Simpson County Brides


MADDOX, Bettie RANKIN, A C 1898-Dec-10
MADDOX, J E Miss STUBBS, W D 1888-Jul-04
MADDOX, Martha L MANGUM, W A 1875-Jan-28
MADDOX, V T Miss ATES, P E 1895-Dec-06
MAGEE, Della MCLAIN, J W 1888-Dec-11
MAGEE, Fanney L SMITH, J W 1888-Mar-11
MAGEE, M A Miss HARPER, A P 1878-May-05
MAGEE, M E Miss STEPHENS, J H 1876-Dec-19
MAGEE, M E Miss TULLOS, W A 1891-Aug-06
MAGEE, Maggie MCINNIS, W G 1886-Dec-27
MAGEE, Martha HUBBARD, Thomas I 1873-Jan-13
MAGEE, Minnie RYNE, Thomas Jr 1899-Jun-02
MAGEE, Mollie CHAPMAN, L G 1884-Jan-08
MAGEE, Nannie FARMER, John H 1895-Nov-06
MAHAFFY, Berta BRIDGES, W B 1895-Jan-17
MAHAFFY, Emily TOUCHSTONE, F W 1878-Dec-12
MAHAFFY, Leona WALKER, Lem 1893-Dec-25
MAHAFFY, Mollie TUTTON, B E 1890-Nov-04
MANGUM, Augusta MYRICK, J P 1892-Feb-17
MANGUM, Carrie MCNAIR, James M 1875-Dec-15
MANGUM, E A Miss MEADOWS, Alfred H 1872-Dec-19
MANGUM, Eugenia GATES, T L 1892-Feb-14
MANGUM, Jerrenia ABERNATHY, William P 1899-Dec-08
MANGUM, Lenla GATES, W P 1897-Nov-11
MANGUM, M E Miss JONES, J F 1898-Jun-14
MANGUM, M J Miss BURNS, C W 1883-Oct-11
MANGUM, M J Miss STUBBS, C R 1900-Dec-20
MANGUM, Mary ELZY, William 1899-Sep-28
MANGUM, Mary LITTLE, R A 1896-Dec-17
MANGUM, Mary MYRICK, J P 1888-Dec-23
MANGUM, Mollie C RANKIN, J M 1898-Nov-04
MANGUM, P A Miss GILLCREASE, L J 1874-Dec-24
MANNING, Alice BELL, G F 1894-Dec-23
MANNING, Docia ALBBRITTON, John 1899-Jul-29
MANNING, Emma ATWOOD, W C 1900-Nov-25
MANNING, F W Miss HARPER, D M 1873-Nov-16
MANNING, Mary BELL, I W Jr 1891-Dec-17
MANNING, Pearlie DYE, W F 1897-Dec-23
MANNING, Virgie EVERETT, T L 1896-Jan-16
MARSHALL, E Miss HALEY, W S 1877-Sep-12
MARTIN, Cora COLEMAN, S L 1893-Nov-10
MARTIN, Cora TONEY, William 1898-Dec-22
MARTIN, Delia AMIS, W T 1882-Mar-12
MARTIN, M A Miss BRYANT, John S 1879-May-30
MARTIN, Mary CONRAD, A G 1895-Dec-16
MARTIN, Sarah E BARBER, M W 1872-Dec-18
MASSEY, Maggie STAFFORD, W H 1875-Sep-15
MASSEY, Mannie E HARPER, Lewis A 1879-Aug-04
MATHERSHED, Mary BUSH, W M 1873-Oct-24
MATHEWS, Julia BENNETT, J L 1885-Dec-02
MATHEWS, Mary BALL, Frederick 1886-Sep-02
MATTHEWS, I Miss MILLER, J G 1876-Nov-16
MAULDER, Eliza CRAIN, M C 1895-Jan-06
MAY, Anna E JACKSON, M J 1892-Jan-14
MAY, Augusta MARTIN, E T 1881-Jan-10
MAY, Della WILLIAMSON, J M 1896-Jan-05
MAY, Dilla WILLIAMSON, J M 1896-Jan-05
MAY, F A A Miss GRUBBS, W M 1883-Dec-25
MAY, Laura B BROWN, J A 1889-Nov-14
MAY, M J Miss PONDER, F G 1877-Dec-20
MAY, Maggie BRIGHT, Well 1895-Oct-17
MAY, Maggie FLOYD, H B 1897-Aug-22
MAY, R A Miss COOK, E H 1874-Oct-29
MAY, Rebecca BRINSON, C A 1879-Mar-27
MAY, Susan WARE, J A 1883-Nov-29
MAY, W F Miss DYE, T J 1877-Jan-03
MAYERS, Nobie MCNEASE, J P Jr 1900-Nov-18
MCBRIDE, M J Miss BARRON, William 1875-Aug-28
MCCALL, Ella EDMOND, J C 1885-Nov-18
MCCALL, Jennie I HEMPHILL, J W 1887-Feb-24
MCCALL, V A Miss BENTON, C A 1879-Apr-03
MCCARTY, E D Miss ROBERTS, B H 1879-Mar-19
MCCASKELL, Ollie W SCARBOROUGH, William Z 1898-Oct-26
MCCASKILL, A V Miss SYKES, H S 1876-Jan-05
MCCASKILL, Alice LEE, G L 1875-Dec-16
MCCASKILL, Brilla D BERRY, R T 1895-Feb-13
MCCASKILL, Maggie BERRY, N V 1898-Feb-09
MCCASKILL, S E Miss SHIVERS, J T 1886-Oct-03
MCCOLLUM, M A Miss CHANDLER, J A 1899-Jan-18
MCDONALD, B J Miss BARNES, William 1873-Apr-15
MCDONALD, Bettie WADDELL, Willie 1894-Apr-22
MCDONALD, E J Miss MCNAIR, Alonz 1876-Jan-20
MCDONALD, J A Miss BARLOW, E D 1892-Oct-22
MCDONALD, Melly KELLEY, Dan 1895-Dec-05
MCDONALD, R E Miss TOMBS, A J 1883-Jun-26
MCDONALD, Rosa A HINDS, W C 1893-Nov-05
MCINNIS, Caroline HUBBARD, P B 1876-Dec-11
MCINNIS, Charity WARE, Henry 1883-Sep-01
MCINNIS, E J Miss RUNNELLS, J S 1896-Nov-05
MCINNIS, E J Miss RUNNELS, J S 1896-Nov-04
MCINNIS, Josephine SMITH, Z T 1896-Dec-03
MCINNIS, Lula MAGEE, J C 1894-Dec-26
MCINNIS, Mollie TULLOS, G W 1896-Dec-24
MCINNIS, Mollie TULLOS, S W 1896-Dec-24
MCINNIS, Nannie A PATTERSON, James K 1891-Nov-17
MCINNIS, R M Miss GRUBBS, F M 1881-Apr-18
MCKOY, Dora SHOWS, John 1899-Aug-05
MCLAURIN, C Miss FAIRLEY, Archie 1877-Feb-14
MCLAURIN, Kate MCCOLLUM, D 1875-Jan-20
MCLAURIN, Mary GILES, L W 1897-Feb-10
MCLAURIN, Nancy CAMPBELL, J S 1873-Dec-03
MCLAURIN, Nannie DALE, C R 1879-Oct-13
MCLEAD, Kate KELLY, J O 1896-Jan-30
MCLEHANEY, Milly GOUGH, B F 1892-Aug-23
MCLEHANEY, Sarah E COOK, Richard 1877-Jan-15
MCLENDON, Catherine FARMER, G H 1875-Jan-07
MCLENDON, Dora BROWN, Walter 1898-Dec-21
MCLEOD, Kate KELLY, J O 1896-Jan-30
MCLOAD, Nannie BARLOW, H W 1881-Jun-03
MCNAIR, Hattie TURNAGE, T Jr 1890-Jan-30
MCNAIR, Sallie MCCOLFERM, E H 1877-Jan-09
MCWILLIAMS, Harriett KENNEDY, William W 1881-Dec-12
MCWILLIAMS, Martha LUCKEY, Louis 1881-Sep-17
MILES, N V Miss HARPER, S H 1878-Mar-23
MILLER, Anna MATHEWS, A G 1892-Jan-11
MILLER, Demaris HOWELL, A J 1876-Jan-20
MILLER, E R Miss MYERS, W L 1880-Jul-05
MILLER, M C Miss JONES, John L 1896-Dec-11
MILLER, Ola WALLACE, W R 1899-Jan-11
MILLER, Sussie Ann WELCH, Albert B 1877-May-08
MILLES, M C Miss JONES, John L 1896-Dec-11
MILLIS, Caroline BROWN, Solomon 1892-Jan-03
MILLIS, Kate WALKER, A F 1896-Jan-02
MILLIS, Lettia MCWILLIAMS, J C 1892-Aug-07
MILLIS, Mary LUCAS, L A 1896-Jan-02
MILLIS, Mary J LUCAS, L A 1896-Jan-02
MIZE, Bettie POLK, Charles 1899-Jan-26
MIZE, E H Miss HEMPHILL, M L 1875-Jan-07
MOORE, C A Miss SELLERS, T J 1881-Aug-24
MOORE, Francis WESTMORELAND, W 1893-Dec-21
MOORE, Katie A DICKERSON, J D 1883-Feb-15
MOORE, Laura DICKERSON, J P 1880-Dec-21
MOORE, Levie ALLBRITTON, J M 1889-Oct-17
MOORE, Lou ARMSTRONG, Isaac S 1891-Nov-29
MOORE, Mollie PAGE, H E 1887-Jan-19
MOORE, Pearley SMITH, E 1894-Dec-16
MOORE, S A Miss ARMSTRONG, Charles E 1891-Nov-04
MORGAN, Alice GRANTHAM, A J 1900-Oct-28
MORRIS, Josephine GRIFFITH, G G 1893-Dec-23
MORRIS, Mary CHAPPELL, J F 1897-Sep-26
MOYERS, Sarah CRANE, J W 1881-Jul-04
MUCKLENNETH, Savannah SMITH, Morris 1887-Dec-15
MULLEN, Alice MARTIN, C C 1878-Sep-05
MULLEN, Emma Bell STRONG, James T 1878-Sep-05
MULLEN, Laura E PERITT, Enoch R 1877-Oct-24
MULLEN, Nellie SMITH, Brown 1885-Dec-10
MULLEN, R E Miss BENNETT, J W 1888-Dec-23
MULLENS, Cynthia DIXON, Derrell 1876-Jun-28
MULLICAN, C E Miss GAYS, J W 1878-Jan-01
MULLICAN, Eles TUCKER, Davis 1881-Oct-01
MULLICAN, Margaret E BURKETT, J D 1879-Apr-10
MULLICAN, Mary HOOFMAN, Frederick 1886-Jun-18
MULLICAN, Mary E THURMAN, M A 1886-Dec-23
MULLINS, Francis MCDONALD, J A 1873-Jan-03
MULLINS, Francis A BARLOW, G R 1875-Jul-07
MULLINS, M W Miss TERRY, M J 1872-Jul-18
MURPHY, Amanda LACEY, H J 1884-Mar-08
MURRAY, Annie HUGHES, A J 1892-Oct-18
MURRAY, Josie GRANTHAM, J E 1894-Jan-26
MURRAY, M L Miss ALLBRITTON, Joseph 1883-Apr-12
MURRAY, Mary J BEATTY, James 1893-Jun-25
MURRAY, Sarah ALEXANDER, Sam 1898-Dec-26
MURRAY, T A Miss ROSS, Frank M 1890-Dec-24
MYERS, Annie BUTLER, F M 1878-Dec-03
MYERS, Calie REED, C E 1896-Nov-01
MYERS, Cola REED, C E 1896-Nov-01
MYERS, Cora J CLIBURN, E A 1891-Jul-02
MYERS, Emma GRUBBS, E D 1893-Jan-15
MYERS, Emma ROBINSON, N A 1897-Feb-17
MYERS, Milly PEACOCK, W M F 1878-Nov-26
MYERS, Rosa GRUBBS, Alonzo 1897-Jul-25
MYERS, Susan A HALES, J E 1899-Aug-19
MYRICK, A J Miss LOWE, L J 1894-Aug-26
MYRICK, Bettie RUNNELLS, G F 1896-Apr-09
MYRICK, Mary B LAYTON, Richard 1899-Jan-02



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