Simpson County Brides


RAGLAND, Cora BASS, Joseph 1880-Jul-07
RAGLAND, Lou Ella LAWSON, I N Dr 1878-Jan-24
RAGLAND, Lucinda D SHORTER, David 1875-Feb-04
RAGLAND, M J Miss BISHOP, James I 1873-Jun-19
RAGLAND, S A Miss ROGERS, H A 1881-Apr-14
RANDALL, S J Miss GARDNER, W W 1888-May-10
RANKIN, Alice Francis NICHOLS, Walter D 1890-Jan-23
RANKIN, Bennie WEATERSBY, Hugh 1885-Apr-14
RANKIN, C A Miss MADDOX, R M 1894-Dec-16
RANKIN, Delor E WELLS, Willis 1886-Dec-16
RANKIN, Elizabeth R SELLERS, W H 1900-Dec-27
RANKIN, Eugenia OVERBY, Augustus 1900-Aug-28
RANKIN, H E Miss GRAYSON, George E 1886-Dec-14
RANKIN, Ida LAYTON, J H 1897-Mar-13
RANKIN, Lucy MANGUM, J J 1895-Dec-22
RANKIN, M J Miss KENNEDY, R P 1882-Dec-26
RANKIN, Martha Emma FLOYD, L S 1886-Nov-05
RANKIN, Mary E THAMES, W T 1885-Feb-15
RANKIN, Nancy MANGUM, J H 1895-Dec-22
RANKIN, Sallie MEADOWS, E W 1887-Jun-30
RANKIN, Sarah PUCKETT, F A 1894-Nov-01
REED, Anna Jane BROOKS, Hilton 1892-Dec-22
REED, Annie GRUBBS, W G 1887-Dec-08
REED, Belle BROWN, S H 1885-Dec-09
REED, Carrie WALKER, J R 1895-Jan-03
REED, Dollie BOGGAN, W P 1897-Dec-21
REED, E A Miss SULLIVAN, C A 1897-Nov-17
REED, Ella WILLIAMSON, A M 1887-Jan-02
REED, Emma BROWN, S T 1897-Jan-21
REED, Laura WALKER, D G 1891-Jul-19
REED, Louisa BROWN, William A 1896-Dec-20
REED, Sarah COCKRELL, H J 1896-Jan-02
REED, Sarah COCKRELL, J H 1896-Jan-02
RICHARDSON, Janie PARKER, Enoch 1900-Oct-27
RICHARDSON, Leona TAYLOR, William I 1894-Jun-28
RICHARDSON, M Miss SANDIFER, Will 1897-Jan-14
ROBBERTS, Maggie PURSER, Willie 1896-Oct-28
ROBBERTS, Maggie PURSER, Willis 1896-Oct-29
ROBBERTS, Narcis SELLERS, M C 1896-Feb-27
ROBBERTS, P R RUNNELS, Balmer 1896-Feb-27
ROBBINS, Louanna KELLY, Jacob 1886-Nov-20
ROBBINSON, Mollie KEEN, G W 1899-Mar-15
ROBERTS, Alice JOHNSON, M A 1897-Dec-22
ROBERTS, Fannie ROBERTS, Henry 1899-Feb-09
ROBERTS, Jossie WALKER, S T 1894-Nov-22
ROBERTS, Lula WARREN, George 1894-Nov-22
ROBERTS, Mary Jane ROBERTS, William E 1899-Jul-04
ROBERTS, Narcis SELLERS, M C 1896-Feb-27
ROBERTS, P R RUNNELLS, Balmer 1896-Feb-27
ROBERTS, Rebecca CONE, R L 1883-Oct-08
ROBERTS, S J Miss KING, James 1881-Apr-18
ROBERTSON, Susana JONES, Wilson 1881-Jun-09
ROGERS, Georgia A NORRIS, T J 1889-Dec-10
ROGERS, H Miss COLEMAN, W P 1882-Dec-10
ROGERS, L A Miss WALKER, E 1879-Jan-22
ROGERS, Loula TOUCHSTONE, D 1882-Apr-13
ROGERS, M J Miss LOFTIN, Daniel 1886-Feb-14
ROGERS, Margaret HINES, W H 1892-Oct-27
ROGERS, Mary BRIDGES, John 1880-Aug-26
ROGERS, Minnie CRAIN, C W 1899-Jan-24
ROGERS, T E Miss MAHAFFY, E W 1883-Dec-22
ROSS, Amanda THOMPSON, L R 1879-Dec-18
ROSS, M E Miss FAILS, John R 1879-Oct-13
ROSS, Mollie HAY, James 1899-May-24
ROSS, Winnie THOMPSON, John H 1884-Jan-24
RUFFIN, M J Miss ROSS, A B 1881-Jan-01
RUFFIN, Sarah A TAYLOR, C C 1876-Dec-21
RUNNELLS, A J Miss WELLS, John L 1872-Dec-21
RUNNELLS, E E Miss WALLACE, J W 1885-Jan-28
RUNNELLS, Martha A WHITE, F S 1880-Sep-24
RUNNELLS, Nancy GORDON, G W 1883-Nov-29
RUNNELLS, Nancy E CANOY, W E 1879-Dec-24
RUNNELLS, Rachel FORTENBERRY, Willis 1883-Nov-27
RUTLAND, Mary CULPEPPER, Mathew 1896-Apr-15
RUTLAND, Mary CULPEPPER, Mathew 1896-Apr-18
RYALS, Sarah P BUCKLEY, A J 1874-Apr-04
RYAN, Olive BURNHAM, C M 1896-Dec-21
RYAN, Olive BURNHAM, C M 1896-Dec-24



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