Simpson County Brides

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HALEY, Bulah CRAIN, J L 1895-Mar-10
HALEY, H A Miss PARKER, J M 1876-Apr-15
HALIS, N E Miss KNIGHTER, J W 1896-Nov-05
HALL, Mary SULLIVAN, T J 1891-Aug-30
HALLS, Mollie BRADSHAW, J A 1895-Jan-23
HAMMPTON, Nancy WILLIAMSON, Robert 1887-Nov-10
HARDEN, Mary TANNER, B W 1896-Dec-15
HARDIN, Mary TANNER, R W 1896-Dec-15
HARPER, Amanda ALLBRITTON, R L 1873-Dec-21
HARPER, Bulah SHORTER, A J 1890-Feb-06
HARPER, Cora BELL, W G 1891-Feb-05
HARPER, Dora TUCKER, J L 1890-Dec-25
HARPER, Dora C LANE, W H 1894-Nov-25
HARPER, Florence BROWN, J A 1888-Dec-24
HARPER, H L Miss EAGAN, R C 1883-Sep-29
HARPER, H L Miss MANNING, T J 1875-Sep-30
HARPER, Laura WOMACK, Walter 1900-Feb-10
HARPER, Lulah MANNING, J A 1886-Dec-23
HARPER, M O Miss SPILLIARDS, A H 1877-Dec-01
HARPER, Margaret DOW, F P 1886-May-04
HARPER, Mary WOMACK, German 1899-Jan-14
HARPER, Mary A STUCKEY, Simon 1889-Dec-26
HARPER, Matilida E CHAMPMAN, Louis 1880-Oct-23
HARRINGTON, Carrie LOTT, Phillip 1891-Dec-27
HARRINGTON, N Miss THOMPSON, Willis 1897-Dec-13
HARRIS, A E Miss HALEY, E L 1891-Jan-01
HARRIS, Elizabeth KELLY, Elizah 1873-Nov-20
HARRIS, Ellen C GATES, G W 1885-Dec-13
HARRIS, Lou TAYLOR, Wiley 1897-Nov-25
HARRIS, M Miss BROWN, G M 1896-Dec-06
HARRIS, Martha PARKER, Cornelius 1877-Dec-27
HARVEY, Amanda BROWN, F N 1880-Jan-31
HARVY, Joanna BISHOP, T W 1899-Dec-02
HARVY, Nancy BARNETT, Spencer 1875-Jul-28
HASKINS, Sallie GREGORY, George 1891-May-24
HATHORN, C J Miss EUBANKS, W M 1889-Jan-10
HATHORN, Flora Ann FORTENBERRY, A W 1888-Jan-15
HAYES, Fannie MCLENDON, Needham 1882-Sep-24
HAYES, Lula ROSS, Ellis G 1889-Jan-24
HAYES, M E Miss KENNEDY, D J 1875-Dec-20
HAYES, Melissa JACKSON, J D 1876-Nov-30
HAYES, Sarah WARE, L T 1879-Sep-29
HAYS, Amanda ASHLEY, Jackson 1873-Aug-17
HAYS, Dora WEATERSBY, G W 1885-Sep-17
HAYS, Eliza MCLENDON, H J 1879-Jul-03
HAYS, M J Miss MASE, W B 1878-Dec-10
HAYS, Mollie HEATHERSBY, D B 1893-Jun-05
HEARN, Nancy HUBBARD, Peter B 1875-Oct-21
HEMPHILL, Auguste BASS, Joseph J 1898-Jul-09
HEMPHILL, Dezzie MANGUM, W A 1896-Dec-02
HEMPHILL, Elizabeth ALLEN, W A 1885-Dec-03
HEMPHILL, Jesie STANDIFER, W L 1887-Dec-04
HEMPHILL, L A Miss VANZANDT, E M 1875-Feb-04
HEMPHILL, M A Miss GRAY, B S 1879-Feb-06
HEMPHILL, Pearl BASS, J N 1900-Dec-26
HEMPHILL, R A Miss OVERBY, M F 1883-Jan-03
HEMPHILL, Sallie GUTSOM, Walter 1896-Dec-26
HENSON, Oliva KEEN, George L 1897-Sep-02
HERRINGTON, H C Miss MYRICK, C P 1884-Nov-27
HERRINGTON, H J Miss BREWER, L M 1894-Dec-20
HERRINGTON, Maybell FLOYD, J S 1895-Jan-06
HERRINGTON, Nancy Jane TURNAGE, A A 1873-Aug-21
HERRINGTON, Nannie J JONES, John J 1893-Jul-31
HERRINGTON, Rosie LOTT, Willis 1899-Oct-04
HICKS, Leona STUBBS, J P 1894-Dec-20
HILL, Ida FLEMMING, T S 1886-Dec-26
HILTON, A E Miss HUSBBAND, J B 1876-Dec-06
HILTON, Almeda TOUCHSTONE, W D 1886-Jan-06
HILTON, Euta P THOMPSON, Charles 1899-Apr-26
HILTON, Francis BRIDGES, G W 1881-Mar-05
HILTON, M A Miss BARLOW, George W 1875-Feb-18
HILTON, M R Miss BUTLER, J R 1882-Nov-14
HILTON, N A Miss MAHAFFY, J F 1892-Nov-06
HILTON, Sarah B HARRISON, J E 1894-Jan-11
HILTON, Sophrona BERRY, James T 1895-Nov-21
HILTON, Susie T BARRON, John A 1888-Dec-20
HINES, M Miss ALBBRITTON, W E 1900-Dec-09
HINSON, Josephine BARLOW, G R 1896-Oct-15
HINSON, Melissa BYRD, J W 1894-Apr-01
HINSON, Mollie I BYRD, D G 1891-Nov-26
HINSON, Nancy P HARRIS, H J 1878-Mar-03
HODGES, M A Miss LOZERLEY, W H 1876-Jan-20
HOFFMAN, Mary Mrs HARPER, William 1899-Sep-12
HOLMES, Lou THURMAN, J M 1898-Apr-16
HOLYFIELD, Laurie MYERS, J E 1894-Dec-20
HONEY, M J Miss HYATT, J E 1895-Mar-15
HOOD, Bertha MURRAY, J P 1899-Nov-18
HORTON, Florence ALBBRITTON, Joseph 1897-Sep-29
HOSEY, Eliza GREGORY, C P 1878-Oct-09
HOWELL, J J Miss MAY, W T 1891-Apr-25
HOWELL, J R Miss CHAMPMAN, J L 1881-Jul-21
HOWELL, Jane NEELEY, L N 1877-Jan-09
HOWELL, Josephine JONES, George W 1875-Jan-10
HOWELL, M D Miss LOVETT, F J 1892-Jul-21
HOWELL, Martha HARPER, H E 1879-Jan-22
HOWELL, Nancy HUTSON, W E 1889-Apr-20
HUBBARD, Alno N BERRY, Lawrence 1895-Dec-04
HUBBARD, D F Miss THAMES, T M 1892-Nov-01
HUBBARD, Emma HOLLAWAY, Frank R 1896-Sep-03
HUBBARD, Emma HOLLOWAY, Frank 1896-Sep-02
HUBBARD, Irene WILLIAMS, Hiram 1896-Mar-02
HUBBARD, Irene WILLIAMSON, Hiram 1896-Mar-04
HUBBARD, Jane MARTIN, J M 1877-Dec-27
HUBBARD, Mary MCCLENDON, H J 1885-Dec-31
HUBBARD, Nannie PERSON, Jacob 1883-Dec-13
HUBBARD, Ora MANGUM, Henry 1896-Jun-10
HUBBARD, R M Miss MCINNIS, J R 1874-Nov-19
HUBBARD, Sarah NORWOOD, G W 1881-Apr-18
HUDSON, Sarah HYDRICK, L K 1897-Dec-14
HUGHES, A P Miss WILLIAMS, G W 1882-Jul-01
HUGHES, Mary E COOK, D A 1884-Dec-10
HUGHES, Mary P BRYANT, William A 1898-Oct-10
HUGHES, Milly MCNEAL, W L 1893-Aug-13
HUGHES, S J Miss ROBINSON, N R 1886-Feb-25
HUGHES, T E Miss KNIGHTER, W G 1889-Dec-22
HUISON, Cherilla ROBBINS, R E 1891-Mar-19
HUTCHINS, Omah BAKER, W A 1884-Jan-29
HUTSON, A J Miss GILL, W E 1885-May-14
HUTSON, Bettie GARRETT, T J 1874-Jun-18
HUTSON, Mollie ODOM, R P 1874-Oct-03
HUTSON, Nancy BARNES, Alfred 1885-Dec-17
HUTSON, Roberta KENNEDY, R M 1877-Nov-30
HUTSON, Sarah PHILLIPS, William 1877-Jan-24
HYATT, G C Miss MARTIN, E W 1896-Oct-22
HYATT, Mary J BERRY, R D 1891-Mar-02
HYDRICK, Ola NICHOLS, Allen 1899-Apr-03
HYDRICK, Sarah E NICHOLS, F M 1887-Nov-01
ISBELL, R A Miss ASHLEY, J W 1881-Dec-14
IVERY, May PHILLIPS, E L 1898-Dec-10



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