Simpson County Grooms


CALHOUN, J M YELVERTON, R E Miss 1882-Nov-04
CAMPBELL, J S MCLAURIN, Nancy 1873-Dec-03
CANE, Charley DYKES, Caroline 1876-Jun-17
CANERON, George JOHNSON, Bula 1899-Jun-26
CANOY, A G COLEMAN, Josephine 1877-Jul-02
CANOY, Frank BISHOP, Sarah Jane 1873-Aug-31
CANOY, J T LAYTEN, N C Miss 1890-Dec-21
CANOY, M BERRY, Bettie 1900-Dec-23
CANOY, Pascal CROCKRELL, Z Miss 1897-Jul-31
CANOY, T P COCKRELL, Rosena 1897-Sep-17
CANOY, W E KENNEDY, Angeline 1895-Nov-21
CANOY, W E RUNNELLS, Nancy E 1879-Dec-24
CARAWAY, G J Dr WALKER, Colia S 1890-Feb-18
CARAWAY, J B BOOTHE, Laura 1891-Apr-22
CARRAWAY, A J CARRAWAY, Louise 1885-Feb-24
CARTER, C J Jr KEYS, Olive 1877-May-04
CATRON, W A WILLIAMSON, Jula L 1889-Dec-05
CAUSEY, Nathaniel DALLAS, Harriet 1880-Oct-23
CAWLEY, W W WILLIAMSON, A J Miss 1875-Dec-29
CHAMPMAN, J L HOWELL, J R Miss 1881-Jul-21
CHAMPMAN, Louis HARPER, Matilida E 1880-Oct-23
CHANDLER, J A MCCOLLUM, M A Miss 1899-Jan-18
CHANDLER, K E FUNCHESS, Mary 1889-Aug-06
CHANDLER, S P BERRY, F F Miss 1876-Jan-04
CHAPMAN, L G MAGEE, Mollie 1884-Jan-08
CHAPMAN, S A GARRETT, Maggie 1889-Aug-01
CHAPMAN, S J CLARK, Nora 1893-Jan-13
CHAPPELL, J F LANGLEY, Ella 1893-Jan-12
CHAPPELL, J F MORRIS, Mary 1897-Sep-26
CHAPPELL, R W Jr BANKS, Sarah A 1888-Nov-24
CLACK, C R GRAMTHAM, Mary P 1883-Jan-18
CLARK, B A SLAY, S E Miss 1879-Feb-20
CLARK, C F EDWARDS, B B Miss 1891-Aug-02
CLARK, H E LAYTON, Pollie 1894-Dec-20
CLARK, H E THOMPSON, Alda 1896-Sep-10
CLARK, H E THOMPSON, Alice 1896-Sep-18
CLARK, Isaac SULLIVAN, M N Miss 1898-Nov-02
CLARKE, John BUTLER, Francis E 1876-May-26
CLIBORN, J B LEE, M M Miss 1873-Dec-31
CLIBURN, A J BUCKLEY, Lula 1896-Jan-30
CLIBURN, E A MYERS, Cora J 1891-Jul-02
CLIBURN, J C KING, Ada 1897-Nov-02
CLIBURN, S L KEEN, L A Miss 1897-Sep-16
CLIBURN, W M KEEN, Ida 1898-Mar-09
COCKRELL, Allen COOK, Mary Jane 1897-Oct-29
COCKRELL, G W GRUBBS, Annice Mrs 1890-Oct-21
COCKRELL, H J REED, Sarah 1896-Jan-02
COCKRELL, J H REED, Sarah 1896-Jan-02
COCKRELL, John TULLIS, Elizabeth 1873-Nov-06
COCKRELL, Joseph ATES, Permilia 1880-Dec-02
CODY, John B AUTRY, S A Miss 1878-Jan-24
COKE, Thomas E DYE, Rebecca 1898-Mar-29
COKER, James GRAY, M A Miss 1900-Aug-01
COLE, O W JONES, Lettie 1896-Jul-02
COLE, Thomas W WILLIAMS, Mary A E 1894-Aug-01
COLEMAN, GRANTHAM, Francis 1896-Dec-20
COLEMAN, J B FARMER, Lucinda 1874-Dec-30
COLEMAN, S L GRANTHAM, Ida 1899-Jan-19
COLEMAN, S L MARTIN, Cora 1893-Nov-10
COLEMAN, W E BROWN, Mary L 1888-Feb-12
COLEMAN, W H GRANTHAM, Francis 1896-Dec-20
COLEMAN, W P GRUBBS, Bettie 1881-Nov-03
COLEMAN, W P ROGERS, H Miss 1882-Dec-10
COLGINHAM, J A GIBSON, Mary M 1889-Oct-07
COLLINS, J P DOWNING, Mattie 1900-Dec-24
COLY, J B GRAY, M S Miss 1895-Aug-22
CONDIA, F A BISHOP, Sarah 1899-Feb-01
CONE, B J JONES, Ella 1896-Oct-19
CONE, B J JONES, Ella 1896-Oct-22
CONE, R L ROBERTS, Rebecca 1883-Oct-08
CONNER, J B BOGGAN, Mary 1886-Oct-29
CONRAD, A G MARTIN, Mary 1895-Dec-16
CONRAD, W S OVERBY, Margaret 1895-Dec-04
COOK, D A HUGHES, Mary E 1884-Dec-10
COOK, Daniel OVERBY, Louisa 1876-Dec-22
COOK, E H MAY, R A Miss 1874-Oct-29
COOK, J A OVERBY, Georgia 1887-Dec-29
COOK, J H SULLIVAN, Mary E 1893-Dec-03
COOK, J M WARREN, R Miss 1875-Oct-21
COOK, Richard MCLEHANEY, Sarah E 1877-Jan-15
COOK, W R LANG, D C Miss 1898-Nov-14
COOK, William D LANG, Ada 1891-Mar-01
COPE, R H BANKS, Lou 1896-Jan-23
COX, D C EVERETT, Ida 1894-Oct-30
CRAFT, B J BISHOP, C E Miss 1887-Dec-25
CRAFT, B J WARREN, Martha 1891-Oct-11
CRAIN, C W ROGERS, Minnie 1899-Jan-24
CRAIN, D D COOK, Francis 1888-Jan-13
CRAIN, J L HALEY, Bulah 1895-Mar-10
CRAIN, M C MAULDER, Eliza 1895-Jan-06
CRAIN, M C PONDER, Ella 1892-Jan-28
CRAINE, John J STEPHENS, Julia 1899-Nov-14
CRANE, J W MOYERS, Sarah 1881-Jul-04
CRANE, W W BURTON, Louisa 1880-Dec-21
CRAWFORD, A W SYKES, Ella 1895-Sep-12
CRAWFORD, E M BROCK, Sarah 1882-Dec-26
CRAWFORD, E M LEE, L Miss 1876-Dec-04
CRAWFORD, L W PEACOCK, Lucy 1889-Jan-09
CRAWFORD, R C MULLICAN, Tamar 1887-Jan-06
CREEL, Alexander CREEL, Alice 1891-Dec-21
CREEL, Henry WHITE, Cellie 1883-Sep-20
CRISCO, John A LUCAS, Jane 1891-Mar-22
CROCKRELL, C W BROWN, Martha H 1887-Jan-12
CROFT, R L KENNEDY, Sarah 1898-Mar-11
CULPEPPER, Mathew RUTLAND, Mary 1896-Apr-15
CULPEPPER, Mathew RUTLAND, Mary 1896-Apr-18
CUNNINGHAM, John PHILLIPS, Jane 1876-Dec-23
CURRIE, J E KENNEDY, B R Miss 1881-Mar-20



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