Simpson County Brides

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WALDROP, M I Mrs HILTON, J J 1876-May-21
WALKER, A A Miss MCLAURIN, Archie 1877-Dec-13
WALKER, Alice HERRINGTON, J F 1899-Dec-02
WALKER, Alice WILLIAMSON, P B 1900-Aug-01
WALKER, Amanda DRUMMONDS, R 1881-Mar-16
WALKER, Brilla BROWN, A R 1898-Mar-24
WALKER, Colia S CARAWAY, G J Dr 1890-Feb-18
WALKER, Cora BERRY, L D 1875-Dec-23
WALKER, Della MORRIS, W C 1893-Dec-11
WALKER, Derotha SHORTER, Wyatt 1872-Nov-19
WALKER, E J Miss MANGUM, E A 1873-May-04
WALKER, Elizabeth Mrs LOFTIN, Joseph 1873-Mar-02
WALKER, Ella BROWN, I K 1879-Mar-08
WALKER, Emma WALKER, J D 1894-Oct-20
WALKER, Hattie TRAYLOR, Henry 1899-Feb-15
WALKER, Kate VISSAGE, F M 1879-Dec-31
WALKER, Kate WILLIAMSON, J P 1900-Jun-16
WALKER, Louise W WARE, Lucious W 1872-Oct-09
WALKER, Mattie E MANGUM, T E 1886-Nov-10
WALKER, Missouria BERRY, M E 1898-Apr-24
WALKER, Mollie SLATER, Hezzie 1877-Dec-17
WALKER, Nancy ALLEN, Alfred 1892-Dec-01
WALKER, Nannie BUSH, W H 1878-Mar-10
WALKER, Prudence DIXON, Lewis J 1890-Nov-09
WALKER, Rosena BURKETT, W J 1889-Dec-03
WALKER, Rosetta KENNEDY, J H 1885-Dec-02
WALKER, Sallie E HEDGEPELT, W A 1879-Dec-08
WALKER, Sophmia HARPER, Andrew 1876-Dec-26
WALKER, Sudie GRIFFITH, J J 1897-Feb-16
WALKER, Susan BROWN, R A 1889-Dec-01
WALKER, Susan MELLAND, Charles 1879-Aug-07
WALLACE, Lula WELLS, W L 1898-Nov-18
WALLACE, M E Miss PRUITT, J A 1874-Oct-13
WARE, Elizabeth KENNEDY, Allen D 1874-Dec-31
WARE, Emila GIPSON, W M 1896-Dec-23
WARE, Emly GIBSON, W M 1896-Dec-23
WARE, J E Miss JONES, N 1880-Dec-22
WARE, Martha KENNEDY, D L 1880-Oct-28
WARE, Martha KENNEDY, John P 1881-Nov-23
WARE, Mary Ann PURSER, William 1874-Aug-14
WARE, Mary J OVERBY, Abram 1891-Apr-20
WARE, T M Miss MCINTYRE, H A 1886-Dec-16
WARREN, Margaret WINNINGHAM, W H 1888-Jul-22
WARREN, Martha CRAFT, B J 1891-Oct-11
WARREN, Mary MCCALL, T P 1881-Sep-17
WARREN, Mary Ann YARROW, William 1880-Mar-12
WARREN, R Miss COOK, J M 1875-Oct-21
WARREN, Rosa PARRETT, I H 1896-Apr-22
WARREN, Rosa PERETTE, I H 1896-Apr-22
WARREN, Sarah Ann HARVEY, F G 1876-Jul-23
WATERS, Sarah M DICKERSON, Robert B 1879-Oct-06
WEATHERBY, Dora GILES, H D 1896-Jan-03
WEATHEROBY, Mattie HARPER, R J 1890-Dec-18
WEATHERSBY, Dora GILES, William 1896-Jan-03
WEATHERSBY, Elizabeth POWELL, J C 1880-Jun-24
WEATHERSBY, F E Miss SUTTON, W W 1876-Jan-27
WEATHERSBY, Julia KIMBROUGH, Spencer 1893-Nov-11
WEATHERSBY, Lodi BOGGAN, J E 1898-Dec-26
WEAVER, P E Miss FLOYD, William B 1880-Jan-29
WEBSTER, Anna ALEXANDER, J S 1889-Dec-12
WEBSTER, Mollie SMITH, John L 1897-Aug-24
WELCH, Amanda J HODGES, C H 1884-Jun-02
WELCH, Dola LEWIS, Alfred 1890-Mar-21
WELCH, Ida LEWIS, Jesse 1893-Jun-11
WELCH, Mollie JONES, John L 1900-Aug-11
WELCH, Monthy KNIGHT, W A 1896-Feb-16
WELLS, Francis A DUKES, W G 1878-Dec-21
WELLS, Rosa MOTT, W B 1899-Feb-04
WESTMORELAND, Leanda MARTIN, J V 1888-Mar-15
WESTMORELAND, Mahale OWEN, J M J 1894-Jun-25
WHATLEY, R V Miss GATES, G W 1881-Nov-26
WHITE, Alaline E WELLS, F M 1889-Jan-10
WHITE, Avey Margaret Ann CREEL, Lovelady 1887-Jan-13
WHITE, Cellie CREEL, Henry 1883-Sep-20
WHITE, L F Miss KEEN, A J 1878-Dec-04
WHITE, Mary Jane PURSER, Elias 1877-Oct-04
WHITE, Mollie BALL, Louis 1892-Oct-27
WIGINGTON, Mary BROWN, L S 1900-Oct-25
WILKERSON, Mary J MAGEE, E J 1875-Jan-13
WILLIAMS, Anna HUTSON, Willie 1892-Jan-28
WILLIAMS, Berilla MEADE, Joseph L 1875-Dec-22
WILLIAMS, Callie GIBSON, D T 1890-Dec-23
WILLIAMS, Cora Lee STAPLETON, George L 1882-Sep-10
WILLIAMS, Corda SMITH, Johnnie 1894-Aug-16
WILLIAMS, Ethel ROBBINS, Ellis 1899-Feb-04
WILLIAMS, J A Miss MURRAY, G R N 1882-Nov-09
WILLIAMS, Lizzie BOGGAN, R P 1881-Nov-26
WILLIAMS, Mary A E COLE, Thomas W 1894-Aug-01
WILLIAMS, Mattie STRINGER, T 1893-Jan-07
WILLIAMS, Mattie H WHITEFIELD, R A 1890-Mar-21
WILLIAMS, Nora FLYNT, W F 1893-Nov-02
WILLIAMS, P Miss MCKINLEY, J W 1900-Dec-26
WILLIAMS, Sallie LEGETT, S 1875-Nov-10
WILLIAMSON, A J Miss CAWLEY, W W 1875-Dec-29
WILLIAMSON, Allace WELCH, Dickson 1898-Mar-03
WILLIAMSON, B M Miss WALKER, A L 1882-Jun-09
WILLIAMSON, Berilla TURANCE, D B 1900-Sep-27
WILLIAMSON, Charity TULLOS, B T 1900-May-10
WILLIAMSON, Della REED, H P 1882-May-22
WILLIAMSON, Eliza ROBERTS, Jesse 1900-Aug-17
WILLIAMSON, Elizabeth GRUBBS, S F 1889-Dec-26
WILLIAMSON, Emma JONES, John 1896-Jun-25
WILLIAMSON, Flavilia WILLIAMSON, R W 1882-Jun-01
WILLIAMSON, Francis MAY, J L 1892-Feb-24
WILLIAMSON, Jennie EDMONSON, D C 1897-Jan-13
WILLIAMSON, Jula L CATRON, W A 1889-Dec-05
WILLIAMSON, Kate QUINN, C H 1894-Jan-10
WILLIAMSON, Lucy Ann BROWN, I D 1879-Sep-04
WILLIAMSON, M F Miss WHITE, J W 1882-Sep-06
WILLIAMSON, M J Miss GIPSON, J P 1877-Feb-08
WILLIAMSON, M Miss MIZE, M A 1883-Jan-11
WILLIAMSON, Martha RUTLAND, Alex 1895-Jun-05
WILLIAMSON, Mattie BLAIR, Archie 1896-Mar-12
WILLIAMSON, Mollie DRUMMONDS, Nathanial W 1882-Dec-24
WILLIAMSON, N Miss TULLIS, J 1876-Dec-05
WILLIAMSON, O Miss TULLIS, James 1882-Feb-09
WILLIAMSON, Pearl R LITTLE, A I 1893-Dec-14
WILLIAMSON, Purity L WELCH, W M 1900-Aug-13
WILLIAMSON, S L Miss WALKER, John 1882-Dec-20
WILLIAMSON, Sarah LAYTON, W A 1892-Feb-25
WILLIAMSON, Scynitha BROWN, W H 1896-Mar-12
WILSON, Ellen C MAXWELL, A W 1886-Jul-24
WILSON, S E Miss FLOYD, E H 1883-May-09
WOMACK, D A Miss EVERETTE, E L 1881-Jan-03
WOMACK, Dorcas BROWN, James S 1886-May-13
WOMACK, Eugina WARE, J J 1900-Oct-03
WOMACK, Lena H THOMPSON, James W 1889-Feb-09
WOMACK, Sarah A TULLAS, W W 1881-Nov-07
WOMACK, Tiney WARE, William J 1900-Jan-04
WOOLSEY, Mary Ann PONDER, David M 1874-Jan-29
WYATT, G C Miss MARTIN, E W 1896-Nov-01
WYNN, Gertrude TURCOTT, W F 1890-Aug-21
YELVERTON, Amanda J GILLS, W G 1879-Dec-10
YELVERTON, B C Miss WARE, W B M 1881-Nov-23
YELVERTON, Elizabeth GRADY, W H 1881-Jan-26
YELVERTON, R E Miss CALHOUN, J M 1882-Nov-04



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