Simpson County Grooms

F - G

FAILES, John BOGGAN, Lizzie 1890-Dec-21
FAILS, John R ROSS, M E Miss 1879-Oct-13
FAIRLEY, Archie MCLAURIN, C Miss 1877-Feb-14
FARMER, G H MCLENDON, Catherine 1875-Jan-07
FARMER, Henry K KING, Maggie 1875-Jan-21
FARMER, Jeff COLEMAN, Ada 1895-Jul-28
FARMER, John H MAGEE, Nannie 1895-Nov-06
FARWELL, John ATWOOD, Jane 1874-Feb-06
FELTS, G G BRIDGES, M Miss 1900-Oct-26
FELTS, J W KNIGHT, Susan 1872-Nov-30
FELTS, T J BURKETT, Mattie 1885-Dec-21
FENLEY, R L CRAIN, Georgie 1897-Jun-08
FERGURSON, Georgie MYERS, T C 1898-Nov-08
FERGUSON, A L KEEN, Martha E 1877-Jul-23
FERGUSON, S P BAINES, Rebecca 1873-Jun-15
FERGUSON, Thomas SMITH, Amanda 1876-Jan-06
FINCH, D A COLLINSON, Laura W 1889-Nov-20
FINDLEY, J R PRINE, Josephine 1886-Nov-04
FINDLY, T O PRINCE, Harriett A 1888-Oct-16
FINLEY, G W LAYTON, A J Miss 1886-Oct-03
FINLEY, J F GRUBBS, C A Miss 1889-Oct-29
FINLEY, Johnson SMITH, Ada 1899-May-30
FLEMMING, David R SANDIFER, A C Miss 1874-Nov-05
FLEMMING, T S HILL, Ida 1886-Dec-26
FLOYD, E H WILSON, S E Miss 1883-May-09
FLOYD, H B MAY, Maggie 1897-Aug-22
FLOYD, J S HERRINGTON, Maybell 1895-Jan-06
FLOYD, James CURRIE, Sarah 1878-Dec-05
FLOYD, James T JONES, Emma Jane 1891-May-14
FLOYD, L S RANKIN, Martha Emma 1886-Nov-05
FLOYD, S H KENNEDY, N E Miss 1876-Nov-12
FLOYD, William B WEAVER, P E Miss 1880-Jan-29
FLYNT, W F WILLIAMS, Nora 1893-Nov-02
FORTENBERRY, A W HATHORN, Flora Ann 1888-Jan-15
FORTENBERRY, Charlie F BERRY, Bula 1890-Oct-23
FORTENBERRY, J D ODOM, Mollie 1881-Jan-06
FORTENBERRY, J R BERRY, Hattie 1900-Dec-19
FORTENBERRY, J T BERRY, Cora 1881-Aug-28
FORTENBERRY, R H BERRY, Brillia 1899-Apr-23
FORTENBERRY, W H LUCKEY, Arsula 1885-Mar-06
FORTENBERRY, W R BERRY, Carrie 1898-Dec-06
FORTENBERRY, Willis RUNNELLS, Rachel 1883-Nov-27
FRASURE, H S SHELL, Laura E 1876-Jun-27
FRENCH, George JONES, Nancy 1892-Jan-03
GAMBELL, R M BELL, A Miss 1893-Feb-16
GARDEN, L G FLOYD, Louisa R 1877-Dec-23
GARDNER, A L BROWN, Laure 1887-Feb-10
GARDNER, G W BOGGAN, Nancy J 1887-Apr-14
GARDNER, J M BROWN, Nallie 1888-Dec-29
GARDNER, M W CUNNINGHAM, Janie 1897-Feb-25
GARDNER, W W RANDALL, S J Miss 1888-May-10
GARRETT, Albert SHORTER, Amanda 1876-Feb-09
GARRETT, George BRIDGES, Allie M 1894-Aug-08
GARRETT, J W FLEMMING, Mary C 1881-Oct-18
GARRETT, T J HUTSON, Bettie 1874-Jun-18
GARRETT, T J KNIGHT, Mary A 1893-Jun-20
GARRETT, Willis EVERETT, Vida 1899-Mar-23
GARTH, J Hunter TALLY, Maggie L 1873-Jan-13
GATES, G W HARRIS, Ellen C 1885-Dec-13
GATES, G W WHATLEY, R V Miss 1881-Nov-26
GATES, J R BASS, Mollie 1891-Dec-07
GATES, John J CURTRAS, S E Miss 1874-Mar-24
GATES, R C COOK, Melissa 1896-Jan-05
GATES, T L MANGUM, Eugenia 1892-Feb-14
GATES, W P MANGUM, Lenla 1897-Nov-11
GAYS, J W MULLICAN, C E Miss 1878-Jan-01
GERALD, Samuel POLK, Manand A 1877-Aug-02
GIBB, Thomas JONES, Mattie E 1891-Feb-19
GIBSON, D T WILLIAMS, Callie 1890-Dec-23
GIBSON, John F BANKS, M E Miss 1874-Nov-05
GIBSON, W M WARE, Emly 1896-Dec-23
GILES, H D WEATHERBY, Dora 1896-Jan-03
GILES, L W MCLAURIN, Mary 1897-Feb-10
GILES, William WEATHERSBY, Dora 1896-Jan-03
GILL, T BURTON, Alley 1881-Feb-01
GILL, W E DENT, Della 1888-Feb-07
GILL, W E HUTSON, A J Miss 1885-May-14
GILLCREASE, L J MANGUM, P A Miss 1874-Dec-24
GILLS, W G YELVERTON, Amanda J 1879-Dec-10
GIPSON, J P WILLIAMSON, M J Miss 1877-Feb-08
GIPSON, W M WARE, Emila 1896-Dec-23
GLISSON, J L KENNEDY, Mary 1896-Jan-15
GLISSON, L G JONES, Eizah 1898-Jun-14
GORDON, G W RUNNELLS, Nancy 1883-Nov-29
GOUGH, B F MCLEHANEY, Milly 1892-Aug-23
GRADDY, Calvin KENNEDY, Louisa 1873-Sep-21
GRADY, Saul THAMES, Cristine 1876-Oct-19
GRADY, W H YELVERTON, Elizabeth 1881-Jan-26
GRANTHAM, A J MORGAN, Alice 1900-Oct-28
GRANTHAM, J E MURRAY, Josie 1894-Jan-26
GRANTHAM, J N BUTLER, Maggie 1889-Feb-14
GRANTHAM, John G STRONG, Bettie 1900-Nov-12
GRANTHAM, Joseph SISTRUNK, M A Miss 1874-Jan-22
GRAY, B S HEMPHILL, M A Miss 1879-Feb-06
GRAY, W L LEE, Amanda 1885-Mar-26
GRAYSON, Edward CLARK, Mollie 1880-Mar-25
GRAYSON, George E RANKIN, H E Miss 1886-Dec-14
GREEN, I S FELTS, Loucinda 1879-Dec-01
GREEN, J A EVERETT, Bulah 1897-Nov-28
GREGORY, C P HOSEY, Eliza 1878-Oct-09
GREGORY, George HASKINS, Sallie 1891-May-24
GREGORY, Gus BUNCH, A Miss 1892-May-11
GREGORY, James SCRUGGS, Susan 1877-Feb-21
GRIFFITH, G G MORRIS, Josephine 1893-Dec-23
GRIFFITH, J J WALKER, Sudie 1897-Feb-16
GRIFFITH, William BARNES, M C Miss 1877-Dec-16
GRUBBS, A D BROWN, F Miss 1896-Jan-05
GRUBBS, A D BROWN, F Miss 1896-Jan-06
GRUBBS, A J GRANTHAM, Maggie 1896-Dec-20
GRUBBS, A T SANDIFER, Eula 1892-Feb-11
GRUBBS, Alonzo MYERS, Rosa 1897-Jul-25
GRUBBS, E D MYERS, Emma 1893-Jan-15
GRUBBS, F M MCINNIS, R M Miss 1881-Apr-18
GRUBBS, J D LEE, Lou 1895-Mar-14
GRUBBS, J J THURMAN, Patsie 1897-Mar-01
GRUBBS, J W TULLIS, Lauria 1883-Apr-05
GRUBBS, Jacob GADDY, Louia 1877-Feb-12
GRUBBS, N M SANFORD, Willie 1898-Nov-26
GRUBBS, Peter BOGGAN, Susan 1887-Mar-20
GRUBBS, Robert W SMITH, Anna B 1899-Dec-19
GRUBBS, S F WILLIAMSON, Elizabeth 1889-Dec-26
GRUBBS, W G REED, Annie 1887-Dec-08
GRUBBS, W M MAY, F A A Miss 1883-Dec-25
GRUBBS, W W BARNETT, Alma 1882-Dec-28
GRUBBS, W W BROWN, Susie 1888-Nov-29
GUTSOM, Walter HEMPHILL, Sallie 1896-Dec-26
GUYNES, A G AINSWORTH, Katie 1891-Nov-17
GUYNES, William R STUCKEY, Mary 1885-Mar-22



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