Simpson County Brides

D - E

DALLAS, Harriet CAUSEY, Nathaniel 1880-Oct-23
DAMPEER, C E Miss BENSON, J H 1876-Mar-30
DAMPEER, C E Miss BLACKMAN, J W 1880-Mar-27
DAMPEER, Dora BURNS, John 1887-Oct-20
DAMPEER, Julia LANE, J H Rev 1890-Nov-30
DAMPEER, L A Miss THURMAN, William 1876-Dec-07
DAMPEER, M J Miss BUTLER, C B 1882-Dec-07
DAMPEER, Martha A BERRY, Alonz 1873-Mar-27
DAMPEER, Missourie MYERS, H 1882-Mar-28
DAMPEER, W A Miss BISHOP, Jesse M 1873-Nov-06
DAMPEER, W E Miss BERRY, D D 1873-Nov-16
DAMPIER, Livian NEWSOM, Alex 1898-Jan-20
DAVIS, Balzona HARPER, W L 1879-Aug-20
DAVIS, Martha BURKETT, W J 1873-Jan-13
DAVIS, Rebecca ALLEN, R H 1882-Jan-07
DAWPEER, Orlena ALEXANDER, Ben 1891-Jun-26
DEAR, Fannie HENDERSON, J D 1885-Dec-29
DEAR, Lila LAZENBY, E F 1890-Mar-02
DEAR, Maggie HARRIS, J G 1880-Dec-18
DEAR, Sallie MARTIN, C L 1897-Nov-17
DEAR, Willie WILLIAMSON, John 1898-Feb-22
DEAVERS, M A Miss HATES, M G 1875-Nov-28
DEER, H E Miss SLAY, J W 1879-Jan-16
DEER, Mary BUSH, John B 1877-Jan-03
DELANCY, Sarah A SINGLEBERRY, John E 1888-Dec-23
DENT, Ada Lee EVERETT, G W 1888-Apr-05
DENT, Della GILL, W E 1888-Feb-07
DEPRIEST, M L Miss SMITH, James A 1891-Dec-09
DEPRIEST, Sallie TUCKER, J J 1883-Mar-08
DERBERRY, Emma MANGUM, K 1897-Sep-12
DICKENS, D B Miss STEWARD, R O 1896-Jan-08
DICKENS, D B Miss STEWART, R O 1896-Jan-08
DICKERSON, Fannie E STAMPS, Ira J 1882-Dec-17
DICKERSON, Katie LANE, D J 1898-Jan-10
DILMORE, Katie PURSER, L P 1897-Dec-29
DIXON, S L Miss BROWN, C D 1897-Dec-23
DOLLAR, C A Miss MARTIN, E W 1891-Jun-17
DOLLAR, Emma THAMES, W B 1894-Dec-13
DOSS, Elizabeth WILSON, T W 1895-Oct-15
DOSS, Julia BUCKLEY, Charles 1894-Nov-21
DOWNING, Mattie COLLINS, J P 1900-Dec-24
DRUMMONDS, Jane MULLINS, William 1889-Dec-12
DRUMMONDS, Lillie DALE, R B 1885-Dec-15
DRUMMONDS, Lizzie BEASLEY, Hirman 1875-Dec-30
DRUMMONDS, Maggie TERRY, Jordon E 1877-Oct-25
DRUMMONDS, S A Miss KELLY, J O 1884-Nov-26
DURR, Carrie L WALKER, E H 1893-Jan-04
DURR, Emma LOFTON, W M 1900-Mar-27
DURR, Emma B SCARBOROUGH, T J 1885-Jul-30
DURR, Jane TULLIS, Walter 1893-Aug-31
DURR, Nattie THAMES, Kilie 1897-Nov-23
DYCUS, Ella LEWIS, T W 1898-May-18
DYE, Julia MAY, R T 1897-Jan-13
DYE, L Miss BERRY, Joseph 1889-Dec-26
DYE, Mary Francis RENNO, C B 1895-Jul-25
DYE, Rebecca COKE, Thomas E 1898-Mar-29
DYE, S A Miss HUTSON, Washington 1878-Dec-25
DYKES, Caroline CANE, Charley 1876-Jun-17
EAGAN, B M Miss DUET, F H 1883-Jan-03
EAGAN, Ella STUCKEY, E D 1883-Feb-15
EASTERLING, Maggie J MANGUM, Samuel 1878-Jan-10
EDMONSON, Emma MAGEE, W F 1885-Feb-04
EDMONSON, Fannie A EVERRETT, T M 1884-Feb-11
EDMONSON, Laura E PEACOCK, B F 1894-Nov-20
EDMONSON, Rebecca MCNAIR, Mike 1872-Dec-24
EDWARDS, B B Miss CLARK, C F 1891-Aug-02
EDWARDS, Lucinda SMITH, Ira 1888-Sep-20
EDWARDS, Susan WHATLEY, William 1889-Jan-16
ELLIS, L Miss MAHAFFY, W R 1880-Dec-18
ENGLISH, Allie MUSE, Thomas 1889-Nov-10
ENNIS, M C Miss BROCK, W P 1873-Aug-28
ENNIS, Margaret MAHAFFY, W D 1877-Apr-22
ENNIS, Neva MCLEOD, Andrew 1888-Mar-08
EVERETT, Bulah GREEN, J A 1897-Nov-28
EVERETT, Ida COX, D C 1894-Oct-30
EVERETT, M A Miss WARREN, George A 1900-Oct-20
EVERETT, Vida GARRETT, Willis 1899-Mar-23
EVERETTE, Mollie L BISHOP, W W 1891-Dec-30
EVERETTE, Susan TURNER, J D 1890-Feb-02



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