Simpson County Brides

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NEAL, Loucinda RANDALL, A R 1877-Feb-12
NEELEY, A Miss ALLBRITTON, E 1875-Nov-07
NEELY, Elizabeth HOWELL, Green 1878-Jan-21
NEELY, Elizabeth SPELLYASUS, A H 1872-Nov-25
NELSON, H E Miss BARLOW, John A 1877-Sep-17
NELSON, H E Miss SANDIFER, W J 1878-Dec-05
NELSON, M J Miss BARLOW, L M 1883-Nov-26
NELSON, Naney KENNEDY, W W 1897-Dec-07
NEWSOM, Louan WALKER, Asa 1900-Feb-05
NICHOLS, Cora E DYE, S C 1896-Nov-29
NIXON, Elizabeth DUFFEY, James 1877-Dec-05
NORMAN, M F Miss LITTLE, W E 1875-Nov-13
NORMAN, Mary A SANDIFER, A B 1891-Nov-19
NORSWORTHY, Sarah A BROWN, W O 1893-Sep-03
NORWOOD, Jenny SULLIVAN, W J 1899-Oct-03
ODOM, M M Miss MORRIS, J D 1883-Feb-12
ODOM, Missoura MCWILLIAMS, James 1876-Oct-04
ODOM, Mollie FORTENBERRY, J D 1881-Jan-06
OLDARN, S C Miss BURCH, C D 1875-Aug-15
OVERBY, Amanda PONDER, T J 1894-Feb-22
OVERBY, Georgia COOK, J A 1887-Dec-29
OVERBY, Louisa COOK, Daniel 1876-Dec-22
OVERBY, Margaret CONRAD, W S 1895-Dec-04
OVERBY, Mettie ADAMS, W J 1897-Feb-14
OVERBY, Rosena EVERETTE, H N 1877-Feb-23
OVERSBY, Margaret BOONE, Alfred 1878-Aug-18
OWEN, Lilly AINSWORTH, J E 1900-Jan-20
OWENS, Emma BANKS, F W 1889-Jan-03
OWENS, Mattie BLACKMAN, W L 1882-Feb-08
OWENS, Mattie DAMPEER, A P 1891-Nov-19
OWENS, Susie R BERRY, D 1889-Nov-14



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