Simpson County Brides


SANDERS, Allice LEWIS, M B 1897-Aug-20
SANDIFER, A C Miss FLEMMING, David R 1874-Nov-05
SANDIFER, Beula SLAY, R L 1890-Jan-09
SANDIFER, E A Miss NELSON, W D 1878-Nov-21
SANDIFER, Eula GRUBBS, A T 1892-Feb-11
SANDIFER, Harriett SLAY, A 1890-Aug-14
SANDIFER, J C CLARK, Josephine 1891-Jan-04
SANDIFER, J Miss MILLER, J M 1876-Nov-22
SANDIFER, J W Jr BARRON, R C Miss 1874-Jun-03
SANDIFER, M J Miss BUSH, T J 1874-Nov-11
SANDIFER, Matilda SMITH, J M 1873-Nov-26
SANDIFER, Mattie SANDIFER, E 1876-Nov-22
SANFORD, Fannie SULLIVAN, W A 1895-Oct-29
SANFORD, Redus BUCKLEY, Thomas 1895-Nov-09
SANFORD, Willie GRUBBS, N M 1898-Nov-26
SAULES, Lucy MADDOX, M M 1874-Oct-02
SAULS, Martha Ann WARE, W T 1882-Feb-01
SCRUGGS, Susan GREGORY, James 1877-Feb-21
SEBRONS, Martha E HUTSON, William A 1878-Mar-13
SEBRONS, T A L Mrs HILTON, H C 1885-Dec-30
SELLERS, Hattie PURSER, Lafayette 1889-Jan-01
SELLERS, Lizzie SHOW, Jessie 1896-Apr-12
SELLERS, Lizzie SHOWS, Jesse 1896-Apr-12
SELLERS, M E Miss ATES, R B 1895-Jun-02
SELLERS, M J Miss ORMAN, J C 1885-Jun-11
SELLERS, May ROBERTS, J C 1899-Nov-22
SELLERS, Sarah SUMRALL, G G 1893-May-16
SHELL, Amanda MURRAY, J H 1881-Dec-13
SHELL, E L Miss SMITH, D L 1889-Dec-19
SHELL, Laura E FRASURE, H S 1876-Jun-27
SHELL, Margaret BERRY, J F 1877-Dec-20
SHELL, S C Miss RUNNELLS, J E 1889-Nov-28
SHEPPARD, Ola ROBBINS, Richard D 1898-Jan-24
SHERMAN, Emma BERRY, W J 1899-May-05
SHERMAN, Missoura MYERS, Emanuel 1880-Jan-13
SHIVERS, Adelie MAGEE, L E 1897-Sep-26
SHIVERS, C C Miss MAGEE, L 1881-Mar-28
SHIVERS, Ella SHERWOOD, C E 1895-Mar-10
SHIVERS, Fannie WILLIAMS, Robert 1881-Jan-03
SHIVERS, Hattie TAYLOR, Alonzo 1878-Jan-06
SHIVERS, Juliette PAGE, Abraham 1877-Jul-25
SHIVERS, Mattie P PARKERMAN, Daniel C 1898-Oct-24
SHIVERS, S V Miss YELVERTON, W J 1880-Nov-01
SHORTER, Amanda GARRETT, Albert 1876-Feb-09
SHORTER, Annie ALEXANDER, T J 1873-Dec-23
SHORTER, Ella SPELL, G W 1897-Sep-21
SHOT, Mottie SUMRALL, J B 1898-Jan-05
SHOTTS, Martha PONDER, J M 1881-Jan-24
SHOTTS, Mary WOOLEY, W E 1880-Aug-01
SHOVERS, Emma WALKER, W F 1894-Sep-16
SIFES, Emma ROBBERTS, Isaac 1896-Jul-16
SIKES, Emma ROBBERTS, Isaac 1896-Jul-16
SINCLAIR, Flora STEWART, David 1877-Sep-27
SINGLETERY, Ella Jane BERRY, J J 1877-Nov-21
SISTRUNK, M A Miss GRANTHAM, Joseph 1874-Jan-22
SLAY, Mary Jane BARRON, S A 1895-Mar-10
SLAY, S E Miss CLARK, B A 1879-Feb-20
SMITH, Ada FINLEY, Johnson 1899-May-30
SMITH, Alice SMITH, J W 1893-Apr-15
SMITH, Amanda FERGUSON, Thomas 1876-Jan-06
SMITH, Amanda MOSLEY, S T 1886-Jan-20
SMITH, Anna B GRUBBS, Robert W 1899-Dec-19
SMITH, Dora ODOM, J H 1897-Feb-20
SMITH, Eliza BERRY, W H 1889-Jan-17
SMITH, Elizabeth WIGINGHAM, D W 1894-Dec-06
SMITH, Harriett EDWARDS, George 1881-Jun-18
SMITH, Lea ROBBINS, Albert 1900-Dec-09
SMITH, Louisia SMITH, G W 1872-Nov-20
SMITH, Martha REED, H J 1872-Nov-09
SMITH, Mary A WOMACK, J R 1877-Sep-30
SMITH, Nancy ALLBRITTON, Ben 1890-Jan-13
SMITH, Nancy KIRKLAND, C K 1878-Dec-01
SMITH, Nancy WALKER, W B 1882-Nov-09
SMITH, Rosa MULLENS, J P 1891-Nov-19
SMITH, S E Miss JONES, William 1899-Jul-06
SMITH, Sarah Jane TONEY, Daniel 1872-Sep-03
SMITH, Tabitha Ann ADCOCK, J M 1872-Dec-23
SNYDER, Mary E KING, N L 1889-Sep-28
SPELL, A M Miss BUTLER, W N 1887-Jun-08
SPELL, Fannie JONES, J G 1889-Jan-20
SPELL, Jane RAGLAND, L S 1882-Mar-27
SPELL, Lila KELLY, J M 1895-Jan-13
SPELL, Lula HARPER, S O 1896-Dec-24
SPIKES, Cora E MERCIER, W B 1893-Sep-20
SPILLIARDS, Adaline PONDER, T J 1885-Mar-05
SPILLYASUS, S L Miss BROWN, M J 1872-Nov-25
STAFFORD, Maggie WINNINGHAM, James 1880-Oct-21
STANDIFER, Fannie MCCALL, R L 1891-Nov-15
STANDIFER, Mattie T KEEN, R M 1892-Jan-03
STANDIFER, Nattie E HARPER, W S 1885-Dec-23
STEEN, Carrie SANDIFER, S W 1895-Dec-12
STEPHENS, Elsie BREWER, R W 1900-Feb-01
STEPHENS, Julia CRAINE, John J 1899-Nov-14
STEPHENS, M J Miss BYRD, J B 1879-Feb-13
STERLING, Lou M LITTLE, A J 1886-Mar-11
STEVENS, R A Miss NICKLOS, F M 1878-Nov-23
STEVENS, S L Miss STEDMAN, W S 1880-Jul-05
STRICKLAND, S Miss RILEY, L 1893-Dec-23
STRINGER, Nettie BROWN, Walter B 1891-Aug-02
STRONG, Bettie GRANTHAM, John G 1900-Nov-12
STROUD, Elizabeth EVERETT, Plummer F 1895-Dec-08
STUBBS, Ann Jane RANKIN, John W 1891-Jan-11
STUBBS, Etta YELVERTON, W L 1892-Nov-03
STUCKEY, A E Miss SHIVERS, W J 1883-Jun-11
STUCKEY, Ella Mrs EDMONDS, W C 1892-Nov-26
STUCKEY, Jane L HUBER, E D 1884-Jan-16
STUCKEY, L L Miss BYRD, W B 1882-Feb-27
STUCKEY, M E Miss PARKER, J M 1879-Dec-10
STUCKEY, Mary GUYNES, William R 1885-Mar-22
SULLIVAN, A E Miss ATES, H L 1897-Dec-23
SULLIVAN, Caroline BOWEN, W S 1880-Aug-30
SULLIVAN, Della SULLIVAN, R L 1900-Dec-02
SULLIVAN, E L Miss ATES, H A Jr 1899-Nov-27
SULLIVAN, Lucy E PONDER, Elizah S 1874-May-05
SULLIVAN, M N Miss CLARK, Isaac 1898-Nov-02
SULLIVAN, Mary E COOK, J H 1893-Dec-03
SULLIVAN, N J Miss SULLIVAN, J E 1880-May-05
SULLIVAN, Sarah ATES, T E 1897-Dec-02
SULLIVAN, Sarah WOOLLEY, L B 1881-Nov-28
SYKES, Ella CRAWFORD, A W 1895-Sep-12
SYKES, Lethy DAVIS, Lewis 1875-Feb-05
SYKES, M A Miss SMITH, E H 1894-Sep-20



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