Simpson County Brides

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PARKER, Clara SULLIVAN, Emanuel 1872-Nov-12
PARKER, Emma HALEY, S E 1897-Nov-07
PARKER, Kate STUCKEY, John G 1893-Aug-02
PARKER, Lula HARRIS, George P 1888-Jan-04
PARKER, M J Miss LEWIS, J B 1882-Jan-16
PARKER, M Miss JORDON, W H 1892-Jan-01
PARKER, M V Miss OWENS, G W 1882-Jan-06
PARKER, Margaret ROGERS, W F 1890-Mar-09
PARKER, Memie ABERNATHY, G W 1899-Dec-27
PARKER, S E Miss ASHLEY, J T 1881-Nov-12
PARRETT, Malissa WALKER, R E 1896-Nov-24
PARRETT, Melissa WALKER, R E 1896-Nov-24
PARRETT, Susie L MCLENDON, James 1895-Sep-03
PARSON, Nettie BOSTICK, C B 1884-Sep-30
PATTERSON, Ann SULLIVAN, Thomas A 1875-Feb-09
PEACOCK, Anna BURNHAM, J W 1883-Nov-27
PEACOCK, Bettie TAYLOR, Eugene 1895-Dec-12
PEACOCK, Ida ALLEN, G B 1900-May-15
PEACOCK, Lucy CRAWFORD, L W 1889-Jan-09
PEACOCK, Lula SMITH, O L 1893-Dec-21
PEACOCK, Susan HARPER, George G 1888-Oct-07
PENNINGTON, Sarah BOTELER, John G 1876-Dec-12
PERKINS, Martha PEACOCK, L 1879-Oct-11
PERRETT, Mary WELCH, Nathan 1877-Dec-09
PERRETT, Nancy WALKER, Willis 1883-Jan-08
PERRILL, Elizabeth WINNINGHAM, William 1888-Apr-07
PHILLIPS, Jane CUNNINGHAM, John 1876-Dec-23
PHILLIPS, Margaret C KENDALL, F 1895-May-10
PHILLIPS, Mary A BOGGAN, Jesse S 1877-Dec-24
POLK, A M Miss TRAYLOR, N B 1896-Feb-20
POLK, Jessie DEPRIET, J I 1896-Mar-12
POLK, Jessie Miss DEPRIEST, J D 1896-Mar-12
POLK, Manand A GERALD, Samuel 1877-Aug-02
PONDER, Ada OVERBY, Gustus 1891-Jan-07
PONDER, Anna PERKINS, J E 1892-Dec-28
PONDER, C E Miss ALLEN, T J 1893-Nov-02
PONDER, Ella CRAIN, M C 1892-Jan-28
PONDER, M A Miss PARMER, T J 1880-Jan-07
PONDER, Martha Elizabeth LAYTON, James F 1889-Dec-27
POPE, Cora MCCALL, D D 1896-Nov-25
POPE, Julia MUSE, E F 1897-Jul-30
POPE, Lula S SINCLAIR, James M 1889-Feb-13
PREVETT, Ella MYERS, A P 1877-Oct-29
PREWITT, Corelia BUNCH, J S 1879-Nov-18
PRINCE, Harriett A FINDLY, T O 1888-Oct-16
PRINE, C A Miss VANNER, S H 1886-Sep-09
PRINE, Estella TONEY, Charley 1891-Jun-29
PRINE, Josephine FINDLEY, J R 1886-Nov-04
PRINE, Susie THOMAS, Joseph 1889-Feb-20
PRUETT, A F Miss SMITH, J M 1878-Feb-12
PRUETT, Maggie SHOEMAKER, 1896-Dec-28
PRUVIS, Ada A HAYS, W H 1899-Feb-26
PRUVIS, Lela ROBERTS, Andrew 1900-Feb-01
PUCKETT, Kate RANKIN, R L 1896-Feb-06
PURVIS, Allice ROBBERTS, J T 1897-Mar-04
PURVIS, E I Miss SHOWS, G W 1877-Nov-28
PURVIS, M E Miss EVERRETT, J E 1881-Oct-24
QUINN, Emma BARNES, O W 1878-Jan-09
QUINN, Mattie WALKER, J T 1893-Mar-02



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