Simpson County Grooms


MADDOX, A J LANG, S A Miss 1900-Jan-20
MADDOX, E L JOHNSTON, Mary J 1891-Apr-19
MADDOX, John LITTLE, Katie 1898-Sep-01
MADDOX, M M SAULES, Lucy 1874-Oct-02
MADDOX, R M RANKIN, C A Miss 1894-Dec-16
MADDOX, W R LITTLE, Mary A 1891-Jan-04
MAGEE, E J WILKERSON, Mary J 1875-Jan-13
MAGEE, J C MCINNIS, Lula 1894-Dec-26
MAGEE, L SHIVERS, C C Miss 1881-Mar-28
MAGEE, L E SHIVERS, Adelie 1897-Sep-26
MAGEE, W F EDMONSON, Emma 1885-Feb-04
MAGEE, W L TULLIS, M J Miss 1872-Oct-18
MAHAFFEY, E W GARRETT, Alice 1893-May-30
MAHAFFY, A B KELLEY, S E Miss 1890-Dec-31
MAHAFFY, Davis BRIDGES, W J Miss 1881-Feb-23
MAHAFFY, E W ROGERS, T E Miss 1883-Dec-22
MAHAFFY, J F HILTON, N A Miss 1892-Nov-06
MAHAFFY, Robert KELLEY, Rosa 1890-Oct-30
MAHAFFY, W D ENNIS, Margaret 1877-Apr-22
MAHAFFY, W R ELLIS, L Miss 1880-Dec-18
MANGRUM, J T FRANKLIN, Dora 1894-Jan-04
MANGUM, A H BRIGHT, Maggie 1894-Dec-23
MANGUM, C H GARDNER, Letha 1898-Nov-09
MANGUM, E A WALKER, E J Miss 1873-May-04
MANGUM, E E FRANKLIN, Arretta 1892-Jul-02
MANGUM, Henry HUBBARD, Ora 1896-Jun-10
MANGUM, J C Jr CURRIE, L E Miss 1883-May-01
MANGUM, J H RANKIN, Nancy 1895-Dec-22
MANGUM, J J RANKIN, Lucy 1895-Dec-22
MANGUM, K DERBERRY, Emma 1897-Sep-12
MANGUM, Samuel EASTERLING, Maggie J 1878-Jan-10
MANGUM, T E WALKER, Mattie E 1886-Nov-10
MANGUM, W A HEMPHILL, Dezzie 1896-Dec-02
MANGUM, W A HEMPHILL, Dizzie 1896-Dec-02
MANGUM, W A MADDOX, Martha L 1875-Jan-28
MANNING, A C BULLOCK, A W Miss 1873-Nov-20
MANNING, J A HARPER, Lulah 1886-Dec-23
MANNING, J P BERRY, Rebecca 1886-Feb-11
MANNING, T J HARPER, H L Miss 1875-Sep-30
MARTIN, C C MULLEN, Alice 1878-Sep-05
MARTIN, C L DEAR, Sallie 1897-Nov-17
MARTIN, Columbus C GRAY, Sallie 1883-Aug-12
MARTIN, E T MAY, Augusta 1881-Jan-10
MARTIN, E W DOLLAR, C A Miss 1891-Jun-17
MARTIN, E W HYATT, G C Miss 1896-Oct-22
MARTIN, E W WYATT, G C Miss 1896-Nov-01
MARTIN, I V BERRY, Martha 1894-Dec-09
MARTIN, J M HUBBARD, Jane 1877-Dec-27
MARTIN, J V WESTMORELAND, Leanda 1888-Mar-15
MARTIN, Joseph S BARBER, P J Miss 1878-Nov-14
MARTIN, R L GILES, F E Miss 1888-Jun-17
MARTIN, W H B BISHOP, Darcus 1894-Dec-26
MARTIN, W L BASS, Mary F 1875-Aug-12
MASE, W B HAYS, M J Miss 1878-Dec-10
MATHERSON, Larry STRICKLAND, Morris 1888-Jul-07
MATHEWS, A G MILLER, Anna 1892-Jan-11
MATHEWS, H P BENNETT, S J Miss 1889-Jan-20
MATHEWS, William TUCKER, Bell 1888-Jul-26
MAXWELL, A W WILSON, Ellen C 1886-Jul-24
MAY, A F BURTON, Beckey 1896-Jan-26
MAY, A F BURTON, Becky 1896-Jan-26
MAY, G B Jr FRANKLIN, A V Miss 1879-Feb-13
MAY, I M COLLINSON, Catherine E 1889-Nov-20
MAY, J L WILLIAMSON, Francis 1892-Feb-24
MAY, J T FLOYD, M A Miss 1879-Dec-16
MAY, J W TAYLOR, M J Miss 1892-Mar-29
MAY, John ALBBRITTON, Francis 1898-Apr-21
MAY, L H ALLBRITTON, M M Miss 1894-May-03
MAY, R T DYE, Julia 1897-Jan-13
MAY, R T THOMPSON, Laura 1877-Jan-10
MAY, W G FLOYD, B A Miss 1877-Mar-28
MAY, W J BRINSON, Mollie 1898-Feb-03
MAY, W P THOMPSON, S A Miss 1876-Dec-28
MAY, W R JOHNSON, Mary F 1872-Dec-20
MAY, W T BROWN, Julia 1900-Oct-18
MAY, W T HOWELL, J J Miss 1891-Apr-25
MAY, William C COLLINSON, Palzina 1895-Aug-18
MCBRIDE, L D BROCK, Mollie 1883-Dec-05
MCCALL, D D POPE, Cora 1896-Nov-25
MCCALL, R L STANDIFER, Fannie 1891-Nov-15
MCCALL, T P WARREN, Mary 1881-Sep-17
MCCASKILL, J A BERRY, Tyas 1898-Apr-28
MCCLENDON, H J HUBBARD, Mary 1885-Dec-31
MCCLENDON, N C GORDON, Lula 1899-Feb-25
MCCOLFERM, E H MCNAIR, Sallie 1877-Jan-09
MCCOLLUM, D MCLAURIN, Kate 1875-Jan-20
MCDONALD, J A MULLINS, Francis 1873-Jan-03
MCDONALD, James BARLOW, Alice 1877-Oct-13
MCDONALD, Marrion CHAPMAN, Elizabeth 1893-Apr-27
MCINNIS, A B BERRY, S E Miss 1888-Jan-05
MCINNIS, J R HUBBARD, R M Miss 1874-Nov-19
MCINNIS, W G MAGEE, Maggie 1886-Dec-27
MCINTYRE, H A WARE, T M Miss 1886-Dec-16
MCKINLEY, J W WILLIAMS, P Miss 1900-Dec-26
MCKINNEY, W O BROCK, Allie M 1893-Dec-31
MCLAIN, J W MAGEE, Della 1888-Dec-11
MCLAURIN, Archie WALKER, A A Miss 1877-Dec-13
MCLENDON, Dennis COLLINSON, Mary 1882-Dec-23
MCLENDON, H J HAYS, Eliza 1879-Jul-03
MCLENDON, I M GIPSON, Peruice 1885-Dec-26
MCLENDON, James PARRETT, Susie L 1895-Sep-03
MCLENDON, Jesse GRUBBS, Sarah Ann 1874-Dec-31
MCLENDON, John BROWN, Rosena 1879-Feb-08
MCLENDON, Needham HAYES, Fannie 1882-Sep-24
MCLENDON, William COLLINSON, Flora 1891-Aug-09
MCLENDON, Willie FINDLEY, Julia 1896-Jul-05
MCLENNON, Willie FINDLEY, Lula 1896-Jul-05
MCLEOD, Andrew ENNIS, Neva 1888-Mar-08
MCLEWARTH, S H FLOYD, E A Miss 1873-Feb-17
MCNAIR, Alonz MCDONALD, E J Miss 1876-Jan-20
MCNAIR, James M MANGUM, Carrie 1875-Dec-15
MCNAIR, Mike EDMONSON, Rebecca 1872-Dec-24
MCNEAL, W L HUGHES, Milly 1893-Aug-13
MCNEASE, J P Jr MAYERS, Nobie 1900-Nov-18
MCWILLIAMS, J C MILLIS, Lettia 1892-Aug-07
MCWILLIAMS, J S THAMES, Eugenia 1891-Jul-03
MCWILLIAMS, James ODOM, Missoura 1876-Oct-04
MCWILLIAMS, Noah COX, Bettie 1876-Mar-02
MCWILLIAMS, Noah JENNINGS, Martha 1886-Sep-16
MEADE, Joseph L WILLIAMS, Berilla 1875-Dec-22
MEADOWS, Alfred H MANGUM, E A Miss 1872-Dec-19
MEADOWS, E W RANKIN, Sallie 1887-Jun-30
MELLAND, Charles WALKER, Susan 1879-Aug-07
MERCIER, W B SPIKES, Cora E 1893-Sep-20
MILLER, J G MATTHEWS, I Miss 1876-Nov-16
MILLER, J M SANDIFER, J Miss 1876-Nov-22
MILLER, M J Rev CARAWAY, Sallie J 1887-Jun-12
MILLES, W M FORTENBERRY, Fannie E 1885-Dec-09
MILLIS, J F BOGGAN, Eliza Ann 1879-Oct-29
MILLIS, W M BANDS, Bettie 1881-Jul-04
MIZE, J J GILL, A B Miss 1900-May-11
MIZE, John A ALLBRITTON, Smantha 1876-Jan-06
MIZE, M A WILLIAMSON, M Miss 1883-Jan-11
MONTGOMERY, G W CLARK, Sallie 1894-Mar-11
MOORE, D W TAYLOR, Rebecca J 1894-Feb-27
MOORE, J B FULTON, Linda A 1890-Nov-21
MOORE, J F BERRY, Josie 1893-Dec-14
MOORE, J P TYRONE, Nettie 1884-Jul-10
MOORE, J R TURNER, Margaret 1892-Oct-20
MOORE, P L LUCAUS, Francis 1885-Jun-21
MOORE, W B TUCKER, Julia 1890-Feb-13
MOORE, W J GREGORY, Eliza Jane 1888-Aug-22
MORRIS, J D ODOM, M M Miss 1883-Feb-12
MORRIS, R B CASTLE, Josephine 1883-Feb-24
MORRIS, W C WALKER, Della 1893-Dec-11
MOSLEY, S T SMITH, Amanda 1886-Jan-20
MOTHERSHED, G A LAW, S L Miss 1881-Jan-18
MOTHERSHED, J W BUSH, N C Miss 1878-Jan-03
MOTHERSHED, John LEWIS, Sallie 1875-Jul-29
MOTT, W B WELLS, Rosa 1899-Feb-04
MUCKELATH, L W JONES, S A Miss 1880-Dec-18
MULLENS, J P SMITH, Rosa 1891-Nov-19
MULLICAN, James GOWAN, Ella 1879-Oct-22
MULLICAN, Tamar CRAWFORD, R C 1887-Jan-06
MULLINS, William DRUMMONDS, Jane 1889-Dec-12
MURPHY, J W BROWN, Laura 1883-Aug-29
MURPHY, P A GRATHAM, Amanda 1880-Aug-03
MURRAY, G R N WILLIAMS, J A Miss 1882-Nov-09
MURRAY, J H SHELL, Amanda 1881-Dec-13
MURRAY, J P HOOD, Bertha 1899-Nov-18
MURRY, L W BARLOW, Sarah 1877-Jan-04
MUSE, E F POPE, Julia 1897-Jul-30
MUSE, I T KEEN, E J Miss 1882-Oct-19
MUSE, Thomas ENGLISH, Allie 1889-Nov-10
MYERS, A J JONES, Martha 1879-Dec-24
MYERS, A P PREVETT, Ella 1877-Oct-29
MYERS, C H BOGGAN, Mary Ann 1897-Dec-01
MYERS, David LAYTON, D M Miss 1874-Jan-29
MYERS, Emanuel SHERMAN, Missoura 1880-Jan-13
MYERS, H DAMPEER, Missourie 1882-Mar-28
MYERS, J E HOLYFIELD, Laurie 1894-Dec-20
MYERS, Lemue C LEE, C M Miss 1877-Jan-02
MYERS, T C FERGURSON, Georgie 1898-Nov-08
MYERS, T L CLARK, M E Miss 1885-Dec-24
MYERS, W L MILLER, E R Miss 1880-Jul-05
MYRICK, C P HERRINGTON, H C Miss 1884-Nov-27
MYRICK, George THOMPSON, Arminda 1897-Dec-10
MYRICK, J P MANGUM, Augusta 1892-Feb-17
MYRICK, J P MANGUM, Mary 1888-Dec-23



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