Simpson County Brides


CALGNHAM, Eliza DONNELL, W T 1887-Oct-20
CALGRUHAM, L C Miss PONDER, A A 1877-Dec-20
CANOY, Mollie BUTLER, L F 1897-Mar-03
CARAWAY, Hattie REED, G W 1888-Jun-10
CARAWAY, Mollie BROWN, A Frank 1894-Dec-23
CARAWAY, Sallie J MILLER, M J Rev 1887-Jun-12
CARRAWAY, Louise CARRAWAY, A J 1885-Feb-24
CARTER, Mary Ann ALLBRITTON, Gabe 1885-Nov-26
CASTLE, Josephine MORRIS, R B 1883-Feb-24
CATCHINGS, Fannie ALLEN, Robert 1876-Jun-27
CATRON, Katie THAMES, O L 1891-Apr-22
CHANDLER, B E Miss LANE, S J 1891-Mar-18
CHANDLER, Ella BERRY, S S 1878-Jan-06
CHANDLER, Melissa SPELL, A B 1891-Feb-08
CHANDLER, Rebecca BISHOP, Elizah 1878-Mar-01
CHAPMAN, Delah BRINSON, T R 1900-Jun-30
CHAPMAN, Elizabeth MCDONALD, Marrion 1893-Apr-27
CHAPMAN, Margaret Ann KENNEDY, M M 1887-Jun-01
CHAPMAN, Martha DYE, G W 1882-Aug-09
CHAPMAN, Susan PHILLIPS, W J 1888-Apr-08
CHAPPEL, Florence HINSON, A D 1897-Sep-23
CHAUELLON, Sallie LAURE, W H 1881-Feb-11
CLACK, Prudy PONDER, D M 1892-Sep-18
CLARK, Cora A PHILLIPS, J L 1896-Oct-28
CLARK, Josephine SANDIFER, J C 1891-Jan-04
CLARK, L E J Miss BAGGAN, L A 1883-Dec-09
CLARK, M E Miss MYERS, T L 1885-Dec-24
CLARK, Maggie BOGGAN, William 1889-Dec-26
CLARK, Mattie KEEN, A J 1898-Sep-22
CLARK, Mollie GRAYSON, Edward 1880-Mar-25
CLARK, Nacy HIGHLANDER, Gabriel 1886-Dec-09
CLARK, Nora CHAPMAN, S J 1893-Jan-13
CLARK, Rebecca C WELCH, R L 1894-Jan-24
CLARK, S S Miss BROWN, W R 1880-Feb-18
CLARK, Sallie MONTGOMERY, G W 1894-Mar-11
CLARKE, Francis M AINSWORTH, William W 1876-Jun-03
CLARKE, Sarah M E KING, William D 1878-Jan-08
CLIBURN, Lillie LEE, J H 1894-Jan-11
COCKRELL, M E Miss RUNNELLS, E 1873-Oct-29
COCKRELL, Maggie A KENNEDY, Jasper N 1889-Nov-20
COCKRELL, Nancy J THAMES, William R 1895-Dec-16
COCKRELL, Rosena CANOY, T P 1897-Sep-17
COLCUHAAN, L A Miss SHOTTS, A D 1890-Jan-30
COLE, Jane BLAIR, R M 1881-Apr-16
COLEMAN, Ada FARMER, Jeff 1895-Jul-28
COLEMAN, H C Miss BROWN, William 1896-Sep-10
COLEMAN, Josephine CANOY, A G 1877-Jul-02
COLEMAN, Mollie BLACKMAN, Jeff 1896-Aug-02
COLEMAN, Z V Miss WHITE, L 1893-Mar-12
COLLINSON, Catherine E MAY, I M 1889-Nov-20
COLLINSON, Flora MCLENDON, William 1891-Aug-09
COLLINSON, Laura W FINCH, D A 1889-Nov-20
COLLINSON, Mary MCLENDON, Dennis 1882-Dec-23
COLLINSON, Palzina MAY, William C 1895-Aug-18
COLLIUMSON, Mary BROWN, W N Jr 1883-Jul-03
COLQUHAM, Lucy PRINCE, W H 1895-Jun-05
COLQUHAM, Lula KENDALL, L 1896-Nov-01
COLQUHAM, Lula KINDALL, L 1896-Nov-01
COLQUHAM, Susan DONNELL, E C 1888-Nov-08
CONELIA, Narra JONES, L M 1899-Mar-18
CONEY, Margaret RUNNELLS, Joseph S 1886-Nov-22
COOK, D E Miss NORTH, W H 1873-Nov-27
COOK, Francis CRAIN, D D 1888-Jan-13
COOK, I E Miss DUKES, H P 1894-Dec-05
COOK, M R Miss DAVIS, H W 1876-Dec-26
COOK, Mary Jane COCKRELL, Allen 1897-Oct-29
COOK, Melissa GATES, R C 1896-Jan-05
COOK, Melvina PURVIS, Ellis 1878-Sep-12
COOK, N E Miss KENNEDY, E H 1898-Sep-17
COOK, Salema ASHLEY, G B 1899-Dec-17
COOK, Sarah E BOONE, A F 1884-Aug-24
COTTON, S A Miss LEGETT, S F 1892-Nov-22
COURTNEY, Matilda PHILLIPS, George 1873-Dec-09
COVINGTON, L C Miss JONES, Irvin 1880-Dec-30
COX, Bettie MCWILLIAMS, Noah 1876-Mar-02
CRAFT, Ann WARREN, G W 1900-Dec-26
CRAFT, Mary T KENNEDY, W T 1899-Aug-15
CRAFT, S J Miss LUCKEY, W S 1885-Dec-24
CRAFT, Sarah JONES, S L 1898-Sep-13
CRAIN, Georgie FENLEY, R L 1897-Jun-08
CRAIN, Sallie PEACOCK, N C 1876-Mar-24
CRANE, Martha BRIDGES, B R 1884-Jan-02
CRAVE, M A Miss AMMONES, J S 1873-Dec-03
CRAWFORD, M A Miss WHITE, James 1882-Oct-02
CREEL, Alice CREEL, Alexander 1891-Dec-21
CREEL, Lovelady WHITE, Avey Margaret Ann 1887-Jan-13
CROCKRELL, Z Miss CANOY, Pascal 1897-Jul-31
CUNNINGHAM, Janie GARDNER, M W 1897-Feb-25
CURRIE, L E Miss MANGUM, J C Jr 1883-May-01
CURRIE, Sarah FLOYD, James 1878-Dec-05
CURRY, L C Miss BRYANT, W F 1890-Nov-20
CURRY, Mary Jane PRUETT, J M 1876-Jul-30
CURRY, Rachael Ann RANKIN, D M 1875-Jan-13
CURTRAS, S E Miss GATES, John J 1874-Mar-24



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