Smith County Brides


ADAMS, Mollie HOUSTON, J O 1914-Jul-29
ADCOCK, Inna SMITH, Baxter 1919-Dec-08
AGEE, Icey SHELBY, Evan 1914-Jan-03
AGNEW, Tinie COOLEY, Ira 1919-Jul-26
AINSWORTH, Eartha WESTMORLAND, Charlie 1915-Jun-21
AINSWORTH, Estella JENNIGAN, A C 1914-Jan-13
AINSWORTH, Esther JAMES, George 1913-Feb-05
AINSWORTH, Eula STRINGER, Salona 1916-Mar-03
AINSWORTH, Hattie MCALPIN, Albert 1914-Jul-10
AINSWORTH, Lessie May KNIGHTEN, Early 1920-Apr-17
AINSWORTH, Nola WARE, D E 1916-Dec-27
AINSWORTH, Susie DUPREE, Charlie 1917-Feb-21
AMASON, Florence HESTER, W T 1916-Apr-02
AMASON, Sebia ADCOCK, Virgil 1914-May-31
AMASON, Sebia ADCOCK, Virgil 1914-May-30
AMASON, Tinnie BRYANT, Miley 1918-Apr-19
ANDERSON, Alma CRAFT, Jodie 1920-Sep-25
ANDERSON, Bertha YELVERTON, Barney 1919-Feb-07
ANDERSON, Eudora JOHNSON, Lee 1919-Sep-25
ANDERSON, Katie GARDNER, O S 1914-Sep-16
ANDERSON, Lottie VAUGHN, J W 1917-Oct-22
ANDERSON, Minnie NOLEN, Crit 1912-Nov-13
ANDERSON, Nellie BAILEY, M W 1914-Dec-15
ANDERSON, Nuice MCCRIMMON, W T 1920-Mar-03
ANDERSON, Rubie SWINNEY, C P 1915-Jul-24
ANDERSON, Ruth STEWRD, Veal 1918-May-29
ANDERSON, Ruth Elizabeth POOLE, Henry 1915-Jun-12
ANDERSON, Susanah ATWOOD, Henry 1918-Mar-19
ANDERSON, Vallie BISHOP, Horrace 1920-Sep-04
ANDERSON, Winnie CRAFT, J D 1913-Aug-11
ANDING, Nettie JOHNSON, J O 1914-Jan-31
ARENDER, Cordie HILL, Dunkin 1915-Dec-31
ARENDER, Maggie COULTER, William 1915-Dec-27
ARENDER, Sarah ANDERSON, B K 1914-Jul-21
ASHLEY, Almeda WAGGONER, J F 1916-Dec-23
ASHLEY, Lela STEPHENS, Willie 1916-Apr-28
ATES, Cora STUBBS, J A 1917-Feb-09
ATIS, Lola STEWARD, C J 1917-Dec-22
ATWOOD, Annie STRINGER, Hinds 1916-Jul-07
ATWOOD, Belva ANDERSON, Cal 1918-Jan-26
ATWOOD, Bessie BOYKIN, Ether 1920-Aug-14
AUSTIN, Ethel HEGWOOD, Varmal 1913-Sep-05
AUSTIN, Ethel HEGWOOD, Vermal 1915-Sep-05
AXTON, Myrtle SULLIVAN, J M 1914-Jul-16



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