Smith County Brides


BAILEY, Cavie BAILEY, Frank 1916-Mar-24
BAILEY, Edith ROYALS, J S 1913-Feb-10
BAILEY, Evie THORNTON, Oliver 1914-Sep-26
BAILEY, Fannie EDWARDS, Lee 1914-Jul-11
BAILEY, Stella DICKERSON, W R 1914-Jan-31
BAINES, Dosia PICKERING, Alonzo 1913-Jan-03
BALDWIN, Billie MADDOX, Harrison 1920-May-13
BALDWIN, Tarsie MAYFIELD, H T 1916-Mar-14
BANCROFT, Annie GARNER, J M 1915-Sep-11
BARBER, Ellie May WINDHAM, Ellis 1917-Nov-09
BARBER, Marcela LEITTLE, John W 1917-Mar-03
BARBER, Tinie BLACKWELL, Charlie 1915-Aug-21
BARFIELD, May EVERETT, Carl 1913-Apr-24
BARNES, Amanda PAGE, T M 1916-Jul-10
BARNES, Lillie May DERRICK, Roy 1919-Jun-11
BARNHARDT, Eula SMITH, Lamar 1919-Apr-17
BARNHART, Fannie ADAMS, G P 1913-Dec-23
BARNWELL, Narcis JENKINS, Sam 1919-Oct-11
BASSETT, Georgia LIVINGSTON, D L 1920-Aug-02
BATES, Hester THOMPSON, Ollie 1915-Apr-03
BATES, Ina TANKSTON, E L 1914-Nov-25
BATES, Sue ANDERSON, Sullivan 1913-Jan-06
BAWEN, Charitie JOHNSON, J A 1913-Nov-18
BAWLING, Ruth MARTIN, J D 1920-Jun-15
BEARD, Mattie BRYANT, Tommie 1913-Sep-02
BEARD, Stella HAWKINS, George 1913-Sep-14
BEAVERS, Bessie FLOYD, L E 1917-Nov-05
BEAVERS, Joanna WILBURN, S N 1913-Aug-16
BEAVERS, Vondell FLOYD, E U 1917-Oct-26
BEDFORD, May MOORE, Polke 1912-Dec-07
BENDER, Hattie SHARBROUGH, Alexander 1916-Sep-11
BENDER, Ozella NORRIS, Fela 1919-May-24
BENJAMIN, Pearlie PARKER, W S 1913-Jan-08
BENSON, Ida Bell ASHLEY, H W 1916-Apr-13
BENSON, Ina Bell ASHLEY, H N 1916-Apr-03
BISHOP, Bertha ADCOX, Gatha 1924-Dec-27
BISHOP, Beulah HUGHES, O J 1914-Aug-14
BISHOP, Clara WARD, James 1914-May-04
BISHOP, Ella LACK, D J 1917-Dec-15
BISHOP, Gertrude BUTLER, J O 1919-Dec-09
BISHOP, Hattie WALTERS, J W 1915-Oct-23
BISHOP, Lula MEADOWS, Otho 1918-Dec-16
BLACK, Effie ROBERTS, W N 1914-Mar-24
BLACKWELL, Bertie HAWKINS, Omer 1917-Aug-05
BLACKWELL, Etta STRINGER, Hise 1919-Oct-24
BLACKWELL, Iva NICHOLS, Virgil 1919-Dec-18
BLACKWELL, Lula BOOTH, Joe 1914-Jun-20
BLACKWELL, Luler BOOTH, Joe 1914-Feb-14
BLACKWELL, Minnie MOULDER, J W 1915-Jan-25
BLACKWELL, Victorie SULLIVAN, Jodie 1917-Jan-20
BLACKWELL, Vivla LOGAN, Erther 1918-Jan-24
BLACKWELL, Vivla REESE, Elijah 1917-Dec-29
BLAKENEY, Annie AINSWORTH, Tommie 1919-Dec-01
BLAKENEY, Annie KILGORE, Jim 1919-Oct-09
BLAKENEY, Bulah SULLIVAN, Leon 1916-Mar-06
BLAKENEY, Hattie ATWOOD, Robert 1925-Nov-15
BLAKENEY, Ida ASHLEY, B W 1917-Feb-01
BLAKENEY, Ida ASHLEY, B W 1917-Jan-31
BLAKENEY, Mattie BLACKWELL, Ernest 1919-May-03
BLAKENEY, Minnie BUTLER, G D 1919-Sep-20
BLAKENEY, Minnie MCDANIEL, E M 1920-Jul-13
BLAKENEY, Pearl PARKER, Aden 1915-Dec-22
BLAKENEY, Sena BISHOP, J S 1912-Aug-12
BLAKENEY, Versie BLAKENEY, T J 1914-Oct-30
BLAKENEY, Winnie WILKINSON, D H 1913-Nov-04
BLALOCK, Riller HUSBANDS, W F 1916-May-16
BOGGAN, Lillie Bell WELCH, Earnest 1917-Aug-04
BOLE, Anna STRONG, Manuel 1919-Apr-04
BOONE, Ola TADLOCK, J T 1913-Dec-20
BOOTH, Bertha DUCKSWORTH, J J 1913-Dec-26
BOUNDS, Clara REEVES, Leon 1917-Oct-26
BOUNDS, Nolar WIGGINS, Lessley 1919-Mar-13
BOUNDS, Ola HEGWOOD, George 1919-Dec-06
BOUNDS, Olar HEGWOOD, George 1918-Nov-30
BOWEN, Gertrude CHANDLER, Kiley 1919-Mar-19
BOWEN, Kate ELLZEY, Clifton 1916-Dec-20
BOWING, Lorie BARNETT, W P 1918-Nov-14
BOX, Mary JOHNSON, Joseph S 1919-Jul-12
BOX, Rosa HANKINS, N M 1919-Dec-24
BOYD, Edna TONY, Dan 1915-Sep-20
BOYD, Lula SUMERALL, Lution 1916-Sep-30
BOYKIN, Beulah WIGGINS, Albert 1912-Dec-26
BOYKIN, Elma ATWOOD, Willie 1920-Aug-30
BOYKIN, Fannie PARKSMAN, Shelby 1914-Apr-21
BOYKIN, Louannie SMITH, Gay 1916-Mar-09
BOYKIN, Sallie BAILEY, J N 1913-Jan-16
BOYKINS, Lena HAWKINS, Ira 1912-Apr-08
BOYLES, Bertha MASS, J C 1912-Sep-10
BOYLES, Bessie EPTING, J M 1914-Jun-06
BOYLES, Bessie HEGWOOD, R F 1919-May-05
BOYLES, Ida DERRICK, J S 1915-Jul-31
BOYLES, May MOORE, W C 1914-Feb-26
BRADFORD, Bennie ROBINSON, Eugene 1916-Nov-25
BRADFORD, Lena BOYD, Clive 1918-Jun-29
BRADSHAW, Lena BROWN, S A 1912-Mar-13
BRADSHAW, Maysie HORN, Clint 1916-Mar-16
BREWER, Stella ROSS, C E 1916-Aug-16
BRIGGS, Manerva THOMPSON, Alex 1914-Dec-26
BROADFOOT, Jennett MEANS, John C 1916-Apr-03
BROOKS, Sue DAVIS, John Henry 1919-Feb-28
BROWN, Annie MCLAURIN, Sandy 1915-Sep-18
BROWN, Beulah SMITH, Lester 1914-Jul-26
BROWN, Zula HANNAH, Arnie 1915-Jun-04
BRUCE, Hattie BOYKIN, Eugene 1913-Dec-22
BRUCE, Mable HEGWOOD, Ciley 1920-May-13
BRUCE, Odell HENDERSON, Jed 1919-Dec-06
BRYANT, Bertie B WILLIAMS, F L 1917-Aug-01
BRYANT, Clemmie ROBINSON, Carl 1919-Oct-09
BRYANT, Gertrude THOMPSON, Burk 1916-Jul-26
BRYANT, Hettie LITTLE, W L 1913-May-17
BRYANT, Mattie GOLDMAN, James 1918-Jul-13
BRYANT, Miley AMASON, Tinnie 1918-Apr-19
BRYANT, Nola WARE, C M 1916-Sep-25
BRYANT, Viola ASHLEY, Wallace 1915-Jan-09
BRYANT, Viola BARR, I A 1916-Feb-26
BRYANT, Zona RUSSELL, R E 1915-Sep-16
BUFKIN, Nellie ARENDER, R A 1915-Dec-27
BUFKIN, Rosie WAMACK, G C 1912-Apr-05
BURCH, Loretta SULLIVAN, Grady 1918-May-04
BURGER, Emma BRATCHER, A H 1912-Dec-05
BURNHAM, Lillie BRYANT, Junior 1912-Jul-04
BURNHAM, Lora BEAVERS, W L 1914-Jan-03
BURNHAM, Lue PARKER, H B 1914-Apr-13
BURNHAM, Mattie FLOYD, Luther 1915-Jun-05
BURNHAM, May HODGE, O R 1914-Mar-31
BURNS, Lillie Alice BELL, William Austin 1919-Oct-21
BURNS, Lona BOWEN, A H 1917-Apr-28
BURNS, Lorie AINSWORTH, N G 1916-Jul-13
BURNS, May MUCKBROTH, B N 1917-Mar-17
BUSH, Margret C GILBERT, William B 1919-Dec-22
BUTLER, Bulah JOHNSON, Hutson 1919-Jan-28
BUTLER, Ella FOOT, C H 1918-May-15
BUTLER, Emma C NICHOLS, Fate 1914-Jan-15
BUTLER, Ethel ALLEN, Augus 1923-Dec-23
BUTLER, Margaret SULLIVAN, J S 1912-Sep-19
BUTLER, Marry HAWKINS, J G 1913-Nov-10
BUTLER, Martha TANNER, Emmerson 1919-May-29
BUTLER, May JONES, Alonzo 1918-Jun-11
BUTLER, Meebie HESTER, Glenn 1917-Jan-27
BUTLER, Mittie CRAFT, J R 1915-Sep-01
BUTLER, Pearl C HOPKINS, Chester F 1920-May-29
BUTLER, Wessie YELVERTON, Grover 1919-Jul-08
BUTLER, Zula MCINTYRE, Hughie 1918-May-06
BYNUM, Annie ROSS, C E 1916-Nov-14
BYRD, Arline BARNES, J C 1919-Jan-17
BYRD, Arline HOLLOWAY, W R 1914-Oct-01
BYRD, Leona LITTLE, J F 1915-Oct-25
BYRD, Marison HESTER, Annie 1918-Mar-08



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