Simpson County Brides

J - K

JACKSON, N C Miss STRONG, Taylor 1879-Dec-22
JENNINGS, Martha MCWILLIAMS, Noah 1886-Sep-16
JENNINGS, Neicy PHILLIPS, G C 1879-Mar-09
JOHNSON, Arispa TAYLOR, Henry 1898-Nov-03
JOHNSON, Bell ROGERS, J M 1888-Sep-13
JOHNSON, Bula CANERON, George 1899-Jun-26
JOHNSON, Esther DULANEY, O 1884-Nov-30
JOHNSON, Hattie P BARRON, N J 1885-Mar-06
JOHNSON, Laura KENNEDY, W J 1887-Mar-03
JOHNSON, Maggie ROGERS, L M 1879-Oct-16
JOHNSON, Mary E ROGERS, James M 1879-Oct-16
JOHNSON, Mary F MAY, W R 1872-Dec-20
JOHNSON, Victoria PATTERSON, J H 1878-Dec-19
JOHNSTON, Georgie WEASHERBY, T J 1890-Oct-02
JOHNSTON, Mary J MADDOX, E L 1891-Apr-19
JONES, Amanda WALTERS, G T 1899-Nov-17
JONES, Beathney PRINE, Charley 1899-Dec-09
JONES, Bertha JONES, J J 1899-Dec-15
JONES, Easter STRINGER, Cooper 1899-Jun-15
JONES, Eizah GLISSON, L G 1898-Jun-14
JONES, Ella CONE, B J 1896-Oct-19
JONES, Ella CONE, B J 1896-Oct-22
JONES, Emma DAVIS, P H 1894-Oct-07
JONES, Emma WALKER, W A 1898-Dec-21
JONES, Emma Jane FLOYD, James T 1891-May-14
JONES, Francis SKEWS, Alonzo 1896-Dec-31
JONES, Georgia KENNEDY, M J 1898-Dec-16
JONES, H Miss BRIGHT, Henry 1894-Jul-27
JONES, Julia V PEACOCK, John F 1872-Oct-30
JONES, Lettie COLE, O W 1896-Jul-02
JONES, Martha MYERS, A J 1879-Dec-24
JONES, Mary BENTON, W J 1891-Dec-10
JONES, Mary Francis KENNEDY, J A 1889-Oct-20
JONES, Mattie E GIBB, Thomas 1891-Feb-19
JONES, Minnie SHOWS, J L 1898-Feb-19
JONES, Nancy FRENCH, George 1892-Jan-03
JONES, Orlena HARRISON, H H 1889-Jan-23
JONES, P Miss SULLIVAN, Richard 1886-Dec-12
JONES, Rebecca SHEPPARD, Jesse 1887-May-19
JONES, S A Miss MUCKELATH, L W 1880-Dec-18
JONES, Sallie BRIGHT, Willie 1896-Feb-02
JONES, Sarah Ann LAYTON, William 1883-Dec-20
KEEN, E J Miss MUSE, I T 1882-Oct-19
KEEN, Ida CLIBURN, W M 1898-Mar-09
KEEN, L A Miss CLIBURN, S L 1897-Sep-16
KEEN, Laura L SLAY, J W 1891-Sep-09
KEEN, Martha E FERGUSON, A L 1877-Jul-23
KEEN, Mary TAYLOR, J C 1885-Dec-31
KEEN, P Miss BLACKMAN, W L 1887-Apr-21
KELLEY, M E Miss WEBB, D D 1879-Dec-31
KELLEY, M J Miss HILTON, T W 1878-Dec-21
KELLEY, Margaret RICHARDSON, Ben 1879-Jan-20
KELLEY, Mary TAYLOR, J R 1880-Dec-21
KELLEY, Nancy E HILTON, T N 1890-Jan-02
KELLEY, Rosa MAHAFFY, Robert 1890-Oct-30
KELLEY, S E Miss MAHAFFY, A B 1890-Dec-31
KELLY, A A Miss BRIDGES, F 1883-Jun-10
KELLY, Allice HARRIS, G W 1896-May-12
KELLY, Allie HARRIS, G W 1896-May-12
KELLY, Ellen T BARLOW, L O 1897-Dec-15
KELLY, Martha BROCK, W R 1894-Dec-23
KELLY, Nancy Ann BUCKLEY, John W 1895-Jul-28
KELLY, T B Miss HOLCOMB, T B 1882-Mar-23
KENNEDY, Angeline CANOY, W E 1895-Nov-21
KENNEDY, B R Miss CURRIE, J E 1881-Mar-20
KENNEDY, Callie ROBERTS, J O 1900-Jul-11
KENNEDY, Dora STRINGER, D M 1896-Nov-12
KENNEDY, Dora B YELVERTON, P A 1898-Oct-31
KENNEDY, Ella LAYTON, J F 1896-Oct-13
KENNEDY, Ella C WOMACK, G H 1898-Dec-27
KENNEDY, Ida NICHOLS, S L 1887-Mar-03
KENNEDY, Jane WARE, A W 1887-Jun-01
KENNEDY, K C Miss EVERRETT, E L 1885-Jan-01
KENNEDY, Laura DENT, W F 1889-Mar-14
KENNEDY, Laura PURSER, Elisa 1891-Nov-01
KENNEDY, Leona HOLLOWAY, W R 1895-Feb-12
KENNEDY, Louisa GRADDY, Calvin 1873-Sep-21
KENNEDY, Louisa LAYTON, John 1877-Sep-16
KENNEDY, M C Miss PURVIS, J B 1881-Sep-14
KENNEDY, M Miss RUNNELS, J R 1895-Nov-07
KENNEDY, Martha E TURNER, Abner 1872-Nov-25
KENNEDY, Mary GLISSON, J L 1896-Jan-15
KENNEDY, Mary E ROBBERTS, W J 1897-Apr-16
KENNEDY, Mary Jane LITTLE, Alexander 1878-Dec-19
KENNEDY, N E Miss FLOYD, S H 1876-Nov-12
KENNEDY, Rebecca L DILLMON, J M 1893-Feb-23
KENNEDY, S A Miss BENTON, T M 1876-Jan-26
KENNEDY, S A Miss YELVERTON, James W 1873-Oct-30
KENNEDY, Sarah CROFT, R L 1898-Mar-11
KENNEDY, Sarah WARE, J J 1880-Feb-05
KENNEDY, Tabitha WHITE, J R 1880-Jul-07
KING, James ROBERTS, S J Miss 1881-Apr-18
KENNERLY, Addie WELLS, A P 1899-Dec-22
KEYS, Olive CARTER, C J Jr 1877-May-04
KING, Ada CLIBURN, J C 1897-Nov-02
KING, Eliza IZARD, M M 1880-Aug-21
KING, Ella BARNETT, Thomas 1899-Nov-01
KING, Fannie WILLIAMSON, Robert 1883-Feb-08
KING, M A Miss HUTSON, J D 1880-Dec-25
KING, M J Miss IZARD, T J 1877-Oct-18
KING, M J Miss PURVIS, W F 1900-Jan-24
KING, Maggie FARMER, Henry K 1875-Jan-21
KING, Mary SULLIVAN, W F 1875-Sep-02
KIRKLAND, Josephine SULLIVAN, J W 1882-Dec-27
KIRKLAND, Mollie BROCK, Richard 1896-Jan-02
KIRKLAND, Mollie BURCH, Richard 1896-Jan-02
KNIGHT, Mary LEWIS, J B 1872-Nov-30
KNIGHT, Mary A GARRETT, T J 1893-Jun-20
KNIGHT, Susan FELTS, J W 1872-Nov-30



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