Simpson County Brides

F - G

FAILES, Laura DOWNS, W W 1897-Sep-04
FALLON, M S Miss SPILLIARDS, S J 1879-Nov-10
FARLOW, Bettie EDWARDS, George 1880-Mar-06
FARLOW, P D Miss PARKER, J K 1885-May-21
FARMER, Allie ROBBERTS, W R 1896-Dec-29
FARMER, E Miss TULLIS, W J 1880-Oct-22
FARMER, Ella THOMPSON, William 1897-Jul-04
FARMER, Lucinda COLEMAN, J B 1874-Dec-30
FARMER, S E Miss WALKER, George W 1875-Aug-26
FELTS, Emma EVERETT, William J 1897-Jul-04
FELTS, Loucinda GREEN, I S 1879-Dec-01
FERNN, L C Miss LOCKHART, J J 1875-Oct-28
FERRELL, Jane BROCK, W L 1877-Apr-05
FINCH, Jennie PRISSCOCK, J T 1879-Nov-05
FINCH, Lillie WILLIAMSON, J R 1890-Dec-11
FINDLEY, Julia MCLENDON, Willie 1896-Jul-05
FINDLEY, Lula MCLENNON, Willie 1896-Jul-05
FINDLEY, Nettie PRINE, H M 1895-Sep-19
FINLEY, A E Miss PRINE, J F 1886-Sep-30
FINLEY, Mary F DAVIS, George J 1875-Oct-14
FINLEY, Sarah J WILLIAMSON, Mansel 1883-Dec-27
FIRLEY, Ruby WILLIAMSON, William 1882-Apr-12
FLEMMING, Mary C GARRETT, J W 1881-Oct-18
FLEMMING, Nancy JONES, Jordan 1883-Jan-01
FLOWERS, Alice HINSON, S M 1890-Dec-24
FLOYD, B A Miss MAY, W G 1877-Mar-28
FLOYD, Callie WESTMORELAND, Jack 1896-Dec-17
FLOYD, Callie WESTMORLAND, Jack 1896-Dec-17
FLOYD, E A Miss MCLEWARTH, S H 1873-Feb-17
FLOYD, Jane WALKER, W B 1872-Oct-04
FLOYD, Leta EDWARDS, J P 1897-May-27
FLOYD, Loona HOUCES, Henry 1876-Sep-23
FLOYD, Louisa R GARDEN, L G 1877-Dec-23
FLOYD, M A Miss HOUSTON, S L 1889-Jun-13
FLOYD, M A Miss MAY, J T 1879-Dec-16
FLOYD, M L Miss JONES, E B 1888-Nov-13
FLOYD, Rosena SULLIVAN, J W 1887-Jan-26
FLOYD, Sarah E HUGHS, A T 1879-Sep-04
FORTENBERRY, Alice AXTON, J R 1880-Feb-24
FORTENBERRY, Amanda A RUSSELL, Elias 1890-Dec-31
FORTENBERRY, Ella BERRY, G A 1882-Nov-01
FORTENBERRY, Fannie E MILLES, W M 1885-Dec-09
FORTENBERRY, L A Miss LEE, John S 1885-Jan-14
FORTENBERRY, L Miss LEE, Samuel 1880-Mar-17
FORTENBERRY, Mollie BENSON, D W 1895-Dec-19
FORTENBERRY, Nancy STUCKEY, Levey 1882-May-17
FORTENBERRY, Tillie SHERMAN, Lawrence 1897-Oct-21
FORTNER, Julia A SPROOL, A J 1878-Jan-01
FRANKLIN, A V Miss MAY, G B Jr 1879-Feb-13
FRANKLIN, Arretta MANGUM, E E 1892-Jul-02
FRANKLIN, Arta Miss THOMPSON, J H 1897-Jan-13
FRANKLIN, Dora MANGRUM, J T 1894-Jan-04
FRAUSER, I J Miss SELLERS, H C 1876-Sep-23
FRENCH, Allie JONES, Isaac Jefferson 1892-Jan-28
FULLER, L A Miss BUCKLEY, B R 1873-Dec-24
FULTON, Linda A MOORE, J B 1890-Nov-21
FUNCHESS, Mary CHANDLER, K E 1889-Aug-06
GADDY, Louia GRUBBS, Jacob 1877-Feb-12
GANAY, Francis LEWIS, E W 1872-Nov-25
GARDNER, Bettie HERRINGTON, J H 1895-Dec-09
GARDNER, L A Miss SWILLEY, S E 1887-Oct-13
GARDNER, Laura BOGGAN, W J 1897-Apr-28
GARDNER, Laura REGAN, David C 1893-Feb-03
GARDNER, Laura SMITH, Samuel S 1873-Nov-25
GARDNER, Letha MANGUM, C H 1898-Nov-09
GARDNER, Nancy E ADCOCK, J W 1891-Feb-10
GARDNER, R A Miss PURVIS, J M 1886-Dec-29
GARDNER, Sarah C WOOLSEY, A J 1900-Feb-03
GARNER, M C Miss RANKIN, H P 1891-Mar-01
GARNER, Precella JOHNSON, J C 1897-Jan-06
GARRETT, Alice MAHAFFEY, E W 1893-May-30
GARRETT, Anna JOHNSON, J W 1894-Feb-22
GARRETT, Elizabeth BARRON, Eddie 1893-Nov-09
GARRETT, Fannie BROCK, J M 1894-Dec-26
GARRETT, Laura E WILLIAMS, W C 1900-May-23
GARRETT, Maggie CHAPMAN, S A 1889-Aug-01
GARRETT, Malvina SOUTHLAND, D B 1882-Oct-28
GARRETT, Mary A BROWN, R T 1876-Jan-01
GARRETT, Melissa WARD, A A 1888-Feb-23
GARRETT, Nancy TRAYLOR, Nathanial 1882-Nov-11
GARRETT, Sallie SEBRON, J W 1879-Dec-06
GARRETT, Susan C SELLERS, William M 1876-May-18
GATEMAN, Nancy E DICKERSON, John F 1877-Oct-29
GATES, Amanda HARRIS, T H 1883-Oct-07
GATES, Fannie A BURKETT, A J 1884-Dec-06
GATES, Francis TOUCHSTONE, F W 1876-Jan-13
GATES, R V Miss SUMMERS, William 1886-Jan-26
GATIS, Missoura DUKES, George N 1872-Dec-12
GEORGES, L M Miss NOWELL, James 1876-Dec-23
GIBSON, B C Miss KENNEDY, J C 1877-Feb-28
GIBSON, Mary M COLGINHAM, J A 1889-Oct-07
GIBSON, R L Miss BERRY, A G Jr 1875-Nov-04
GILES, F E Miss MARTIN, R L 1888-Jun-17
GILES, Mary HARDIN, Paul D 1895-Dec-29
GILL, A B Miss MIZE, J J 1900-May-11
GILL, Elizabeth BURTON, W D 1881-Jan-01
GILL, Lucy HAYS, I M 1895-Dec-05
GILL, Nancy POLK, John M 1890-Mar-13
GILLCREASE, Bettie RANKIN, J L 1878-Jan-23
GILLCREASE, P A Miss HICKS, H H 1877-Sep-18
GIPSON, Peruice MCLENDON, I M 1885-Dec-26
GORDON, Lula MCCLENDON, N C 1899-Feb-25
GOWAN, Alice WILLIAMSON, A M 1883-Nov-29
GOWAN, Ella MULLICAN, James 1879-Oct-22
GOWAN, Laura L HYDE, C M 1885-Apr-12
GRADDY, Mattie BARR, H F 1898-Jul-16
GRAMTHAM, Mary P CLACK, C R 1883-Jan-18
GRANDY, Ann M TULLIS, Richard 1873-Apr-25
GRANTHAM, Augusta WOMACK, L T 1895-Dec-22
GRANTHAM, E S Miss BROWN, Dennis A 1888-Dec-13
GRANTHAM, Francis COLEMAN, 1896-Dec-20
GRANTHAM, Francis COLEMAN, W H 1896-Dec-20
GRANTHAM, Ida COLEMAN, S L 1899-Jan-19
GRANTHAM, Maggie GRUBBS, A J 1896-Dec-20
GRANTHAM, Roxie KING, Bee 1890-Apr-04
GRANTHMAN, Ella BURNHAM, G M 1880-Dec-23
GRATHAM, Amanda MURPHY, P A 1880-Aug-03
GRAY, A C Miss SANFORD, N 1884-Mar-19
GRAY, Lilla EDMONSON, John 1898-Jan-12
GRAY, M A Miss COKER, James 1900-Aug-01
GRAY, M L Miss BUCKLEY, A J 1877-Oct-29
GRAY, M S Miss COLY, J B 1895-Aug-22
GRAY, S A Miss PARRETT, Cable 1887-Jan-15
GRAY, Sallie MARTIN, Columbus C 1883-Aug-12
GRAYSON, Carrie HEMBY, S E 1888-Dec-26
GREEN, Susan WHATLEY, W T 1886-Sep-22
GREGORY, A C Miss HAYS, D M 1875-Dec-28
GREGORY, Anna KEMELY, W L 1896-Nov-08
GREGORY, Anna KENNEDY, W L 1896-Nov-06
GREGORY, Eliza E WALTMAN, Jack 1887-Jun-26
GREGORY, Eliza Jane MOORE, W J 1888-Aug-22
GREGORY, Jane WENDOM, Wyatt 1896-Dec-08
GREGORY, Jane WENDOM, Wyett 1896-Dec-08
GREGORY, Melvina TONEY, Andrew 1892-Mar-29
GREGORY, Myra E LEE, Albert 1887-May-03
GREGORY, S A Miss BAILEY, Oren 1894-Jul-03
GREGORY, S Miss BURNHAM, J R 1880-Sep-04
GRIFFITH, J A Miss BROWN, W H 1875-Dec-31
GRUBBS, Annice Mrs COCKRELL, G W 1890-Oct-21
GRUBBS, Bettie COLEMAN, W P 1881-Nov-03
GRUBBS, C A Miss FINLEY, J F 1889-Oct-29
GRUBBS, Celia Ann BOT, S C 1888-Jan-01
GRUBBS, Della ARMSTRONG, D L 1896-Jun-04
GRUBBS, Jane SINCLAIR, W B 1878-Dec-18
GRUBBS, Julia PEACOCK, Joseph E 1883-Feb-08
GRUBBS, L E Miss SANFORD, T E 1896-Dec-24
GRUBBS, L E Miss STANFORD, T E 1896-Dec-24
GRUBBS, Laura WILLIAMSON, J D 1895-Jul-25
GRUBBS, Licy BROWN, R T 1890-May-15
GRUBBS, Lucy BOGGAN, T J 1892-Dec-11
GRUBBS, R A Miss LITTLE, W F 1889-Dec-15
GRUBBS, Sarah Ann MCLENDON, Jesse 1874-Dec-31
GUYNES, Julia A BARLOW, George 1873-Dec-10
GUYNES, L Miss NEELEY, E R 1890-Jan-12
GUYNES, Leona PICKERING, J W 1889-Apr-11
GUYNES, S F Miss HILTON, W M 1880-Jan-11



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