Simpson County Brides


LANE, Arry EDMONSON, R A 1899-Sep-18
LANG, Ada COOK, William D 1891-Mar-01
LANG, D C Miss COOK, W R 1898-Nov-14
LANG, E P Miss WHITE, W G W 1883-Feb-21
LANG, Josephine P STUBBS, P B 1885-Dec-17
LANG, M E Miss DOLLAR, W W 1886-Apr-25
LANG, S A Miss MADDOX, A J 1900-Jan-20
LANGLEY, Ella CHAPPELL, J F 1893-Jan-12
LANKFORD, Ada THOMPSON, William D 1894-Feb-20
LAW, S L Miss MOTHERSHED, G A 1881-Jan-18
LAYTEN, N C Miss CANOY, J T 1890-Dec-21
LAYTON, A J Miss FINLEY, G W 1886-Oct-03
LAYTON, D M Miss MYERS, David 1874-Jan-29
LAYTON, Hester STUBBS, John P 1875-Oct-30
LAYTON, Laura RANKIN, D J 1896-Oct-25
LAYTON, M A Miss RANKIN, J R 1889-Nov-01
LAYTON, M J Miss KENNEDY, W T 1886-Dec-30
LAYTON, Pollie CLARK, H E 1894-Dec-20
LAYTON, R D Miss OVERBY, T 1893-Oct-08
LAYTON, R J Miss BURCH, A P 1891-Nov-01
LAYTON, S A Miss THOMPSON, J N 1879-Jun-09
LAYTON, Sallie TAYLOR, J H 1896-Nov-11
LAYTON, Susan DAVIS, J J 1882-Jan-24
LAYTON, Winnie E LUCKY, Walkins 1885-Mar-05
LAZUBY, Martha H BARRON, Davis W 1888-Oct-11
LEE, Amanda GRAY, W L 1885-Mar-26
LEE, C M Miss MYERS, Lemue C 1877-Jan-02
LEE, Celica PEACOCK, J H 1884-Dec-31
LEE, Cola BUSH, Norvil 1887-Dec-22
LEE, Fannie BUSH, W D 1874-Jan-07
LEE, L Miss CRAWFORD, E M 1876-Dec-04
LEE, Lizzie NIXON, George 1896-Sep-20
LEE, Lou GRUBBS, J D 1895-Mar-14
LEE, Loucinda BUCKLEY, M A 1877-Jan-09
LEE, M A Miss BUCKLEY, J W 1881-Oct-26
LEE, M M Miss CLIBORN, J B 1873-Dec-31
LEE, Maggie NIXON, George 1896-Sep-20
LEE, Martha JONES, Thomas A 1878-Jul-10
LEGETT, Sallie BUIE, Daniel B 1889-Jan-08
LEWIS, Amanda WARD, A A 1889-Dec-10
LEWIS, Lula BROOK, Wiley 1898-Dec-17
LEWIS, M J Miss BRIDGES, J L 1874-Feb-12
LEWIS, Malissa BUCKLEY, J B 1899-Jan-14
LEWIS, Mary WHATLEY, J A 1889-Dec-22
LEWIS, Sallie MOTHERSHED, John 1875-Jul-29
LEWIS, Susie BASS, E E 1891-Dec-03
LITTLE, Jennie BERRY, S T 1893-Jan-04
LITTLE, Katie MADDOX, John 1898-Sep-01
LITTLE, L Miss BUSH, Isaac 1883-Apr-13
LITTLE, Lew Mrs WALKER, A G 1897-Apr-21
LITTLE, Mary A MADDOX, W R 1891-Jan-04
LOCKHART, Lola E DURR, W M 1894-Jun-19
LONGINO, Emma STEEN, W E 1877-Dec-20
LUCAS, Jane CRISCO, John A 1891-Mar-22
LUCAS, Nancy RUNNELS, B Y 1900-May-26
LUCAS, Sarah ASHLEY, E H 1888-Dec-30
LUCAUS, Francis MOORE, P L 1885-Jun-21
LUCIS, Cora DELANEY, Ed 1897-Dec-12
LUCKEY, Arsula FORTENBERRY, W H 1885-Mar-06
LUCKEY, C W Miss RICHARDSON, J O 1879-Oct-11
LUCKEY, Mary E WARREN, J T 1890-Feb-02
LUCKEY, S M Miss WARREN, Dennis 1878-Dec-06
LYLES, M A Miss PRISCOCK, D I 1895-May-28
LYON, L A Miss STUBBS, P B 1900-Jun-02



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