Simpson County Brides


TALLY, Maggie L GARTH, J Hunter 1873-Jan-13
TAYLOR, Allie RICHARDSON, T G 1896-Dec-24
TAYLOR, Annie Bell LACY, T J 1896-Dec-17
TAYLOR, L A Miss BARLOW, J M 1897-Mar-12
TAYLOR, Laura LAYTON, J F 1896-Nov-07
TAYLOR, Laura LAYTON, J F 1896-Nov-08
TAYLOR, Levina WALKER, Wilson 1874-Dec-25
TAYLOR, M F Miss BRIDGES, A G B 1883-Dec-03
TAYLOR, M J Miss MAY, J W 1892-Mar-29
TAYLOR, Mollie ALLBRITTON, J W 1897-May-21
TAYLOR, Rebecca J MOORE, D W 1894-Feb-27
TAYLOR, Sallie DEAR, J R 1885-Feb-26
TAYLOR, Sarah Ann HARRISON, W F 1886-Nov-04
TAYLOR, Virgie PEACOCK, G 1898-Jun-25
THAMES, Cristine GRADY, Saul 1876-Oct-19
THAMES, Dora E WARE, J Z 1890-Nov-02
THAMES, Eugenia MCWILLIAMS, J S 1891-Jul-03
THAMES, Martha LAYTON, J R 1886-Dec-26
THAMES, Mary JONES, J N 1897-Oct-27
THAMES, O L CATRON, Katie 1891-Apr-22
THAMES, Rebecca SCRUGGS, Jesse 1880-Mar-11
THAMES, Rebecca J SCRUGGS, J 1877-Mar-13
THAMES, S A Miss KENNEDY, A K 1873-Oct-28
THOMAS, Joanna DUKES, Abel 1876-Mar-27
THOMAS, Martha BULLOCK, J M 1880-Sep-27
THOMAS, Sarah J WOODS, Stephen A 1894-Jul-25
THOMPSON, Alda CLARK, H E 1896-Sep-10
THOMPSON, Alice CLARK, H E 1896-Sep-18
THOMPSON, Arminda MYRICK, George 1897-Dec-10
THOMPSON, Elizabeth HERRINGTON, Morgan 1897-Dec-28
THOMPSON, Eugenia SMITH, J C 1884-Nov-06
THOMPSON, Laura MAY, R T 1877-Jan-10
THOMPSON, Lucy E ROSS, W J 1886-Dec-18
THOMPSON, Matilda TONEY, Andrew 1873-Sep-03
THOMPSON, Mattie J SMITH, Z T 1885-Mar-03
THOMPSON, S A Miss MAY, W P 1876-Dec-28
THORNTON, Fannie DOW, James 1898-Dec-03
THURMAN, A Miss HILTON, A L 1890-Dec-21
THURMAN, Francis WALTMAN, Thad 1895-Feb-11
THURMAN, Jane WALTMAN, J E 1880-Oct-26
THURMAN, L P Miss BROWN, H A 1883-Dec-25
THURMAN, Mattie HAMPTON, Henry 1879-Oct-02
THURMAN, Patsie GRUBBS, J J 1897-Mar-01
TILLMAN, Sena L NICHOLS, L M 1876-Aug-12
TONEY, Emma VINYARD, Charles 1894-Jan-15
TONY, Elizabeth TURNBOW, Joseph 1899-May-31
TOUCHSTONE, Charity POLK, B F 1873-Jul-28
TOUCHSTONE, L Miss ROSS, J E 1894-Jan-17
TOUCHSTONE, Serena Ida ROSS, James M 1889-Oct-13
TRAYLOR, Alice JENNINGS, F W 1878-Sep-12
TRAYLOR, Harriet SMITH, John 1878-Dec-30
TRAYLOR, L J Miss ROSS, J G 1874-Nov-15
TUCKER, Allie E HILTON, W B 1884-Nov-23
TUCKER, Bell MATHEWS, William 1888-Jul-26
TUCKER, Elizabeth BASS, I F 1873-Feb-06
TUCKER, Julia MOORE, W B 1890-Feb-13
TUCKER, M E Miss ROBBINS, Joseph 1891-Jan-04
TUCKER, Maggie SEBRON, G W 1882-Mar-03
TUCKER, S E Miss HYDRICK, E E 1876-Jan-17
TUCKER, S J Miss BISHOP, J F 1898-Aug-25
TULLIS, B Miss WILLIAMSON, Robert 1882-Jul-20
TULLIS, C P Miss KENNEDY, R M 1873-Apr-24
TULLIS, Elizabeth COCKRELL, John 1873-Nov-06
TULLIS, Lauria GRUBBS, J W 1883-Apr-05
TULLIS, M J Miss MAGEE, W L 1872-Oct-18
TULLOS, C Miss THAMES, James L 1886-Sep-07
TULLOS, Carrie ROBERTS, Emanuel 1887-Nov-13
TULLOS, Ella ASHLEY, J T 1898-Dec-31
TULLOS, G W MCINNIS, Mollie 1896-Dec-24
TULLOS, Mary Jane ROBBERTS, Bill 1896-Oct-29
TULTOR, Allie BARLOW, E D 1892-Oct-23
TURNER, Margaret MOORE, J R 1892-Oct-20
TYRONE, Belle LUCAS, H C 1897-Feb-17
TYRONE, Ella BERRY, Thomas J 1899-Aug-26
TYRONE, Nettie MOORE, J P 1884-Jul-10



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