, May COCKRELL, W R 1913-Oct-09
CROUT, Ruby M BARNETT, U Reed 1919-Apr-10
CRUMPTON, Annie BLACKWELL, O A 1914-Jan-21
CRUMPTON, Mittie JOHNSON, Ezra 1920-Oct-23
CRUMPTON, Virgie GRANT, John 1916-Mar-25
CULLINES, Mattie BUTLER, Andrew 1914-Dec-19
CURRIE, A J DUPREE, Bertha 1914-Oct-02
CURRIE, Helen ANDERSON, C L 1912-Apr-21
CURRIE, Nellie MCWHORTER, Davis 1914-Apr-18



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